Mystara and the Path to Immortality

Lich nasty stuff
We don't like the undead

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 39

As the party surveyed below them they could see the glowing circle of the summoners dissolve into a nasty undead mess as the recognizable lich began to summon more troops and Death Demons onto a nearby hill.

Jumping on his broom Skrogg and Kurin holding onto the bottom of the broom flew off in search of the lich. Azimi cast a wall of fire to prevent any more wights from entering into the world. Sven turned into a cat as he ran forward, Ragnar joining him in pursuit of the enemy.
The lich with a contemptuous glance raised his staff and pointed at the wall of fire dispelling it with ease. Thorsgrim cast a silence 15’ radius at the undead mage, only to see several magical counter measures immediately get into effect. The mage vanished into “no time” and began to cast heinous and horrible spells on Skrogg and Kurin mostly bouncing off their natures. Kurin resisted a Power word kill to lie stunned and twitching on the ground.

As the lich rose into the air powered by a continual fly spell Skrogg chased him, wounding the creature with his sword. However, Sven was forced to bound up and attempt to protect Kurin from the horde of Wights. Some 12 death demons flew toward Azimi who managed to raise her protection from evil 10’ radius spell deflecting not just the 8 death demons but also some 8 wights who had just been hasted.

It was then that the clever plan of Azimi and Thorsgrim kicked off with all the nearby summoned and undead creatures being attacked by a Dispel Evil spell from Thorsgrim. Some 6 death demons and 8 Wights were destroyed with the remaining 2 wights and 2 death demons forced to flee.

Ragnar had encountered more wights and 4 more demons, and managed to utter a protection from evil spell protecting him. Sven continued to guard Kurin as a giant cat. Where as Skrogg’s plan to slay the lich failed as his broom was dispelled causing him to fall unceremoniously down to his probable temporary death. Azimi rushed up to the summoning circle and began to examine it as Ragnar using the power of Unseen the run vanished from sight, from all. Thorsgrim kept banishing the demons and wights further away, and then cast a travel spell allowing him to fly.

The lich released an explosive cloud at Azimi and the surrounding area causing lots of damage and making Azimi flee on her broom quickly, but using her amazing dexterity managed to stay on her broom to haste Thorsgrim.

Thorsgrim rose into the air and cast his hammer hitting the lich and attracting the attention of more death demons. Ragnar left to attempt to heal and help Sven and Kurin. Ragnar after casting a simple cure light wounds removed the stun effect on Kurin only for them to battle the undead horde of wights fighting them. The undead inside the circle materialized as banshee and screamed slaying Sven the Cat, and Brother Stargard.

For the rest of the battle the heroes seeing the banshee blocked their ears and avoided her pitiful screams. Azimi returned to the circle and continued to attempt to remove part of the summoning circles. With each circle dispelled an undead beast was destroyed. A vampire was destroyed first.

The lich seeing his power diminished cast an ice storm upon Azimi, freezing her completely as she slumped over unconscious.

Thorsgrim likewise casting a protection from evil spell ignored the Death demons and flew straight and true at the lich. Unfortunately, the monster uttered a lighting bolt at Thorsgrim hitting him truly. However being of stern stuff he stayed true and attempted to hit the lich in return before the death demons returned.

Below Kurin turned his Rod into a dragon and flew into the air below the lich hacking at its legs as he flew underneath. But Thorsgrim’s hammer flew true destroying the undead beast with a mighty hit. Mortally wounded the death demons almost slew him, only for a well timed Cureall spell returned his vigor. Thorsgrim flew over to the still effecting protective sphere around Azimi and used a Curall spell to revive her.

As Ragnar and Kurin continued to battle the death demons, Thorsgrim flew round the outside of the summoning circles and uttered a holy word, stunning all but one of the remaining death demons and destroying all the remaining Wights. The remaining death demon was quickly slain as the stunned ones were put down quickly. Azimi continued to solve the riddle of the summoning circle and quickly removed all but the central summoning circle before announcing that she did not have a powerful item to banish the circle.

Ragnar the brave and surprisingly noble Paladin offered his very powerful mage slaying sword, throwing into the central circle hitting the Banshee in the chest destroying the beast outright, as Azimi fought to control the lethal magics.

Skrogg was revived, but Sven and Brother Stargard lay dead at the end of the encounter. Waiting for the full day to observe the rituals of the north, it could be seen that indeed Sven was raised upon the back of Valkyries to the glory of Valhalla. With tears in their eyes the companions decided to journey home to burn the earthly body of their friend as his soul was now in Valhalla. Brother Stargard refused to offer of immortality and returned from the dead to continue to protect his liege lord, brother and friend, Thorsgrim.

Wilderness survival
Wizards won't work together

Scrogg’s Journal – Chapter 38

Left on a hillock overlooking the Galantrian province the Prince De Amberville “invited” the party to accompany him towards the Galantrian war camp. As they arrived the encountered not so much a war camp but a scattering of tents organised into factions. While not being the ruler of Galantri all the Prince’s ideas somehow sounded like commands, as the party were invited into the central tent where a debate was being held.

Long story short after the debate started only Thorsgrim and Azimi stayed to debate whether outsiders were to be invited to help save the Galantri from the wandering summoned monsters. After only three days the party were indeed allowed to investigate.

Traipsing off to the the wilderness on foot the party disguised as a wandering forest (thanks to silly massmorph spell from Azimi). Left to enter the mountainous region of Galantri to search for monsters and who summoned them.

After many days of pleasant weather, the wandering bushes discovered a force of 4 trolls and fire giant and the largest hell hound they had ever seen. Without thought, planning or much strategy the heroes attacked. Immediately immobilizing the trolls with a dissolve spell turning the rocky ground they walked under into mud and somehow trapping a sneaky Sven. As the surprised trolls reacted to this the ground hardened into rock trapping 3 of them, leaving the last to attack Sven. Brother Stargard and the broom flying Skrogg rushed to his aid. Ragnar rushed the giant in a berserk rush chopping madly, hewing the giants armoured legs mightily. Kurin rushed the hell hound and hit it on the snout only making it mad and breathe fire at Azimi, Thorsgrim (both semi protected from fire) and Kurin with it’s hell fire breath. The troll was effortlessly put down by Sven and Stargard, as Ragnar finished off the giant by hacking it’s knee and then hewing it’s neck in a fountain of blood. Kurin deflected a dog’s bite with his Battleaxe as Thorsgrim joined the frey. Magical missiles flew and struck the hell hound, as Skrogg and Ragnar joined the hacking and hitting. The hell hound receiving such injuries turned to run receiving more wounds in its rear. As it rushed away and lightning bolt flew from Azimi striking it in the testicles dropping the beast dead.

The remaining trolls were slain quickly as Sven began to track where the beasts came from but then Inexplicably lost the tracks in the mountains.

The next month was taken wandering around slaying many small and silly monsters.

Highlights include a pack of Orcs that made the mistake of attempting to ambush the party only to be shot, fireballed, lightning bolted and thrown hammer to death.

Skrogg personally fought a Stone giant alone. Using the giant’s legs as pin cushions from his shield and shortsword, before chopping its neck with his sword causing fountains of giant blood as the giants life force drained away.

A wandering ogre was slain with a single throw from the hammer of Thorsgrim.

A white dragon flew by but was chased off thanks to massed lightning bolts from (Ragnar, Thorsgrim and Azimi), An arrow from Skrogg and crossbow bolt from Sven. The poor beast flew off in search of easier prey, dropping dragon blood in clumps on the ground.

A force of 12 frost giants were spotted. Two were slain quickly by a well cast fireball as some rushed up with their mighty swords and 4 stayed back throwing rocks at many and only hitting Stargard. 3 were cut down in the first round, leaving the remaining to flee. Two stopped moving and collapsed under a Hold Monster spell. Leaving 7 dead giants in 30 seconds. The remainder ran for their lives.

Sven again tracked location of the giants to discover in the mountains three days later a hill overlooking a magical users summoning circles on the ground. 4 giant circles each with a brown robed mage interlinked with a middle circle with a black robed magician. Sven not waiting for the very simplest instruction raised his crossbow and fired hitting a circle and turning all to custard. The screaming of the brown robed mages transformed them into gates of darkness. With such magical discharge a “demon” or Entropy immortal appeared turning the circles into underworld conjuring gates summoning a mass of Skeletons, Zombies, Wrights and Etheral undeadness and a very probable Lich in the middle of the black circle.

Azimi gasped as she probably recognized the lich as what had previously made her flee Galantri city.

Oh pants full of brown liquid.

Castle Amber part 8
The Finish

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 37

As the heroes approached the town of Ximes, they were accosted by 5 wolves. The wolves attempted to hamstring the party but were quickly held by Azimi as the others were shot and then very quickly butchered by efficient beast slayers. Skrogg’s slaying was particularly gory resulting in the mid transformation of the werewolf in it’s death throws as Skrogg tore it assunder. The held were wolves were humanly put down, but the Axe of Kurin.

A troubadour was spotted close to the town and was befriended. He then got to witness the diplomacy of Thorsgrim as he convinced a mob not to lynch a maiden for suspected witchcraft. Other’s were convinced that violence might have been the best option, but weren’t needed. The troubadour led the party to the town gates who then questioned the party as to their intentions. Azimi convinced them that they were indeed travelling to see the bishop. Approaching the cathedral a full service was in swing denouncing magic and giving all your wealth to the church. Azimi pleded with an acolyte that she needed to confess her sins to the bishop. She was admitted into the bishop’s chambers. Followed by the invisible and silent Sven.

As she confessed the sins of impure thoughts, fornification she said that her true sin was wanting the potion of time travel. The bishop gave a almost unmistakable start, before laying his hands on Azimi and attempting to feeblemind her. The spell rebounded as Sven backstabbed him. He turned and cast a spell turning Sven into a mouse, before Azimi blew holes in the bishop’s back with darts of fire. Sven was quickly returned to (semi) human form with a dispell magic spell and a full search of the area provided several potions and a ring. Azimi then turned the floor to mud as the bishop’s corpse began to sink. The Mud then was turned to stone with more mystical power. A trap was failed to be detected by Sven who release poisonous gas that had to be blow out by Azimi’s staff. The two then left the chambers saying to the acolyte that Azimi had got everything she was after.

Leaving the city the heroes had lunch as Skrogg was hungry, before connecting the ring to the mirror, annointing the sword and then shattering the mirror to release from time Stephen Amber’s tomb. They entered the chambers defeating a blue dragon whose scales and horns were harvested. The beast had breathed on everyone except for Sven who had snuck past the pile of coins. IT was slain by Kurin using the axe to chop the entire bottom off the dragon’s jaw drenching him in blood. Kurin now can truly claim to be a dragon slayer.

The next room had a cloud bridge over a bottomless pit. Out of the clouds emerged a flying wyvern. As many were surprised, Azimi created a wall of ice under their feet extending out the safety margin. The beast attacked, as was shot by Sven and Hammered by Thorsgrim. Brother Stargard was dragged across the ice to be saved by Kurin. The beast attempted to sting and bite Azimi but it’s attacked were deflected by magic. The Wyvern was dispatched leading to anther room containing a golem. The Golem after being shot with magical missiels was dispatched by Skrogg with a display of non weapon breaking expertise. A magical sword was discovered and a cursed scroll that Azimi was not turned into a fly embedded into amber.

A room of water was created where Ragnar strode across and was immediately attacked by a large great white shark. The beast was slain with several hits after receiving a massive bite in return. Ragnar carried on opening the next door to reveal a hydra. Skrogg and Azimi began to ferry everyone across the water using the flying brooms. Ragnar using the sword began to chop heads off the hyrdra most expertly, however they soon began to regenerate back on. As the others arrived more hydra head flew across the room. The flaming axe was used to stop the beast regenerating and slay it outright.

The next room contained a tomb and a tapestry. For some reason some had left some words written on the tomb about breaking the time curse and burning the tapestry. This was done as Stephen Amber arose from the “death” and made everything right, crumbling the castle amber to dust, freeing the party and releasing the head of the magic user guild. As a reward each party member was awarded a piece of jewellery and a magical item. Such was the power that half the items were duds. Kurin received a powerful set of dwarven plate mail armour. Ragnar a ring, Thorsgrim a ring, and everyone else looked somewhat disappointed. The party joining the head of the magic users guild could prepare now to stop the monsters from attacking Galantri from Alphatia. Thorsgrim restored the life force to Ragnar at some personal cost.

Castle Amber part 7
The Beasts

Skrogg’s Journal Chapter 36

As the corpses of were creatures lay defeated, Azimi and Ragnar left to go outside to see if they could spot the leader who vanished behind a dimension door. The others investigated the room inside the complex where treasure might lurk.

Ragnar and Azimi saw the unmistakable of a in human torch running away very swiftly. Azimi cast fly on Ragnar, who immediately flew off after the beast and she jumped on her broom stick to fly slowly after. Ragnar soon caught up with the monster who in a hasted like appearance turned to begin to attack Ragnar. Many blows from Ragnar seemed to bounce of a kind of magical barrier protecting the beasts skin, wounds were received in return. Soon the beast turn and ran off again only to be chased by the flying Ragnar again. At last his hits seemed to wound the beast and then with a professionalism that bordered on the heroic he took the beasts head with a single blow. Taking the head he turned to see Azimi flying down just after the fact.

With Easy navigation they returned to the lair to have a remove curse cast on Ragnar’s wounds, before all heading off to the lady’s tower. At the tower Sven still remained in cat form and the lady commented about “a beast”. Azimi froze it with a word, and said that it was under control. Sven later took revenge by cat peeing on Azimi’s slippers at she fell asleep at the meal table. The magical sword was retrieved as reward for slaying the were beast.

The following day to heroes continued to the local town to investigate the home of Malachie only to discover his daughter was worried about his whereabouts. Azimi talked the little child into access of the house and finding his spell books, then proceeded to take the child to the sorceress to be looked after. The party then flew across the land towards the next objective the ringer holder at Perigon.

As they flew a red comet appeared in the sky caused Sven to immediately change into a were form and run off to hunt and slay to more were wolves. He later returned looking a bit upset at the early onset and ability not to control the change. Arriving at Perigon and searching for the white wizard Luc de champagne revealed that another beast lurked in the town doing much damage. In return for the ring the heroes would track and slay the beast.

Not surprisingly the beast surprised Luc, bit his finger off with the ring and disappeared into the tallest tower of the local abbey, with a serpent like tail vanishing through the top most window. Everyone was blessed by Thor and hasted by Azimi and flew or charged on in. Ragnar, Thorsgrim and Skrogg flew through the window as the Cat (henceforth known as the tight tiger) burst badly through the door.

The Abbot of the abbey woke from the bed, said what was happening and walked into the red light of the comet only to instantly change into the beast. We at last! Skrogg, Ragnar, the Tight Tiger and Kurin strode forth and did hack at the beast mightily and at last Peacemaker broke the beast in under 5 seconds. Thorsgrim just said “hey” and Azimi flew through the window on her broomstick asking what had happened. The tight tiger did then claw the body of the abbot who had transformed back to man form on this death making it look like the beast was slain. The ring of Ebon was recovered and returned. Later at a ceremony in the town a party was arranged to celebrate the death of the beast and presentation of the ring to the heroes.

Day ends.

Castle Amber part 6

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 35

The Heroes continued up their walk along the Averoigne roads noticing that the normal animal life seemed to be less as they approached a walled town called Vyones and they could hear the sounds of a crowd of people. Closer investigation revealed that the archbishop was giving a speech about the impending doom from a black magician who had created a colossus that was coming to squash the town. The heroes pushed their way into the front (Thanks to the gruff nature of Kurin) and revealed that they would help with Gaspard du Nord agreeing to give them the mirror in return for them stopping the beast. He said he could make some powder up to stop the beast.

The heroes waited in an Inn until the tump thump could be heard as the 100 foot tall colossus could be seen striding towards the city. Sven agreed to rush to get the compound from Gaspard as the other rushed to distract the colossus. Skrogg and Azimi flew up to distract it as Kurin waited below telling the watching crowd to flee. Thorsgrim using high level magic turned into a cloud of gas, as Ragnar climbed to the top of a tower (to be able to get the top and jump off at the beast). Azimi flew up and fire a series of magical missiles, Skrogg tried to distract it only to be splattered as it used a mighty tree as a club and bashed him out of the sky and sent him crashing to the ground. (the plan was for everyone to fly around it, not muck about casting spells…!)

Azimi and Kurin cast dispel magic’s on the Head and then foot of the colossus causing it to go crashing to the ground. Thorsgrim investigated the backpack to reveal that the colossus had a person in the back controlling it. A ball of blackness appeared at it’s head only to be ignored. Ragnar stylishly jumped onto it’s back hacking mightly. The colossus then stood as Thorsgrim and Ragnar hacked at it’s back. Azimi lightning bolted it’s head and prepared for the worst. The Colossus attempted to squash Kurin but dwarves are well renowned for their toughness and stood firm. As Ragnar tumbled off Azimi cast a dimension door onto the back of the creature for Ragnar to jump through and continue hacking. However, the hero of the day arrive a flying Sven who at merely 5 foot dashed a portion of the dust onto it’s head before flying past with a wooshing sound. The colossus toppled over and crushed the man controlling it, ending the encounter. Skrogg was discovered to be fine eating a pile of chicken out of a ruined building. Surely the toughness of hobbits is legendary.

The heroes received their rewards and departed quickly as all were seen to use mighty magics. They then flew towards Sylaire stopping at night to discover that Sven ran off at night of the full moon and has become a were tiger. Event’s caused the party to ineffectively track him before he returned in the morning looking much the worse for wear. However, as the full moon had now come about he was no longer able to be cured. The party continued to the tower in the middle of moors called Sylaire, where a beautiful woman met them saying her name was Sephora and would give them for the magic sword in return for slaying a beast. She she didn’t know the identify of the beast but the party had read the note and said it’s probable name was Malachie. She advised them that his lair might be near the standing stones. The party left on foot.

As they approached Sven Transformed into a mighty were tiger only to shock the entire party at his small stature.

He assured that he could track the monster and indeed did bound off a bite a werewolf nearby. After tracking it to it’s lair Azimi’s cast a fireball inside with a resounding wumph noise. Inside a body of a man was discovered and 3 wolves. Inside the greater chamber were more were wolves and wolves. The heroes and small cat attacked with Kurin and Azimi moving last. Everyone slew a beast, before more appeared from the cavern nearby. Kurin now engaged 2 blocking the escape route as Azimi used Dimension Door to appear inside the cavern. Azimi cast a hold monster spell as a blackness enveloped the entire cave due to a probable darkness spell. More wolves and werewolves were slain in the dark, before the living were again lighten with magical like fire from the ever useful wand. Magical missiles flew from the WereWizard striking Thorsgrim, before he fled with magical aid. The remaining werewolves (frozen and otherwise) were cut down effectively.

Cavern times ends with a need to track Malachie the werewizard and make him dead.

Castle Amber part 5

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 34

After the smoking corpses of the Gremlins were left alone the final missing room was investigated and a Solar man with red skin, blond hair and a flaming shield was discovered. After a careful scanning from Ragnar and dialogue entered into, it was discovered that after helping to banish an Effreet the Solar had agreed to help Claude the dead dog Amberville to turn the castle to Law. However, after careful prompting he was left alone and the heroes descended into the dungeon level again, passing by the unlocked cells and finding a morgue like hallway with lots of people with missing brains and no blood.

In the next door room was discovered a brain devourer who, with many brains attached to his back, was sucking the brain of another corpse. The heroes bravely fired many missile weapons: Sven shot it with a bolt, Thorsgrim threw his hammer, Skrogg drew his bow and shot in one round. The creature with so many brains was able to fire not one but five spells off. Fortunately, all missed or bounced off the experience of the heroes. Magical missiles fired at Azimi only to have them returned to the beast, Azimi’s magical missiles in return struck the beast dead. Kurin who had run up, looked puffed.

In the corridor a Invisible stalker attempted to surprise the monk, but didn’t and was solidly hit 3 times, before it abandoned him and attacked Skrogg. Unfortunately, he wasn’t surprised either and casually butchered it leaving behind only a shadow on the ground.

The heroes continued into the room of Gas and again set off the trap where Azimi, Ragnar and Stargard fell asleep. Kurin with good mind began to chop the door down with his axe, With Skrogg’s help the door was demolished. Soon the Dwarf and Halfling dragged the sleeping humans into the hall. After dreams they awoke, Stargard had apparently saved the planet, but no one believed him.

A room full of treasure was discovered, but thanks to the wand of enemy detection a large worm monster was discovered and attacked. It was very quickly slain without anyone being swallowed whole. Coins were discovered.

A room with a pool containing a small glass sphere bobbing on the surface was discovered. Within the sphere was a silver key. Thorsgrim purified the water as Azimi tested it by dropping in a sivler coin the bubbled and began to disolve. After much reluctance Sven had fly cast on him and flew across to collect the silver floating key with cat like reflexes.

A room with 4 hell hounds was next discovered. Sven shot one as Kurin ran at another. Two of the beasts breathed injuring everyone except for Kurin who had ran on and Azimi who had mysteriously turned into a statue (but she got better). Ragnar and Thorsgrim wasted no time butchering two before the ever nimble Skrogg, slew one and then with graceful move threw his sword at another menacing Kurin, jumping over he impaled the beast with his shield before Kurin could say “hey”. What a true Viking Hero! (too right!)

A room with a glowing silver gate guarded by a Giant Amber Lion Golem was discovered. The Golem’s mistake was to move and was quickly bashed to small pieces without mercy in a quick amount of time. Before they could attempt to leave through the gate the Lawful peoples decided to finish the dungeon and left to investigate.

A room with a large pit was discovered, but was guarded by six Ghouls. Sven shot one as Kurin pushed one down the pit saying “this is Finhagen”. Slaying the Ghoul outright from the fall. One slightly scratched Azimi only for all of the remaining Ghouls to turn to dust. Down the 70’ pit was a labyrinth leading to the kingdom of the Ghouls. Fortunately, Thorsgrim immediately turns all Undead to dust and the only thing bothering the party was a sand storm. Some Treasure was found including a highly magical spear.

The next room contained a demon inside a pentagram. It promised much (all lies) but just before Thorsgrim was about to Dispel Evil, Ragnar disturbed the pentagram releasing the demon. It attacked Ragnar with all its power, but was quickly slain with Holy Might. A magical ironic horn of dispelling this demon was found. Azimi wanted the ever burning candles, but didn’t know how to carry them without setting herself on fire.

The party proceeded through the arch using 3 silver keys, to discover a slightly warm land and a road. The heroes began to proceed up the road to see where it lead. A mysterious horse and cart was discovered and farm people looking desperate, but as they approached it vanished to appear as a phantom. Skrogg was enthralled and nearly eviscerated. Azimi cast a protection from Evil 10’ radius to defend the party. The Phantom fled, before Thorsgrim could do anything. Later that night during Skrogg’s watch the Phantom returned, it again attacked Skrogg who again was mightily wounded. Thorsgrim rolled over pointed his hammer and said “Begone beast! Return to whatever underworld you come from!” . The Phantom was instantly destroyed and Thorsgrim was forced to Cure-all Skrogg. (Thorsgrim my hero!)

Another Day when Clerics save everyone. The party rest before planning on continuing up the road to attempt to find a village and a map!

Castle Amber part 4

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 33

As the heroes continued to search the next door rooms, a room with four holes were found in the roof. Kurin standing on the shoulders of Thorsgrim managed to investigate the holes and discovered a sack of money. Followed by a cockatrice that attempted to turn him into stone, and then with the resounding noise, a swarm of killer bees attacked the ever so delicious Skrogg. With much hacking most of the bees were slain before more emerged from another hole as a sleep spell put the creatures to early sleep. The cockatrice was slain by Kurin who had attempted to hit it and fell off Thorsgrim in amazement. It’s beak and legs were saved for magical spell components. It’s drumsticks and Breast were saved by the ever hungry Skrogg. Skrogg soon proved his worth by burying himself in the killer bees nest eating all the honey.

A chapel room was discovered with a smiling priest, he stood calmly and seemingly in a good voice “May I help you”. However, our surprisingly noble Paladin identified that this man was indeed evil and strode forth and before the man intending to do us harm could react, smote him mightily and cast him down with two mighty blows of the spell casting slaying sword. A potion, ring of protection, magical broom and staff were found. Some secret doors were found by Sven.

The party returned to the main chapel and walking past the one of the statues it suddenly moved and out of thin air presented Skrogg a beautiful magical shortbow. Much joy rang out, but as Kurin approached another expecting a mighty present he was touched and began to turn to amber stone. A cure disease removed the impediment and saved his life. The statues now revealed as more random nastiness were avoided to where the side rooms were investigated. Of the 6 rooms each seemed to hold 3 zombies, but were immediately turned to ash under the power of Thor. Returning the the main chapel Kurin and Azimi walked past every statue to discover what gifts were given Kurin was blessed with a permanent blessing and received a magical undersea boat appearing out of nothing, plus a scroll of protection from elementals. Azimi was magically diseased (and cured by the staff held by Thorsgrim), and then felt more dexterous. Skrogg the lucky was presented with another magical flying broom. What an odd room!

The heroes continued through the forest and began to search the area behind the blood stained arch throne room to find a ball room. Inside was a monkey man that was shot by Sven as the party began to search his treasure. His treasure consisted of a Bag of Unending Nourishment that was immediately claimed by the ever fat Skrogg and a Potion of Longevity.

Next was discovered a library, and a dog man who appeared to be good. In payment of 5000gp (with borrowed money) the library was searched to discover a magic user scroll with 5 spells and most importantly a scroll of “To those who would be free”. The scroll mentioned something about find that would help them be free needing a special, sword, ring, mirror and potion. The heroes left the dog man still counting his coins.

An empty bedroom was discovered, but held some random lava men who were slain quickly. Azimi guarded the corridor, standing on the lovely red carpet.

Next was a card room where a woman was sitting offereing 10 cards. The words Deck of Many things were mentioned. In random sillyness everyone was “forced” to take a card.
Skrogg received a magical lie detecting cup
Sven received a magical lie detecting cup
Kurin was feebleminded but cured by Thorsgrim
Ragnar received nothing as he was a spell caster
Thorsgrim received a magical lie detecting cup
Azimi most reluctantly received a magical wand of Enemy detection

A bedroom containing 8 humanoid dog people were discovered, but the party was attacked, Sven stayed outside and missed with his heavy crossbow as the others were slain quickly or put to sleep. However the lupin man from the library heard his “pack” being attacked and moved to slay the obvious target Sven. Sven wounded him but a single smash in return reminded him to call for help as magical missiles and blades cut this dog fighter fellow down quickly. Some money and yet another displacer cloak and wand of fireballs were discovered and used by Prince Thorsgrim.

At the end of the hallway was the foyer were six gremlins standing around. To avoid silliness these were fireballed with the previously found wand and their smoking corpses we left lying on the ground.

Day Ends.

Castle Amber part 3

As the heroes debated to where to go it was decided to go through the bloody dripping arch. Everyone avoided any nasty effects from the blood to come across a throne rooms full of skeletons. Ragnar most wisely used his detect evil to sense that the throne itself was evil and was apparently attacking the mage Azimi with some kind of mental attack. Thorsgrim used his Dispel Evil spell to completely destroy the presence in the throne. The room was searched to discover a valuable crown.

Several more room were searched. A white room contained a six legged beast, causing a large amount of frost. Ragnar, Skrogg and Kurin strode forth and did splat the beast quickly. Kurin received some wounds in return, but a pile of platium and gold were found nearby.

The next green room had a green knight who offered a sword and it wast taken by Ragnar. As Kurin attempted to go past but was struck by a sword in return. As Everyone piled on in swinging meaningfully and bolts of power flew from Azimi, it was Ragnar swinging with the sword seemed to struck sweetly removed the green Knights head’s form his shoulder with a single hit. Everyone was a slightly surprised. The green knight guarded the entrance to the lower levels where the heroes descended.

A room with words written on the floor was discovered, Azimi volunteered to go first and quickly discovered that she was wiser, but unfortunately it took a lot of convincing to ask the heroes to cross the same way and receive the same blessing. Thorsgrim, Skrogg, Kurin, Stargard all took the opportunity to become wiser. Ragnar refused to listen and used the opposite to become more beautiful, even gaining a cleft in his chin as his hair seemed to change colour. Git!

On the other side was a dungeon where the group didn’t both entering in the dungeon that contained a minatour and a possible werewolf staring at a painted moon.

Carrying on through a door as decided by Kurin a room full of Vats was discovered. 4 grey skinned men appeared between the vats and began to approach menacingly. Kurin, Skrogg and Ragnar strode up. The figure attacking Ragnar lightning bolted him, leaving a rebounding lightning bolt to damage him effectively. Skrogg got jumped by a grey man who wrapped his legs aground Skrogg and began to spray him with which only could be described as acidic seaman, much to the disgust of everyone else. Kurin was missed, as was Thorsgrim who appeared to move last but splat his grey skin thing quickly. Azimi magically missiled the lightning man, only to watch it be cut in twain by Ragnar. Kurin Slew his beast and only Skrogg only seemed to be less than effective being squirted by more acid seaman again. As all the beasts were destroyed the party entered the next door.

Inside was a laboratory, upon entering everyone noticed that the doors shut and a black smoke filled the room. A decision to use a scroll of portals was used to attempt to exit. Unfortunately, Raganar succumbed to the dust and collapsed alseep, as did Kurin who likewise fell asleep as he attempted to rescue Ragnar. As the party emerged from the black dust Kurin appeared saying that he had dreamed that he was imprisoned and then released by a mage as he appeared at the entrance. Ragnar likewise appeared saying that he was attacked by a vampire (and had two teeth mouth’s points attached to his neck). Ragnar carried a staff that looked magical and looked diminished. The party continued up a long corridor only to lead to a trap door.

The Trap door emerged in a chapel with statues of the Ambervilles nearby. A door to the back was discovered and passageway with three Thouls who attacked and were quickly slain. Inside the nearest door was a library and a mage type fella who said “shhhh”. Before anyone could do anything a woman who looked to buried alive arrived and begun to attack him. He suddenly vanished as she was subdued by Skrogg. The party began to search the room only to find a chest. As it was attempted to open the mage reappeared only to cast a illusionary fireball that confused Ragnar briefly. The Mage was attacked with the blunt end of the sword by Skrogg and then by Kurin who knocked him unconscious. A magical ring was discovered and Analyzed by Azimi who claimed it was a ring of spell turning.

Day ends

Castle Amber part 2

After resting from their drunk state entered the room next door to discover a boxing ring had been set up with a individual with a wide brimmed hat and silly mustashe who offered a PC a fight with one of his boxes who had grey coloured skin. Some floating eyeballs above the chairs watching the ring turned to stare at the PC’s when they arrived. Brother Stargard was selected after the man offered 10,000gp if the PC could win. Brother Stargard didn’t disappoint by stepping foward and giving the old 1 2 dropping the creature dead within half a round. A clap went to Brother Stargard who proved his challenge easily. The man a D’Amberville was amazed that his creature was defeated, ever so quickly and paid the required sum in gems. The Heroes left considerably richer.

Looking for a secret door in the madam ogres room (previously slain by Ragnar) the party were almost all surprised by 4 tigers that decided to attack. The beasts hit Azimi and Sven before being slain in a most purposeful manner by the combined efforts of the fighters. The beasts tried retreating, only to be slain. The door was closed by Azimi who realized the mistake of not closing the door. A secret door was discovered by Sven.

Inside was a 8’ man with a head of a lion, wearing platemail, golden sword and crown. Azimi stood still and evaluated the crown. He challenged the party for a 1 on 1 and Kurin strode forth to do his part. After wounding the man mightily Kurin was struck down. Shock emerged on the faces of the Heroes as Azimi shot the lion man dead with her wand of magic missiles. Thorsgrim was forced to use a Cureall spell to restore Kurin who was only partially dead, but now has another impressive scar.

The party exited out of the castle wing to find themselves in the central part where it was apparent forest had been magically created. The heroes decided to walk the path and avoid some obvious annoying plant life. Unfortunately, some trees with ropy vines attacked and initially had the vines cut away only to return to drag poor Skrogg towards a tree mouth. Azimi used her wand of magical enemy detection to spot not 4, but 6 trees. The heroes embarked on a series of tree hack and slay. Once the party managed to move through the thick undergrowth the trees were hacked and hewed most effectively. A special note to Brother Stargard who deflect many attacking vines from both the prince and queen.

A maiden and a unicorn were soon discovered who was spoken too most fairly by Sir Ragnar (the galant) and the maiden (who might have been a green dragon) revealed that she didn’t know the way out of the mists, but would return with the heroes if a way could be found. She warned them about the fountain further up the path.

Further up the A Bridge was discovered with a Goat that was speaking to a probable troll and allowed to cross as more delicious people were coming. Ragnar pretending to be a small girl walked across the bridge and said that he was yummy. As the troll climbed up to the bridge looked surprised that it was Ragnar not a we girl. With one almighty heave from the Flaming Axe the beasts head was cut off, slaying the beast immediately. No treasure could be seen, so the heroes continued up the path.

The fountain was detected most severely for evil, magic and enemies. Seeing a glowing shape in the water, Thorsgrim cast Purify Food and Water to show a huge Amoeba in the water. Ragnar summoned the power of Thor and Azimi Lightning Bolted the water several times before Sven stepped in to unlock the chest in the water. The Amoeba never moved as it was slain by either lightning or Purify, but no one knows. Some money and a key was found in the chest.

The heroes continued until it came to some squirrels with golden acorns could be seen. Brother Stargard attempted to communicate only to realise that he was indeed talking to a squirrel. Thorsgrim grabbed a nut only for a horn to sound and a wild hunt to emerge. Two wolfmen riding dire wolves, Two cat men riding sabre tooth tigers and a large goat headed man riding a giant elk. Comedy aside, Sven shot the Goat man with a magical bolt (wounding to continuously bleed), Azimi cast a fireball and then Ragnar cast a hold person. Well the carnage was great with everyone impressed with the size of the fire ball slaying all but one cat, elk and the goat man, who then toppled off the elk frozen. The Elk charged Thorsgrim who then lightning bolted the elk as it charged past with his activated rune. Skrogg was jumped on by the cat who then made the mistake of moving and the singed pussy cat was put down immediately with one swing. The Goat man had bled out due to constant damage and severe burns. A magical mace and potion was found.

The path continued past some obvious dangerous flowers, and grass, but no one was foolish enough to step off the path. At the end of the Path a blood stained arch that would drip blood on you if you stepped through led to another part of the silly castle. So far no one has stepped through. Tis a silly place!

Day ends

Castle Amber

The nature of things
Flying Ships

As the party approached the castle they were immediately impressed with the size of the castle, far exceeding even their most expensive realm holdings.

As they approached the door they were met by a wizard in a hat who after speaking Galantri switched to Common to say that he was Prince D’Amberville and he like the party were trapped in the castle back in time.

They were asked if they could help him escape by gathering the clues in the castle. He said as that this was his family home he absolved them of all crimes and gave them a free range to discover clues to help them escape this time trap. Of course as all these crimes had already happened or were about to happen in the past, they have already happened and therefore, predestination did not apply. Timey Wimey wibbly wobbly!

The Heroes entered the castle proper only to encounter a huge mirrored room where all the lights in the party suddenly went out, The flaming axe was ignited only to cause everyone to become blinded by the flash. Creatures could be heard approaching and were spoken to by Sven the wordsmith. Azimi turned invisible and crawled off to the side somewhere. Eventually the guards got bored and attacked and were beaten back by the unfortunate event of approaching the fighter types. They then started lightning bolting the Halfling and Dwarf who were best equipped to deal with it. Thorsgrim cast Cure blindness and immediately dove in with the mighty hammer cleaving the creatures mightly with puffs of smoke. Everyone was then led by Thorsgrim to wait as their eyesight returned to normal.

The party continued towards a smaller less grand corridor to discover a room with a chest, with green substance on the floor and a black substance over the room. Deciding as experienced adventures that with was a black pudding and green slime it was decided to test it with Ragnar flaming his axe and burning the green slime with and sickly splat covering himself with slime. He began to disove, but the quick thinking of Thorsgrim again saved the day with a Cureall Spell removing the effects of the Green slime. Azimi cast a Protection from Evil spell and then conjured a Fire elemental who dutifully went in burning all up the Green slime and then was attacked by the Black pudding after it dropped down from the roof. A mighty battle occurred with the Black Pudding being burned quickly. The elemental did survey the room and burn up two more Grey oozes as well. Inside the chest was discovered a powerful sword that Sven likes and a Staff of healing that Azimi analyzed. Lots of money was found as well. The elemental was banished as it really wanted to slay the summoner.

The rooms down the corridor were searched to discover some mage spiders that were quickly slain by a throwing hammer, crossbow bolt and a sword wielding Ragnar. Skrogg thought he could hear noises behind him, but was mistaken. A small chest of treasure was found and opened. Inside was a key that could become useful. The next room was an empty closet.

Off the large mirrored hallway (now being shone with a candle) a bedroom was discovered with an ogre dressed as a woman in the bed. Ragnar strode forth and cleaved the beast in twain with one swipe slaying the beast instantly. Azimi won the bed that Kurin and Thorsgrim paid up. A body of the old woman was found up the fireplace. Otherwise empty.

A room containing two wraiths were discovered, but these were destroyed by Thorsgrim with a wave of his hammer and the power of Thor. Outside 11 skeletons randomly turned up only to be destroyed by Ragnar and Thorsgrim. The skeletons basically turned to dust at their sight.

The next room was a ghostly kitchen where the heroes followed the ghostls to a banquet hall where a feast was laid out with named cards for everyone. Only Kurin and Stargard refused to sit and eat. Everyone else tucked in and then the randomness happened. Several courses were eaten each with an effect. Wounds were healed. Hit points given by the soup. Skrogg was now starving, everyone else was now immune to the effects of starvation. Everyone didn’t die and now had +4 saves vs poison. Ragnar could now ESP once a week. And finally the entire group were now as drunk as lords.

The heroes stumbled from the table and room and encounted a room with 12 cat people. After refusing to leave and being drunken belligerent the cat people attacked scratching Azimi, but were all slain in return. As the group were so drunk, no spells could be cast and had large penalties on trying to hit anything. Azimi did actually slay a beast in combat with her staff. Skrogg began to look for chicken as he was hungry and only found money. The group sat down and began to have a short rest as they were quite drunk. Kurin (with eyes rolling) and Stargard stood guard.

Day ends after a brief snooze & Skrogg yet again complaining that he was hungry.


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