Mystara and the Path to Immortality

Seaforth and Continue

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 21

The heroes left the now deserted bugbear village and continued thanks to the navigation of Azimi towards the Seaforth tower. A night later during Thorsgrim’s watch a raiding party of Orcs approached but were spotted by Thorsgrim and Brother Stargard who immediately let out a battle cry and charged off into the orc host simultaneously alerting the sleeping heroes and hacking and hewing orc war band. Without much fuss Thorsgrim brained and Orc as Brother Stargard eviscerated two. The heroes near the campsite woke grabbing the nearby weapons to hack down more orcs with ease. Two orcs appraching Azimi were blasted to bits by a well aimed lightning bolt. The Orc approaching Ragnar was hewed with such force that the two parts of the orc flew several feet appart. The remaining orcs seeing their comrades demise immediately turned to run and were all chopped down with ease. Some 16 Orcs were slaughtered in 20 seconds. Some small coins were discovered on the corpses by Sven the looter.

During the next two days of well navigation fun a merchant caravan was discovered who surprised the party and stood in amazement as Thorsgrim still wore the crown and even managed to barter some horses from the merchants to replace the ones eaten by Bugbears. Of course King Thorsgrim got his free. Azimi just stood behind Thorsgrim like a bonded servant. News was gathered about the lands and the heroes continued on their way towards Seaforth tower. Azimi had been watching Sven’s children and the horse trader ex friend of Sven’s to discover that they were being held in the village of Dovefell where a secret entrance was spotted into a semi underground lair.

The Heroes continued to Seaforth tower and were spotted by some royal guards headed by Rolf who they had previously met. Rolf was impressed with their quest and offered to ride with the Heroes towards the Seaforth territory. He revealed that a gypsy caravan and black robed riders had traveled on the road before them. As they approached the tower the heroes headed towards the cliff face spotting immediately a secret way into the castle. Climbing down the cliff (or being carried down while levitating down) allowed the party to camp out till low tide before heading up the secret “passage”. A side room was discovered by a large crab that effectively pincered Skrogg twice before being calved up by Skrogg and the heavy hitting Ragnar. Finding some treasure beneath an undersea boat they carried on into the castle proper.

A portcullis blocked their way and after all the warrior types failed to bend the bars, with a magical word, Azimi opened the portcullis with a magical Knock spell. The heroes continued up a spiral staircase and Kurin spotted a secret door exiting out to a barracks. One armoured individual was based there but perished under the combined hack of Skrogg, Kurin, Ragnar & Thorsgrim. A dart from Azimi flew forth and struck Skrogg as he had rushed into combat first, but being steadfast he ignored the poison. The guard managed to let out a “hey” before dying silently with his left hip pierced by a shield spike, his right knee hit with a hammer and his head removed by Ragnar’s Axe as his neck was exposed by his knee collapsing. Azimi & Sven just said “ohhhh” and gave a professional golf clap. Seeing the danger Thorsgrim then blessed everyone as Azimi raised her magical protections.

The heroes continued to discover a mess hall with a trap door, down inside the dungeon’s were empty of “the heir” but contained a boat captain who after being released and healed agreed to add his services to their aid. Perhaps this was fate talking as a boat might be required in the future. The captain was then armoured in the armour left by the swordsman in the barracks. The heroes continued into a kitchen finding it empty but another trap door. Sven crept in to see two cooks counting wine and decided to bolt them in. Azimi wondered why would you close the trapdoor that you were working under anyway, very bad work and safety practice. After a feasting hall was discovered Sven and Skrogg left to scout ahead spotting a guard with a crossbow guarding the courtyard, and Sven picking the lock entered the castle armory (finding nothing but weapons and armor) and then silently slipped into another barracks. Seeing 4 sleeping figures he put 3 under the knife, but the last died with a gurgling sound waking the 4th. This figure was mightly hacked by Sven, before he turned and fled (hacked again by Sven) only to be surprised by the heroes waiting outside who likewise stopped in surprise. Only Brother Stargard reacted slaying the fellow with a well timed double dagger slash. The heroes continued up the stairs.

Nearly forgetting the guard in the court yard who had spotted Azimi last. Azimi wasn’t surprised, and raised her blow pipe and puffed but missed. The guard fired his heavy crossbow fully expecting to ping the unarmored Azimi, but his bolt deflected off the Azimi’s magical shield. As he reloaded his crossbow bolt another dart from Azimi flew forth and struck the neck of the guard who looked perplexed as his legs folded under him and died with barely a gurgle as the magical poison took it’s effect.

Day ends as the heroes travel up the stairs.

Ducking defeat

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 20

As the Ogres lay rested Azimi slept on in the nice bed left behind by the evil head priest. Upon waking up and hearing the victory song of the northern warriors, she decided to analyze all the magical items found. 3 magical maces, 2 rings of protection of the smallest variety. A ring of protection for chaotic individuals and a magical ring of protection of the best variety that glowed very strongly. A magical quill was also discovered. As the heroes gathered in the chamber to divide up the loot, a plan was hatched for Azimi to teleport back to raveholm and return said treasure to the vlllage so to keep it safe.

Without thought or brainless guile Azimi tried the magical most powerful on her left little finger only to find the ring was stuck and a red haze entered her mind and she began to giggle and titter most unseemly. Skrogg face changed and he began to draw his the sword of the rock and move towards Azimi. With characteristic aplomb Azimi began to move her fingers in a spell but fell over paralyzed with a word from Thorsgrim the “hold king” as he was wearing the crown of Sorona on his head. Sven the peasant had missed a slash with his sword and even forgot to utter the words “subdue”. Amazingly Skrogg still approached and stabbed the held Azimi and had to be tackled by Kurin and Thorsgrim. Brother Stargard seeing that the ring was the problem using his magical dagger cut the ring from the paralyzed Azimi. The guiless look returned to Skrogg’s face and be began to weep that he didn’t mean it, blah blah blah. Thorsgrim cast a cure critical wounds on Azimi restoring most of the damage done by dagger and shortsword.

Azimi returned to consciousness and bemoaned her position. However, with the cure critical wounds cast on her hand the pain was gone, but the finger above the second knuckle was missing from her little finger of her left hand. Azimi then gathered up both bags of holdings and muttered her magical words to begun to float slightly in the air before vanishing “puff & popping noise”. The other warriors knowing that this was indeed a teleport spell begun to cook their supplies of pickled herrings.

Azimi arrive back hovering over the village of Ravenholm and gently floated down to walked down over her roof and into her house with it’s wizard lock doors. Emptying the stash. She left to investigate the burnt house that she had seen when she hovered over the village. Closer investigation revealed that it was Sven’s house, and worse when she spoke to Olaf Peg Leg that Sven’s wife had been slain and his children had been taken. Before any platitudes could be offered, Thora strode in to the Jarl’s longhut and began to demand answers. Azimi not willing to stay and receive the unfair rebuke suddenly vanished and teleported above the castle where the PCs were based. She floated to down to report and pass on the bad news. Sven took the death of his wife with barely a nod, but the kid napping of the children enraged him somewhat. Azimi to help pacify him used the crystal ball to discover that the children were still alive and kept prisoner in a cave guarded by the guard who had beaten Sven to a pulp in the stables.

Following the commands of the crown Sorona and using some pretty amazing deduction it was declared that the heir to Vestland was being held in the Seaforth tower. The heroes loaded themselves into the boat to travel & collect their horses for the trek to the tower. As the boat was rowed across the lake a giant beast was disturbed and begun to swim at their tiny boat pushing the water infront of it like a wave. Ragnar jumped out of the boat and ran across the water with his Axe held high only to see the beast past him. Azimi lightning bolted the water only to see the beast continue. However, the inscribed rune from Thorsgrim blasted the beast with a lightning bolt scaring it off. Being in boats was too much for Kurin who demonstrated the jump on Flying dragon technique much to the amazement of all. A cunning plan was hatched where the dragon gathered the rope of climbing that was attached to the boat and then pulled the boat with great speed off the semi frozen lake and away from the beast.

Horses were gathered and the heroes began to head towards Seaforth tower. Azimi’s navigation skills proved invaluable again, as too was the ability of Thorsgrim to create food for both the heroes and their poor mounts. Skrogg’s pony was looking so fat that it look pregnant, with Skrogg’s legs bare able to reach over the girth of his little pony. A Gnome skyship was discovered and after much emissary fumbling Kurin speaking in Dwarvish discovered that they had been attacked by bugbears and had their gem stolen. Thinking not much more of the encounter the party continued on to camp and under Skrogg’s watch a force of bugbears attacked attempting to steal the horses. Several bugbears were slain before all the bugbears suddenly appeared to be on fire, thanks to the wand of Azimi and completely spooked the horses who ran off in panic as the Bugbears appeared to be on fire. Sven managed to calm some of the beasts down before the morning light in the snow the tracks were followed to the Bugbear village. Sven and Skrogg scouted ahead spotting a semi religious ceremony was in practice beside the alter was a huge gem.

An attack was planned with Azimi casting her protection spells before approaching and using the Wand of Fireballs, slaying 7 Bugbears on the site as Sven and skrogg shot the skull off the effigy that the Bugbears were worshiping. Throsgrim had Blessed the party. Everyone charged onwards into groups of bugbears as Azimi fired magical fire and missiles into the frey. All the Bugbears were slain with some 12 slain by magic (7 fireball, 1 Fire fingers, 1 polymorphed into a goldfish & 3 with well directed magical missiles). All the other bugbears were slain by hacking and hammering. The huge gem was investigated and valued by Azimi to being in region of 40,000 guldans a huge value and a magical ring of fire resistance was discovered and handed to Sven who somehow needs protection. Sadly it appeared that the horses of Azimi and Thorsgrim who had not returned had been eaten by the bugbears and their corpses slowly sizzled on the spit.

Day Ends

Ogre Games
The Perils of eating Fish

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 19

With the rest of the Castle to pacify in THORS name and a legion of Ogres to be put to the Axe, Sword, Hammer, Crossbow, and Dragon Rod, the Ravenwolves continued their Rampage through the Castle/Temple.

The first major obstacle of the day presented itself as an electrified portcullis. The mighty and highly voiced Skrogg Sharp-Shield did show his extreme bravery (and conductivity) by getting zapped by the intimidating barrier. A discussion, debate on ethics, and some prayers later and one of the captured kitchen hands was bought forth and marched towards the deadly gate. Before he could be shoved up against it he blurted out the command word to deactivate the trap. This of course was the plan all along as the Ravenwolves would never commit such a cold blooded act as to murder a prisoner. Shooting an escaped prisoner in the back of course is a fully mandated and acceptable thing to do. Which is just as well, as Sven the Slaughterer did exactly that to the prisoner when he attempted to flee.

A careful and well considered approach to hunting down the legion of Orgre’s was decided upon. Or Upon careful deliberation it was decided that the Ravenwolves would rampage through the Castle killing all who opposed them / Stood in their way / sat in a chair gently snoring. Evidence was soon discovered in the Stewards chambers to indicate that there were 13 Ogres within the walls.

So the Ravenwolves began to creep about (or more accurately rattle, stomp and shout about) and take down the Castles monstrous defenders a few at a time. The first ogre, sleeping in a chair, fell to Sven the Slaughterer’s expert blade; the second was cut down by crossbow bolts and the power of THOR as he strode the battlements. Two more were discovered playing dice, and were brutally put down by a flurry of blows.

One of the Ogres, who had fallen out of favour with his fellows, was found tied upon a rack being stretched. Whilst there was a strong impulse to behead the creature, ending its misery and removing its stain from the world. It managed to speak in its own defence and convinced the Ravenwolves of its relative innocence and lack of inherent evil. With dissenting voices lowered rather than silenced the creature was released and allowed to follow behind the party.

The Chief of the Ogres was next. Caught eating fish in his cave like lair he challenged a member of the Ravenwolve’s to a dual to the death. Despite Ragnar Thors-axe’s wish to put the creature down like a rapid dog. Skrogg Sharp-Shield, Mighty of fist and stout of stomach, took up the challenge and met the creatures huge two handed sword with his humble Short Sword. For literally minutes the titanic and miniature battled. Trading blows of eye watering ferocity and skill the combatants sought an opening. To those watching it seemed that Skrogg toyed with the mighty beast. Wounding it repeatedly with the sharp shield by which he is now known. Finally after he received a huge gaping wound Skrogg saw sense and finished the thing off with a single mighty thrust from his small blade.

The remaining creatures were hunted down and exterminated in short order. In the final heroic and suitably epic battle five of the brutish creatures attacked and each of the Ravenwolves stood toe to toe with one of the beasts. Ragnar Thor’s-Axe, seemingly possessed by the spirit of Thor himself and clove three of the creatures unto death, spraying a goodly fountain of Ogre blood over all within 10 feet.

With the castles defenders destroyed the Ravenwolve’s set about plundering the castle for justly deserved rewards. Within the main hall a cunningly hidden secret chamber was discovered and its riches did make even the hardened adventurers shrug and act normally with excitement. The day ends with the castle secured and the party resting to allow Azimi Duckweight to magically examine the items found.

Priests Punnished

As the heroes searched through the three bodies in the room they decided to remove all the priests from existence. Several more rooms were searched before the group headed upstairs. Azimi cast ESP to listen to thoughts, and couldn’t penetrate the thick stone walls.

Two robed priests were discovered in prayer in front of a bull alter. Sven back stabbed one to death and before the other could raise a “hey” that’s not cricket, the other priest was slain by Skrogg and small stabber. A door beyond was “listened” too by Azimi who discovered 11 priests waiting in a trap. She pressed the big red button by her detection wand and all enemies within range began to glow as if they were on fire. The Heroes bundled in.

Seeing all the enemies as if they were on fire, Skrogg led the way followed by Ragnar who began to do mighty chops. The priests who waited were in fact invisible, but were easily spotted thanks to the wand. Several priests cast spells only to be deflected by Ragnar and the innate resistances of Skrogg and Kurin. A Priest ran at Azimi who stepped back as Sven shot him and Brother Stargard flipped over and hit him repeatedly slaying him. Ragnar just brutalized a Priest who made a sickening crunch sound as he died.

As Thorsgrim joined the frey and froze four priests with one mighty spell, but was sthen assaulted by the head priest who suddenly appeared. Azimi managed to cast Haste increasing the attack rate of the heroes. Ragnar splatted another. Brother Stargard stebbed another to death. Sven attacked one as Azimi joined the surrounded Kurin to attack a priest from behind. Suddenly all went black as the head priest vanished. The only light being the glowing enemies. Their lights began to extinguish as Sven and Brother Stargard put the held priests under the knife. Skrogg joined Kurin who had been mightly wounded by a Pole arm only to see Azimi retreat from combat & push her wand button revealing the head priest who pointed a finger at Skrogg and asked him to die. Skrogg shrugged his shoulders and simply said “nah”. All the lesser priests were held or dead the bull rush to attack the head priest began. Azimi from behind her hiding place under the cussions witnessed Ragnar, calmly behead the priest with the mighty Axe. Much searching was done as Azimi identified several magical objects, including a magical dagger on the alter that caused the arm of Sven to wither off. But with luck Thorsgrim the curse remover was on hand to restore the silly stupid and ignorant arm of Sven.

A secret panel under the statute revealed some more valuable statues and monies. The high priest’s private quarters were then searched finding money, magical cleric scrolls and even a diary saying that the ogres were unhappy.

Day ends with a probable rush on the Ogres in the castle below. Azimi had said that they should get dressed in the red robes of the clerics to confuse the ogres and allow the heroes to get closer…

Crown found

The Chronicles of Ragnar Part Fifteen

The heroes tied up the kitchen fanatics deciding not to harm them. Hearing no noise from the aftermath of the combat the heroes headed towards the middle of the temple complex. There they found an empty mess chamber with a trapdoor in the floor. The lock was surprisingly picked by Sven after he claimed that it was unpickable. Azimi just smiled and hid her wiggling fingers behind her back.

Down the trap door they came across two minotaur statues that were just destined to come alive. As Skrogg and Ragnar proceeded down the stairs, the statues did indeed animate and were hit into piles of rubble with great ease by Skrogg and Ragnar. The others stepped over the piles of rubble as they proceeded to a door that had a warning about bad things happening to those who entered written in runes above the door arch. Thorsgrim blessed everyone, as Azimi prepared another spell. The doors were opened. and a chamber of burial coffins were found and at the end of the corridor a figure could be seen sitting on a throne. The continual light spells began to flicker ominously as Skrogg and Ragnar approached carefully, only to see the figure move unbelievably fast towards them. Magical Missiles from Azimi, and a magical crossbow bolt from Sven flew out hitting the creature squarely, but not stopping it. Skrogg was force to deflect two attacks from the undead king, and his sword was deflected in return. Ragnar’s mighty Axe was also deflected, but the King could not defend the spiked shield of Skrogg. Figures from the side wafted up through the stone lids, causing more fear than any creature in the game, Spectres! Thorsgrim the true caused two to flee from the power of Odin, but one reached out it’s undead hand causing a white burning scar on Sven who screamed and began to pout. Kurin drew forth the mighty hammer and struck the creature several mighty blows. More undead Wraith’s were summoned out of their tomb’s only to be turned to dust under the power of Thorsgrim. Azimi continued to magically missile and cast her unique fire fingers spell weakening the undead king, as he clutched his chest Skrogg was able to reach up and shove the spike from his shield through the head of the king, slaying him permanently. All Ragnar’s attacks had been deflected. Ragnar in frustration slew the remaining Wraith with one single mighty chop.

A search of the coffins revealed the bodies of five of the kings servants, but one had a very fresh looking corpse with a shiny ring. Just to be on the safe side Ragnar chopped it before it rose. The ring was taken off by Sven only to have another Wraith rise reaching out with its cold dead hand. Kurin expecting this splatted in very quickly. During this time Azimi had prepared a lightning bolt and had stationed herself along a wall. The two spectres who had fled the power of odin returned only to be blasted by a returning lightning bolt, and then slain by the quick thinking halfling Skrogg. All was now quiet. All that was left to do was to claim the object of the quest from the head of the undead king. The heroes had found the Sorona! Debate then raged about returning the King to Vestland. But why???

The heroes left the crypt and decided a policy of “exterminatus” on evil clerics was not only lawful justice, but expedient so left to find some clerics to splat. Openning the first door they found the head cleric’s quarters as he was engaged in conversation with his two lieutenants. Immediately, Skrogg and Ragnar burst in only to have hold spells cast at them. Thorsgrim cast hold person in reply but to no avail. The one who attempted to hold Ragnar had his spell rebound and froze him in return. Azimi turned one into a goldfish. The final cleric eventually froze in return. Summary executions were committed. Day ends with a +1 mace being found.

Quest for the crown continued
Red Fang Lake found.

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 18

Leaving the standing stones, heading towards what was guessed to be the Red Fang mountains and a lake as seen as in the standing stone vision. As the heroes traveled up the road. A chameleon type lizard attacked only to be very quickly slaughted by Skrogg the furiously fast and un-surprised. Azimi had cast haste again and caused everyone to become hungry. The beast dead, Sven showing his hunting skills helped skin the beast to harvest the chameleon type pelt.

The heroes were spotted by a border patrol. Azimi seeing the riders approach again cast ESP to hear the thoughts of the leader of the Patrol fighter by the name of Rulf. While listening in to the truth of his words, Azimi scanned the remainder to find a patrolman who was pretending to be something he wasn’t, and carrying a note. A scheme was quickly hatched to intercept the miscreant. The Patrol left, Azimi used to flying Raven to keep track of the fellow before casting haste on their horses to attempt to capture him. It all worked well except for Skrogg immediately falling off his horse at the start. The only rider in the bunch, Sven outdistanced them all to begin to get close to the fleeing trooper. Standing on his horse a full Gallop, Sven vaulted somersaulting over to the riders horse, catching the trooper with his legs and rolling off into the dust, landing on his feet with a flamboyant flourish. The others catching up could only nod in approval as they ungracefully dismounted in their rush to catch up. The trooper (hereby named as Evil Erik) quickly realized the jib was up as every time he tried of avoid the situation and deny it Azimi was able to pick his thoughts. A poorly coded note was discovered and decoded expertly. The Patrol caught up to demand what was happening. As his Erik’s guilt was obvious but still needed to be proved Ragnar strode into the circle of combat to prove the case with blood and violence. After 4 mins and 40 seconds of hacking and blocking and counter hacking, the case was proven with Evil Erik having his head removed from the body and a very bloody Ragnar standing there. Much administrating was given to the grievous wounds on Ragnar.

The heroes began to head up into the mountains under the expert navigation of Azimi, avoiding a small bog on the way only to be attacked by a giant serpent at night. Ragnar on watch was bitten, but shouted for assistance. Azimi and Sven immediately sprinted away into the night rather that fight this 30’ long highly poisonous serpent. Ragnar and Skrogg were bitten but avoided the truly deadly poison. It was slain and carved up as boot material by Sven, who failed to harvest it’s potent poison sacks for a disappointed Azimi.

Azimi led the heroes to the Red fang mountains as seen in the standing stone vision and did see the lake below the peaks. The heroes traveled down the glacial river towards the lake immediatley spotting (Ragnar and Mr Monk) a boat. With trepidation they were rowed across the lake by Ragnar the boat wise. Thorsgrim prepared themselves by casting Protection from Cold in case something went custard. However, as the approached the castle they could see that it was indeed inhabited and patrolled. A not so secret entrance was spotted in a semi non tidal cave (magic story trumps silly nature and physics) with a probable underwater entrance to the castle. Azimi was voted as she could move magically fast holding on to her staff in the water. Finding a tunnel and a trapdoor below it she returned to the rest of the heroes who agreed to removed their armour and let Azimi carry it in a bag of holding. Finding the tunnel trapdoor was easy as Ragnar was lifted out of the water and placed on his ring of water walking and managed to easily open the trapdoor. He then assisted getting everyone inside the well room. Thanks to the protection from cold the icy water felt warm and pleasant. Armour was placed on carefully and quietly.

Sven listening carelessly declared the next room empty and Skrogg burst in to find three cooks, armed with rolling pins and one with a flail. These there were expertly knocked unconscious by Skrogg as he darted in the room to stop one from fleeing and Ragnar. All was quiet except for the slightly sound of the water in well hole gently lapping.

Day Ends.

The Ambush

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 17

The brave and boisterous band of brothers baring none, left the monastery of Rutherin travelling towards the Dancing Damsel Inn, a Wagonmaster approached the Monastery to deliver a consignment of barrels for the Monastery. As the Wagon master was spoken too it was Azimi who quietly cast ESP and began to examine his mind. It appeared that he was indeed the message boy passing messages from Devlin to his contact Beorn at the Dancing Damsel Inn.

The Errand boy was left alone as they traveled towards the Inn. Arriving at near night time several patrons were engaged in hearty conversation. Including a Red bearded Nobleman and his men at arms and at another table Beorn and his henchmen were likewise engaged in skulduggery. As Kurin brought the nobleman a pint, Azimi again began to overhear the conversations with her ESP spell. This noble count was indeed in league with the Villan known as VC and was worried about being caught. However, as Sven used his poor slimy skill towards Beorn it appeared that he was expecting a delivery from his message boy and was worried that it hadn’t turned up.

Sven trailed Beorn into the stable to witness him desperately looking for a clue, Sven just hid and watched. As he left the bodyguard arrived and being foolish Sven attempted to backstab him and in short was given a good lesson as to what a battle Axe can do to a silly foolish thief. Sven lying unconscious on the ground was then robbed and left for dead. The body guard then arrived back in the Inn and spoken in the ear of Beorn who then both left in a hurry. This arose the suspicions of the rest who followed outside to see the pair desperately galloping off, but Sven lying prone in his own silly blood on the floor. Medical Aid by Azimi, Kurin and Thorsgrim was given and he regained consciousness only to reveal his silly mistake. Azimi still under the ESP spell could hear his lies now.

The next day Sven looked very sad as he rode off missing his gems, ring and necklace. As they rode down the road, Kurin flew above on the dragon admiring the view and enjoying the sunshine. Kurin completely missed the array of knights with lances spread out in front of the Heroes. The Armoured figures charged led by the Red bearded Count. Sven fired a bolt hitting the count, as Azimi cast Haste. The knights thundered past Skewing Sven with a lance, missing Thorsgrim and having the lance tips deflected by Azimi’s staff and Ragnar’s Axe. Two arrows struck the shield of Skrogg who had dismounted. The hasted heroes then reacted. Ragnar drove his hasted horse into the horse of one of the men at arms, chopping his horse out from under him. Thorsgrim froze the count and another fellow with a hold spell, who promptly fell out of their horses as their limbs stopped working. Skrogg running for all his worth arrived under the horse of a fellow. The Heores in their hasted action seemed to blur with unnatural haste as they all reacted under the spell before the Armoured villans could react to the counter attack. Sven engaged in combat one of the mounted figures with his sword, but somehow the fellow blinked as a magical Charm Person assault failed. Azimi cast lightning bolt hitting a Man at arms and his horse, causing the horse to die, and a dismount of silly proportions by the man at arms. Skrogg, jumping and hacking began to give good service with both his sword and spiked shield. Ragnar deflected a blow with his Axe before chopping at the man with his Axe. Throsgrim had ridden after the archer and was given a good account of himself with his mighty hammer. Kurin blissfully just flew on overhead not knowing what happened. The figure fighting Sven again struck true causing another almighty cry of pain. Azimi seeing this caused the Fellow to become a goldfish with a pointed Polymorph Other spell. Throsgrim battled on receiving a slight wound in return. Ragnar managed to the man at arms he was fighting twice more, chopping him down to to dirt. Skrogg enjoying the moment of battle casually deflected the sword blows aimed at his head.

But wait what was that? Could it be yes… Kurin finally spotted something amiss, the dragon circling lower. Fire bolts from Azimi struck the archer fighting Thorsgrim. Skrogg with skill of Sword and shield chopped down one of the men at arms fighting him. The other on horseback toppled off frozen from a hold person spell cast by Kurin on Dragon back. Sven and Ragnar looked for anyone else to attack, but only saw the archer attacking Thorsgrim drop his weapon and surrender. The end of the battle revealed that after the initial terror of a lance charge, the count and two other men at arms were frozen and tied up, likewise the archer figure. 4 of the count’s horses were captured as two others had died. It was decided by the lawful that justice must be served as they were a days ride to Ravenholm, the Count and his likewise retainers were taken to Jarl Olaf for justice and hopefully a ransom. But perhaps more as Azimi said that proof against the Treason plot was available.

Leaving the now semi walled town of Ravenholm, Peter and the pilgrims were encountered on the road. Charity was given, and allowing the pilrims to accompany them ontowards the Standing Stones. The heroes then encountered a gypsy wagon on the road to the Standing Stone of Sky. The gypsies weren’t trusted as the lead fellow had a mustache and was immediately distrusted by Skrogg, who still wanted his fortune read, by his “daughter” inside the wagon. It was the usual nonsense, about dark visions etc, blah blah by the Charlatans of the magical trade.

The standing stones of sky was reached with Gregorian now seeming to be recovering from a case of the flu, looking sick. Thorsgrim cured any possible disease, making Gregorian look much better. A vision from the standing stones seemed to reveal the a clue with a lake between two mountains. Gregorian and Azimi continued their romantic interlude much to the chagrin of Ragnar who couldn’t fathom it. Gregorian because he was alone for so long and had thought it was just a one off, but Azimi as she obviously must have formed an attachment. She said something about Gregorian being her only one much to the disingenuous snorts from Skrogg.

Bury the Godi
Don't trust the secretary

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 16

As preparations were made for the ritual of Burying the Godi Thorsgrim. Thorsgrim began to write a scroll of Neutralise poison out for Kurin to read at the end of the ritural. Azimi invented a new spell much to her delight. Sven, Skrogg, Ragnar and Kurin busied themselves in the village helping out and visiting their families after a long time away.

Upon completion of the scroll a short trip was planned into the Standing Stone of Sky. A group of dwarves were encountered nearby who said that they had been waylaid by goblins due to being drunk and would pay handsomely 20 goldans for each goblin left ear. The stones were being kept by Gregorian who resided with a hut beside the Stones. The ritual was started and Throsgrim was buried semi alive in a drug induced paralyzed state. After 4 days some figures were spotted watching near the forests nearby. As dusk approached some 18 goblins attacked with some firing arrows and 9 others charging up with goblin spears. Sven shot one with a bolt in between the eyes, then Azimi’s haste spell took effect. Skrogg was taken completely by surprise and stood still until the goblins attacked. Gregorian closed the hut door where Azimi was waiting. As the goblins arrived the warriors began to hack about them. Ragnar chopped the heads off two without thought, as Kurin sprinted into the midst of the slighlty surprised goblin archers and began to bash heads. Sven noticed another band of goblins who had run towards the hut in an attempt to rob it. He drew his sword and rushed in. Azimi hid behind the stone door with Gregorian. The Goblins attempted to bash into the stone door but failed, as Ragnar and Sven began to butcher the creatures easily. Skrogg shook off his surprise and slew 4 with short sword and shiny spike on his shield. The goblins decided that having most of their numbers slaughtered in under 20 seconds ran off with several being pursued and slain, but the un-natural hasted party. All was quiet excepted for the sawing sounds of ears being hacked off goblins. Dwarven coins were found on the goblin bodies. Nebb the Giant Raven began to feat of eyeballs. Gregorian made mention that mages were useful after all and said that he would approach the royal council about the benefits of mages, not being outcast witches. Obviously, Azimi was moved by the speech as she began to make eyes at Gregorian. Later that night sounds of enthusiastic humpy bumpy sounds came from the hut as Sven listened in from the outside, Skrogg couldn’t stop giggling in a juvenile way as Ragnar loudly called Azimi “a slut” and went off to “stretch”. Kurin didn’t notice and didn’t care as humans were weird.

After 4 more nights of embarrassing hut noises, Throsgrim arose from the semi dead state to say that he now knew about certain Haglar the Cruel rune. The Heroes left for Ravenholm, stopping off to deliver all the left Goblin ears to the dwarves and return their stolen coins from them. The dwarves rewarded the group with some coins in return and much thanks. A note had arrived with a mute monk asking for the heroes to visit the Ruthin monastery and the Patriarch Annack. The heroes saddled up their horses and left again. Arriving at the monastery they were admitted to the Patriarch Annack by the secretary Devlin who was immediately despised by Skrogg. Annack revealed that they needed to search for the Sorona crown, began to tell the long story. He also mentioned that lands and titles would be awarded if they were successful. Azimi using a ESP spell revealed that he was true, but noticed a spying hole in the wall of the Patriarch’s study wall. Immediately, the blame was set to Devlin and after a meal the night the heroes left to search Devlin’s room. Through blind luck and more luck on top of that the evidence was found and a note signed by VC asking for Devlin spy against the Patriarch and royal council was found. The note was taken to the Patriarch immediately, who asked Devlin in. Azimi found through another ESP spell that she couldn’t notice anything amiss about Devlin, but did notice that he had a magical amulet. Sven skillfully pick pocked the Amulet off Devlin allowing Azimi to penetrate the thoughts of Devlin, revealing him to be the rogue he was. Details, plans and names were revealed including the name of VC, a person by the name of Vana Cullen. The notes are delivered by the wine merchant to the Dancing Damsel Inn. Annack revealed that Vana Cullen was the Duke of Estine, but also the count of something, Lars something was a likewise smeg head. He owned one of the castles that had previously tried to tax the heroes.

Night ends with the heroes going to a cell to get some sleep before visiting Sven’s “friend” at the Dancing Damsel.

Party Training

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 15
Azimi’s Labacious Litany

As the duke’s party got into full swing the Heroes of Rhoona enjoyed their victory and planned to travel to Norvik to continue their training. Three days later they set off via a vessel down the river and towards Norvik. It took a full three days before the hang overs left them. Even Kurin claimed not to feel well as he was out drunk by an elf and everyone remembers himn singing songs about bearded dwarven ladies. Skrogg in his drunk notes began to compose a song about dwarven ladies for Kurin to be sung later.

The travel to Norvik was without incident and a the Inn of the Thirsty Wench was chosen to stay at as it was run by a dwarf who was as honest as the day was long. A suit of rooms was hired on the second floor with Thorsgrim and his alter boy Stargard staying in one room. Skrogg was given a child’s cot and required to stay with his mor and far (mother and father in norse) with Kurin and Azimi. Ragnar and Sven shared a room. Various people left to investigate the possible weapon trainers available and encountered several experts who were willing to train them for the exorbitant prices.

Azimi and Kurin left to buy some more books. Kurin was reluctant but agreed due to polite pestering. As Azimi travelled towards the magic academy with her eyes on purchasing a new shiny book a purple robed mage approached and began to goad Azimi into a fight. Thinking that Kurin would back her up she became braver and eventually accepted this challenge. Unfortunately, other mages arrived and put a mage duel spell around the combatants effectively stopping Azimi from receiving help from Kurin. Kurin had to look on helplessly. Azimi started well by also initiating her shield spell and fired a round of magic missiles off at the mage but all her missiles were deflected by his shield. He fired 5 missiles in return, amazingly were all deflected by Azimi’s spell. She replied by lighting bolting him with her staff only to have a death spell cast on her, but again managed to hold her breath and not die. Another bolt from Azimi almost slew the mage, but he managed to fire a lightning bolt in returning hitting the helpless Azimi and knocking her out cold. The mage with the purple robes and silly beard left the dueling grounds to a polite applause as Kurin laid assistance to the unconscious Azimi. Another mage, a elf lord Thorcopalis also apologized for the presence of the Thyatian mages saying that they are brash and pushing into the northern realms. Azimi after much consoling was escorted back to Ravenholm.

Thorsgrim, Skrogg and Ragnar continued their training in Norvik. Back at Ravenholm Azimi began to research lightning bolt again, and spend twice as long as she needed to learn the spell and then quickly discovered how to wizard lock. Kurin worked in the forge making poor quality shoes and nails for the continuing build of Ravenhom. Skrogg and Ragnar soon arrived in Ravenholm with Ragnar newly trained in the use of his great axe. Thorsgrim and Stargard stayed in Norvik.

As Thorsgrim stayed in his room one night, practicing his war hammer swing. He spotting a dagger opening up his window latch. Without thought, he cast a hold person failing to freeze the black masked vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, was a vestige of the vox populi now vacant, vanished. However, this valorous visitation of a bygone vexation stood vivified, and vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin, vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition. (just stick to spell casting would you…)The Villan did slash Thorsgrim with an obviously poisoned dagger, as Stargard began to flail pathetically at his figure from the flank. Throsgrim was forced to recieve another slash ascross the ribs before managing to retrieve is shield and Hammer. Thorgrim managed to defend another dagger stroke with his shield before slaying the vexatious villan with his hammer. After slaying the villan Thorsgrim picked up the dagger only to discover it was covered in poison. A flash of pain and his tatoo on his neck activated saving him from certain death.

This distraction obviously stopped his training and Thorsgrim failed to become a master with the hammer. He too left with Stargard to travel to Ravenholm where Azimi identified the items found on the tatooed assassin. Sven recieved the black armour and protection ring. Azimi claimed the poison dagger as she could now use it. Skrogg trained with Silanda Feadiel and finally became an expert with the shortsword.

A dirty monk did arrive in Ravenholm imploring the heroes to help the abbot of somewhere for something, but this was lost on Azimi the scribe as Thora had just strolled into the Ravenholm tavern and gave her and Ragnar stern looks. Ragnar because he had forgotten to dry the dishes and Azimi because of all the blatant lies it was rumored she was writing in her diary. (It was a message from Abbott Annacks, Patriarch of Ruthin Monastery, please pay more attention Azimi. No wonder you have problems researching spells…)

Rhoona Quest Completed
In which the Heroes rescue the Duke and slay the traitors

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 14
The Chronicles of Ragnar Part Fourteen

As the bodies were left lying on the temple floor, the doors were bolted locked and the held bodies of Kurin, Thorsgrim & Sven were dragged through a obvious secret door to keep them out of harms way. Ragnar, Skrogg and Azimi continued to investigate the temple. A secret door was discovered leading to the priest individual cells where they failed to meditate on their sins. Skrogg & Ragnar led their way into the cells disturbing the priests causing almost all to empty out of their cells armed only with clubs. The slaughter began with even Azimi hitting a priest with a dart slaying him outright (indicating the lack of power of the priest), and then had to defend herself with her stick from other sticks. Skrogg and Ragnar just covered themselves with the blood of others happily humming a Thor tune. Little treasure was discovered, except of little statues of Cretia that would be destroyed by Thorsgrim later.

The wizards room was thoroughly searching finding his spell books under his bed. Azimi used her knock spell to open it and began to hum with delight as the power of the books were discovered.

The room with the pool was investigated with Azimi taking the lead as they feared a water elemental. However, a sea serpent emerged out of the salty brine to entwine itself round the body of Azimi and began to crush her. Skrogg and Ragnar began to hack it to pieces as Azimi began to hate the idea of a snake corset. Luckly the warriors dispatched the beast with relative ease. Groaning down the corridor revealed that the hold spell on Thorsgrim, Kurin and Sven was wearing off and without much fuss traipsed off with the others to investigate an end of the temple. A room was discovered with a exquisite table setting and a tapestry round the wall. As Skrogg investigated the tapestry 10 berserk warriors attacked. These were slain easily by the norse warriors as Azimi ensured that the corridor was safe.

The other side of the temple contained a store room where barrels of whale oil was discovered. After ensuring that the temple doors were all locked and barred, under the engineering guidance of Kurin the temple was put to the torch as the party exited out the back and headed towards the Red Dragon Inn and the ecstatic priest Erik. The rest of the night was spent on rest and some injuries were healed before the final confrontational visit to the Duke was ordered.

Amazingly Azimi’s plan was followed using the powers of Phantasmal Force to disguise themselves as a party of guards, approach the ducal palace from the back (bypassing the beer garden – but appreciated by everyone), using the scroll of portals entering the rear of the building on the second level (Azimi levitated up & opened the hole), Sven silently climbed up and lowered the rope of climbing for everyone else to climb up. As Sven and Skrogg (Elvishly silent) crept around looking at the corridors a door in the centre was selected at random and opened. Sven and Skrogg took the lead as pathfinders as listened at the doors moving though the obviously ducal palace quarters. Inside the study the opposite doors suddenly burst open showing the enraged evil plan plotter Draco Stormcloud and his two minions Captain Codpiece and Lieutenant Lowdown all dressed in armour and brandishing swords. Luckily the Heroes were not taken in surprise as Skrogg immediately placed himself in harms way blocking Draco with his shortsword. Sven was not so luck being stuck with his crossbow in is hands rather than the sword. Captain Codpiece hacked Sven with a mightly blow, causing him to fall back in dismay.

All looked dangerous until the timely magic of the Thorsgrim and Kurin fired their hold spells causing Lieutenant Lowdown to fall down paralyzed. Azimi cast her newly discovered Haste spell on the heroes changing the odds somewhat. Moving blindly fast Azimi then turned Captain Codpiece into a Goldfish (tanks again to a newly found Polymorph Other spell), allowing Draco Stormcloud to be surrounded by the warriors who had begun to rend holes in his armour. Reeling from the blows received from Ragnar, Draco struck a mighty wound in return but was stabbed by Skrogg. Draco demonstrated that he was an accomplished fighter, deflecting many blows and defending others. However, he begun to tire under the severity of the attacks (but had resisted another hold spell cast by Thorsgrim), exposing his chest to 3 magical missiles that flew from Azimi’s outstretched hands slaying him outright. His head was removed as a precaution.

Behind a tapestry another secret door was discovered and opened via a knock spell showing the ducal treasury. However, Ragnar being noble and lawful declared this to be off limits to the smiling Sven and Azimi. More of the palace was investigated eventually showing the secret door to the Dukes chamber and the Duke of Rhoona himself who appeared to be in a very bad state. Sven approached coooing gently (as if the Duke was a horse) before Ragnar just jumped on him, holding the duke until Azimi sprinkled the dust discovered in the Temple on his head. The dukes appearance became normal and he returned to become a much more Duke. Skrogg attempted to tell the duke what happened via a song, but he was badly out of tune. The duke begged leave to freshen up (his ears were still hurting from halfling songs) and returned offering his humble thanks and a small token of his appreciation in the form of 2000gp. He immediately left toward Rockholm to appease the Dwarven horde descending on the town.

For three days the Heroes rested and divided up the loot discovered over the past few weeks. Magical shields were passed out to Skrogg & Kurin. The Ring of Spell Turning was given to Ragnar as well as a magical shield and sword. Thorsgrim received the magical plate mail armour of Captain Codpiece. Azimi was given another magical stick that detected traps. Sven looked pouty but seemed happy with his magical sword found in the mountains. Thanks to a personal letter from the duke the weapon master of Rhoona did not attack the party, but agree to train any who needed coaching in the sword. 3 Days later a huge beer party was held celebrating the return of the Duke and honouring the heroes of Ravenholm.

Night ends with a very drunk party living up their success.


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