Mystara and the Path to Immortality

Thorsgrim's ramblings
The story of the cursed cleric

Today we faced terrible odds. Strange golems attacked us in the rock… It was a good day to die, and die I did… I have yet to spread Thor’s glory to the deaf. Thor was not ready to have me drink beside him in the halls of Valhalla.
He refused me entry to the great feasting hall!
He returned me to the land of the living to continue my work…
Thor has given me the opportunity to prove my worth to him by striking me with a wasting of the body… I am not bitter at all at this, it is an honour to be tested by him.. An honour I am going to grasp hold of and prove that I am worthy of a seat at the great table.
We have been too lapse in keeping to the ways of the North..
By Thor’s Hammer, we shall be warriors to be sung of……..

Journey to the Rock Continued

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 2

The Ragnar Chronicles Part Two

Party Journal as written by Azimi Bint Afaf Ibhannah Al Zarah
(Because she does nothing else)

NB Party members are invited to remove all outright lies or references to them being interested in the witches body parts – Ragnar

Azimi, furious at being left behind at the manor, began by desperately looking through library volumes in a vain yet sophisticated attempt to being the process of acquiring new knowledge and lost arts. However, following the nagging guilt that something was amiss she unselfishly agreed to return the bags of loot to the ship.

Spending her well earned research time, she still suffered the guilt that the manor house lord had given a temporary loan of horses for the expedition towards the rock. She dutifully saddled the horses, tied them together and trotted out towards the trail in an attempt to find the Heroes of Ravenholm. Encountering them on the path it was revealed that they had been attacked by harpies and had prevailed against such odds, Azimi found herself humbled by such warriors of renown! Thorsgrim seemed to rant about Thor, piousness and honour etc, but his eyes kept lingering on Azimi’s legs and hips. Azimi flashed him an insolent grin and was rewarded by a flush in Thorsgrim’s cheeks as he turned hurriedly away. As they travelled and Azimi’s memory turned inwards a group of sprites appeared and began to flutter about the party inviting them to play, Azimi speaking in Elven accepted the invitation and began to play against much muttering from the warrior types. The sprites warned the Heroes that a large creature resided up a head and care was needed.

Further up the trail an Ogre could be seen obviously doing something on a rock up ahead. Azimi dismounted as she didn’t trust the stead she was on as other weapons were readied. Ragnar called and challenge and beast began to run towards the Party, Arrows, Bolts and insults all felt their mark on the creature. Azimi was particularly pleased that a poisoned dart hit home, but failed to stop the beast. As the Ogre ran into combat the quick work of Kurin the dwarf bashed its knee as Skrogg hit its other hamstring. The beast bellowed in pain and dropped its head allowing Ragnar to lop its head off with a mighty chop of his Long Handled Axe. Where the ogre had waited was a small sack with 40 gp.

As they carried up the trail out from a long nearby rushed a couple of swarms of rats. Azimi screamed as her fear overtook sanity, she jumped off her horse and began to leg it. A pack of Rats began to chase her. Screaming all the way, her fear enabled to outpace the rats and turn and run back towards the party who had dismantled and squashed the first pack. As Azimi sprinted on yelling “save me, save me” the warriors attacked the second swarm squashing them quickly. Azimi, chest heaving (Thorsgrim looking again she noticed) returned to the Heroes. Some wounds were bandaged.

Up ahead some chameleon men stopped the heroes demanding that they stand trial for crossing their land. They demanded that the party surrender. Azimi seeing the odds, against them immediately dropped her staff raising her hands. The warriors, demanded death and glory and it was only until the five of the chameleon men somehow reappeared behind the party hold a knife to Azimi throat, that the warriors agreed to hand over their weapons. They were bound and blind folded and led towards their lair. Inside they were briefly kept hostage before standing trial. The trial chosen was Skrogg who was to enter one to one combat in a ring armed with a club. Skrogg surprising everyone bashed the boasting Chameleon man in the groin causing a funny collapse and success by trial. They were led back to their weapons.

The Heroes carried up the trail until a covered bridge was found. The arch warned that men must pay a cost in crossing. Azimi, Skrogg and Kurlin crossed easily, but the human warriors were attacked. Eventually after much splashing, the Heroes managed to cross and defeated two Water Weirds who had almost drowned Ragnar. Azimi applied first aid managed to saved him. To which he gave thanks to ODIN.

The Heroes continued until a lurking figure could be seen on the mountain path ahead. Sven hid as the other carried on. Amazingly Sven managed to completely surprise this one lone dwarf miner who was watching the group. He offered a game of betting gems on an axe throw with Kurin. Kurin threw extremely well, but had just lost all the party’s gems. Azimi outraged at this obvious charlatan, cast her first (and only magic spell) Charm Person. The dwarf immediately became her friend and agreed in friendship to the double or nothing axe throw. Kurin seeing his previous error won. Azimi asked her new friend to stay to help protect her from the dangers in the wild. Thorsgrim began spouting warrior claptrap about “Honor the host etc”, but his eyes continued to switch to Azimi’s shapely bottom. Honor the host indeed!

Day ends with Thorsgrim pitching a tent all by himself.

Journey to The Rock
Travel and adventure

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 1

The Ragnar Chronicles Part One

Tserdain, 3rd Felmont 1000
(Early autumn 39deg F, with light rain).

A sombre mood had fallen over Ravenholm, the troll raids had taken their toll and without work/adventure the village would be in trouble to make it through the winter without loss.

As the yet unnamed party met in the Ravenholm drinking hall to celebrate the name day of Kurin Stonebrough, drinking and quaffing started early, a traveler walked into to hall and announced in a Darokin accented Thyatian that he was looking for Bronic Stonebrough.

Bronic invited the traveler to join you at the table to hear what he had to say. An offer of work. Apparently while traveling through the wilds near the border of Rockhome he stopped at The Manor (owned by a wizard named Lirdrium Arkayz). The thrall to the owner (Jenlar Temlin) had paid him to bring a message to Bronic who had adventured with Lirdrium Arkayz in days past. Bronic scanned the message (and map on back) and passed to message to Kurin, saying happy birthday. He also presented Kurin with a potion of healing with three doses.

Needless to say in desperate times any job is good, even better with automatic payment offered and the possibility of further riches. After discussing with his friends (and Skrogg) hey!, looking at the overland route it was decided to convince Jarl Olaf Pin-Leg that taking the Grey Mist would benefit Ravenholm the most. (This involved lots more drinking, banging of mugs on tables and finally offering the usual 50% of treasure).

The course picked would sail them out the Nordersford fjord, around the headland, pass through Norrvik and finally take the oar’s out and row up the Krevilan river to base of the Barkel mountains. Ravenholm became a den of activity and excitement as the Grey Mist was prepared to sail. The next day after saying farewell to loved ones (and some not so loved) the Grey Mist slipped into morning mist from the Ravenholm docks. The first day sailing was smooth (if not cold, 36degF) and took the Grey Mist out of the Fjord with good speed, the predominant W wind aiding the travel (90 miles). During the second day sailing a sail was spotted coming out of mist 300 yards to starboard. All the party members failed to recognize the sail (Skald check) leaving Jarl Olaf to inform them to ROW… as the sail belonged to a famous raider Sven Odinson from Ostland. Ragnar immediately tried to yell abuse, Thorsgrim grabbing his hammer, Sven started loading his crossbow, and Skrogg running to the stern to get a better look…… even with the wind Odinson’s Long-ship closed the distance on the Grey Mist. Olaf, seeing his crew NOT ROWING, rather loudly informed them to ROW again. With ALL his crew rowing the Grey Mist was able to evade Odinson’s long-ship.

A day later the Grey Mist glided into the docks of Norrvik, Olaf gave the crew shore leave to investigate while he had word with the Harbor master about the Ostland vessel. Strangely not many from the party took up the offer as they felt it was unclean, or didn’t have enough Guldan.

With temperatures still balmy (36degF) and light rain being the constant friend the Grey Mist left Norrvik and rowed up river toward The Manor. Mid day, the watchmen gave a startled cry …. DRAGON. Everyone panicked (well, everyone except Skrogg, who couldn’t speak Heldannic). As the party watched the dragon banked, revealing its black colour. A second cry went up from the watchman…. DRAGONs. Not large but, THREE. Olaf ordered the ballista assembled on the deck and the sail taken down! With quick (boating skill) work Ragnar organized the party taking down the sail. Strangely the dragons didn’t seem interested in the boat, as if looking for something…. circled the boat then carried on their journey.

The remaining journey up river was uneventful as not many creatures or vessels are interested in messing with 75 armed and some-what jumpy Northmen. Leaving the Grey Mist behind, and using the map provided by Jenlar Temlin’s the party entered the forest, following a 20’ wide trail to The Manor. The trail seemed peaceful and safe, a couple of degrees warmer than outside (45deg F). Half a days travel took the adventures to the steps of an unfortified long-hall the likes of the party had not seen (Kurin informed the party that it was indeed made from marble). An open courtyard greeted the party with very life like statues of heroic adventures and fierce monsters. As the party approached the main doors two heavily armed Northmen open the doors ….. “We have been expecting you Jenlar Temlin is waiting to meet you”.

The party accepted the invitation, Jenlar explained that his master (who was busy performing a magical experiment) needed the party to investigate The Rock and bring back its secrets….. he also offered to pay the adventures 400 Guldan each and they could keep any treasure found, his master only wanted the secret to The Rock. Horses were offered but failed to be acted on (except Sven having “a look” at them). After comfortably resting but before the party set out the next day (and after sending the payment to the Grey Wind). Jenlar gave them one final warning ….

Trudging slowly (thanks Kurin) the party left The Manor. Towards the end of the day the trail seemed to open up. A clearing. Suddenly the party heard singing, soft, fair voices singing to them … calling them to leave the trail and come to them….. all of the party except Sven failed their (charm person) saves. Sven played along. At the other end of the clearing were two Valkyries flying toward them on swan like wings (Sven saw two Harpies). As they got closer Sven let loose with his heavy crossbow, but did Jack… in fact all he did was cause the lead Harpy to scream " I am mighty Helgarth, queen of the harpies! Who dares to attack the Wings of Death? "

She immediately moved to attack Sven. The other seeing a small squishy looking halfling moved to attack Skrogg (thus breaking the charm spell on him). Sven fought valiantly but couldn’t compete with the shear ferocity of Helgarth’s attacks, was knocked unconscious. Meanwhile Skrogg took some minor damage, avoided his friends attempts at stopping him attacking the Valkyries, killed the second harpy. Helgarth immediately attacked Skrogg. With the hindrance provided by the party, Helgarth overcame Skrogg (who passed his Death Magic saving throw), knocking him unconscious. She then made a mistake by attacking Kurin, who seeing a very damaged non-valkyrie harpy in front of him, killed it. Then using his uncles potion healed Sven and Skrogg. Helgarth was relieved of a 200gp tiara and then the harpy trailed was followed.

The trail led north, tough going, as the party had to hack their way through in places, to the den of the Harpies. Sven used his extremely unreliable move silently skill to sneak to the entrance and have a look in the 20’ cave (made of bones). He spotted three juvenile harpies, shooting one in the back before calling for assistance. Once more help arrived the three evil little harpies were exterminated. A corpse of a dead priest was revealed, relieved of 210gp of coins and a 50gp gem.

As it was near night the party set up camp, but due to the smell of blood attracted the attention of a wolf the size of a horse. Thorsgrim was on watch and woke the other party members. Sven used his evade skill to skulk away, Kurin and Skrogg grabbed fire brands from the fire, Ragnar tried to intimidate the Dire wolf away, Thorsgrim tried to form a defensive wall. The wolf was unimpressed with the bad language, dodged away from Sven’s heavy crossbow, and both of the fire brands…… and bit Thorsgrim (who was muttering something like …. first roll and I rolled and it’s a 1). A short tussle ensued with the wolf dieing at the end of Ragnars sword.

Day ends, Nytdain 12th Felmont.
XP: 713 for adventure so far.

The Beginning
A promse of adventure

Summer is waning in the Northern Reaches, but Ravenholm has suffered, the warm temperatures have allowed the trolls to come south out of Trollheim, raiding and have caused much crop damage. Only through the help of Bronic Stonebrough, Silanda Feadiel and his dwarven clansmen has Ravenholm survived. But with autumn harvest damaged other income is needed else many mouths will go hungry.

For weeks, you’ve been looking for adventure in this forsaken wilderness, with nothing much to show for it. It’s late autumn now, with the winter fast-approaching, and you’ll be in real trouble if you don’t earn some treasure soon.

To lighten the sombre mood Bronic has invited you all to share in his nephew’s name-day celebration, and as with all dwarven parties drinking starts early. As you’re finishing breakfast at the Drinking Hall, a traveller walks into the common room. In a loud voice "Peace be upon you all! I, Hakeem the merchant, seeksBronic Stonebrough and his worthy friends!"

Bronic raises his eyebrows above his ale and invites the traveller over…….

Dum, Dum, Dum …….


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