Mystara and the Path to Immortality

Punish the poor

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 30

As much as Azimi likes to report of success the latest escapade sat uncomfortably in her stomach.

The heroes did arrive in the military town of Heldemar, broken into districts (skyships, military, stockade, the pit where they burrowed out of, a civilian sector and the unfortunately re-education centre), contact was made through the staff to Mr Immortal Rheddrian who asked them to carry on and confirmation that magic didn’t work properly. Azimi was forced to speak Elven to communicate. The priests of Thor and Dwarven Immortal had to work very hard to receive their spells.

In a couple of weeks they were asked to go out and pacify a Nogata? something village to evaluate their skills. Poor peasant Skrogg disapproved along with Kurin and contemplated desertion. However, being lawful types they had agreed to go so their word is their bond. The local Neathar tribe apparently had been resisting the lawful and just (cough) Aegarian crusade and needed to be captured and re-educated. Thanks to Azimi’s navigation skill the path to the village was found.

As they approached Sven understood their language who had said “intruders” and four warriors approached the heroes an the accompanying arm fellows (all wearing red). Sven communicated the displeasure of seeing only stone weapons and no armour by shooting the front runner in the head with his heavy crossbow. The other warriors attacked as more village warriors armed themselves. Azimi courageously flew up into the air to avoid any unfortunate spear accidents. Thorsgrim blessed everyone. The heroes set about themselves with great joy knocking out all the village warriors who came at them. The regular army red shirts where having a very difficult time and Azimi began to throw dust into the air putting some to sleep with powerful sleep spells. After 17 slumped to the ground asleep, and the heroes knocked out many the rest of the warriors fled. However, the villages had released six dinosaur riding warriors at the party. These were big beasts with very sharp teeth. The sergeant incharge of this operation ordered that the villages be stopped from fleeing. As Azimi flew in the air she using magic unseen by the stone age village caused a mighty wall of fire some 200 yards long to trap the villages as the dinosaurs began to chomp at the party. Ragnar received a mighty wound causing everyone to gasp at the large teeth marks. Skrogg began to bash one to submission, likewise Ragnar. Kurin and Thorsgrim set to work chopping and hewing at the big beasts. Seeing the danger everyone now faced, Azimi cast a haste spell on her friends, but before it could take effect Ragnar was chopped, and scratched to unconsciousness. An extra beast had eaten a red shirt and had turned it’s attention onto Ragnar as well. The blurring swords of Sven and Thorsgrim finally bashed down their beast before, Thorsgrim rushed to the aid of Ragnar with a Cureall Spell. Skrogg bashed his dinosaur unconscious, as the rider above fell off and died of a broken neck. Kurin chopped his down as Azimi’s polymorph spell failed to work. As only two beasts were left they remaining dinosaurs were attacked from all sides. But as Ragnar arose from the ground the dinosaur popped him into it’s mouth and then began to do the same to Thorsgrim with out much fuss. Luckily Skrogg was there to knock his second beast out as Brother Stargard rushed up to ask if Thorgrim was wall right. With a display of gore, Ragnar with his head and neck inside the beast swung his sword four times and chopped the dinosaurs head clean off wearing the head and neck of the dinosaur like a great helm. The Rider fell off breaking his neck.

The village was rounded up after the wounds were seen too, by Thorsgrim and Kurin who could now almost cure all but death. The villages were led back to Heldemar for re-education much to the distress of Skrogg. Arriving back at Heldemar after a week of military drill and stupidity wearing short kilts the cleric accompanying them down to the hollow world had vanished, taking some gnomish tunnel digger craft and the heroes were brought into account. After being ridiculously questioned by officers the Alphatians agreed that the heroes new nothing of his vanishing. Obviously, the officers could no longer bear the worshipers of Thor attempting to convert them. The heroes were asked to go out a find trace of him. Thankfully after a day of walking through the jungle, a skyship “The Tipsy Tyrant” was used to likewise fail to find his whereabouts. The captain was a magic user and most of the crew marines were elves.

Arriving back to report their failure, they waited at Haldemar for their next mission, the lieutenant came running over saying that the they were about to be attacked by Heldannic flying vessels (warbirds) that look very cool and were hovering towards the outpost.

To action stations!

Mission down there

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 29

The heroes sailed into the port most of the ship births were empty. Thanks to the quick speaking of Sven he was able to communicate with the locals and it was decided to travel to the palace to discover what mystery was up and how to solve it. After walking through the city of Aegos, Skrogg was pick pocketed before directions were gathered and an expensive it was paid for by Azimi who was forced to drink milk as the vikings quaffed wine and placed the empty vessels on their heads.

After directions were given to the Palace a chariot was sent and Azimi left to discover what was what. After speaking to the prince Azimi enlisted the other heroes into the army so they could explore the world without hassel. Skrogg was most put out as he was the least paid. The following morning they were sent a caravan that would take them into the hinterland. Several other individuals were sent as well including a cleric with a two handed sword by the name of Keltor.

As the caravans traveled down the road uneventfully for several days Sven spotted several huge foot prints nearby. As he investigated, three trolls emerged from the forest side and closed to within 40 yards until someone noticed that their cup of water began to shake. Of course looking up they saw the three trolls approach, but one was a mighty beast at least twice the height of a regular troll. Kurin and Skrogg engaged one troll as Keltor and the other mercenaries attacked the troll coming from the rear flank as the remainder faced the massive beast approaching from the side of the wagon train. Azimi sent a mighty fireball only to watch it explode with almost little damage on the mighty beast. Sven shot it as Ragnar, Stargard, and Thorsgrim attacked it. It wrenched the armour of Ragnar, as he and brother Stargard spinning the mighty staff struck it mightily. The beasts wounds (except for the fireball) closed at an alarming rate. As Skrogg and Kurin stuck the smaller troll down, Thorsgrim froze it with a hold spell. Azimi attempted to Freeze the large beast with a Hold Monster spell only to see it ignore it easily. The great beast tore at Brother Stargard, but he was miraculously healed by a Cureall spell from Thorsgrim. Sven after turning invisible returned to backstab the beast, only to see it turn to face him. Ragnar the hero interposed himself receiving more mighty wounds. Azimi blasted the beast with her now famous Fire fingers injuring it. As the beast turned back to the little people bothering it, Throsgrim again Curealled Ragnar, as Sven, Skrogg, Kurin, Ragnar and Stargard all bashed the beast to the ground. It’s wounds closed with amazing quickness (except for the fire damage of course), causing a initiative race to see who could bash the creature down before it could rise again. Azimi jumped off the caravan and drew a summoning circle and soon began to summon a Fire Elemental. The Fire elemental under the direct control of Azimi began to burn the big beast. Ragnar, Skrogg and Kurin ran towards the remaining troll bashing it down. The elemental soon burnt through all the trolls and was dispelled back to it’s own plane by Azimi.

Tracks from the beast led to a lair nearby, where a pile of copper, gold and odd treasure was found, this was retrieved and sent back to the caravans. The caravans continued on their way back to the hinterlands. Arriving at a military outpost where a huge tunnel had been dug and some kind of cabled boxes were being lowered down. The heroes were ordered to travel down. The “elevator” ride took some time passing through molten lava before, weightlessness and then reversing and carrying down all the way to a underground world called hollow world. A Lieutenant something met the enlisted heroes and began a debrief. They were informed that magic didn’t work the same down there with no hold, divination, transportation or summoning spells working. Azimi silently wept a tear as almost all her useful spells stopped working. A history of how Hollow world was discovered and currently threats to the Alphatian empire included the native stone weapon wielding people and of course the Thyatian Empire. Specific mention of their Skyships was mentioned, and like many american movies, no script plot points are wasted.

We are sailing

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 28

As the brave x heroes of Ravenholm sailed from the village, waving goodbye to the well wishes they traveled down the coast with incredibly favourable winds powered by the concentrating Azimi who sat in the bow. After a days travel they arrived at the docks of Brinsforth (made new and shiny by magic) and were greeted by Rollo the seneschal who invited heroes with a wide range of titles to a feast in the great hall. Of course almost all the standing army of Brinsforth were on hand to provide an escort. But who could not be impressed with 40 men at arms. The Jarldom of Brinsforth put on a substantial feast as honour provided with Azimi having to foot the bill. The next day was the public holiday where Azimi teleported back to the Royal Palace to act as Thorhella again publicly.

The Thor’s Holy Wrath left sailing down the coast towards Ylaraum and then began to sail across the Great Western ocean towards Thyatis. In Thyatis controlled Ylaraum, Tel Akhir, Sven picked up more information from his spy ring as Azimi purchased some comfortable cushions. It was also reported that apparently the Heldannic Knights invaded Ethengar slaughtering Ethengarian encampments. After dealing with the Ethengar during the Crown of Ancient Glory (and kidnapping of Svens twins) the wolves just shrugged their shoulders and basically said “cool”.

On the way the navigation went slightly off with a short detour but soon could see the Thyatian continent ahead of them. Unfortunately, 5 War Galleys were spotted, but with Azimi controlling the wind they were easily out run as the Thors Holy Wrath sailed towards the port of West Portage. A dragon turtle was spotted with the brave heroes not deciding to attack a floating steam breathing island and avoided any combat.

At the West Portage (in Tthyatis controlled Isle of Dawn), maps were purchased, and more information about world political events were picked up. A bunch of Glantrians were assassinated by some very high level magic users in the disguise of Alphatia. This triggered some bemused looks as when assassinating you don’t wear clothes advertising who you are. This was reported to Rheddian via the staff Brother Starkad carried.

The Thor’s Holy Wrath sailed along the coastline towards the town of Yin Tang on the island of Ochalea. Again at the docks Sven met with some plain individuals and reported that more political maneuvering has been taking place. Apparently the Glantrians demanded justice from Alphatia. Surprisingly the Emperor of Thyatis stuck his oar into the mix blaming Alphatia for the death of the Gilantrian emissaries. Henceforth they would not allow Alphatia to to extend her teritorial holdings. Resting after their long voyage, it’s now 8th of Ambyrmont 1004AC, Thorsgrim, Ragnar and Kurin all fell sick without the ability to cast spells as their gods abandoned them for a brief period (one week). Azimi had teleported home after spending almost 2 months at sea in a perfectly weatherly, mostly dry boat. Azimi rejoined them at the end of the week, and with Sven brought more bad news, Asterius’s temples had been burned in Alphatia which had been blamed on Glantrian Elves, but like in General Torenals murder ( Thorsgrims Story) their memory had been altered. Also the Glantrians who had been blamed for his murder had escaped but in doing so had half destroyed the Alphatian air ship armada in Aasla (Alphatia) and most of the City, along with its population.

They continued sailing towards Aegos, but encountered 4 water Elemental’s who destroyed the Elemental blowing their ship. As the elemental’s attacked Ragnar strode out to hit one and they rushed to attack and miss him and Kurin, and were unable to even affect Azimi (thanks to the staff). Thorsgrim with a magical dispel evil, dissipated one, and the three remaining fled, thanks to the spell. Azimi zapped one most cruelly with magical fire bolts which caused much steam.

The Thors Holy Wrath eventually pulled into the empty docks of Aegopoli, capitol of Aegos, news had spread and Sven confirmed the worst, Glantri, the Heldannic Knights and Thyatis were now at war with Alphatia. With the two greatest political powers now at war, the world was going to the dogs… 19th Ambyrmont 1004AC.


Adventure hiatus
Somethings in the wind.

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 27

After a four year hiatus the Heroes gathered again in the now booming town of Ravenholm to discuss their exploits and catch up on the gab of 4 years. Much had changed, Ravenholm had grown to some 266 families, only a small dwarven community remained, but the fleet of Olaf Pin-leg now consisted of 3 Dragonships. (Not counting Ragnar’s THORS HOLY WRATH).

Talk was heavy as events of the past were told, of foes defeated, family rescued, murder, marriage and heroism. But the stories also told of an evil wind was blowing, for empires were at each others throats and Vestland sits in the middle.
The PCs will augment their development in their own stories

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 26

As wine and mead were ordered a visitor they last saw some almost 4 years ago appeared at the door to the tavern, Rheddrian the ex green man from behind the shiny mirror. He appeared to be well recovered and apologized as he cast detection spells and warding spells to stop from being magically spied upon.

He revealed that all was not well in the realms and several immortals are involved as the whole nature of Mystara was at stake as magic was being drained from the world. He asked the heroes to investigate (of course being good “guys” they readily agreed). He suggested that they first investigate a land called Aegos (south of the Isle of Dawn, some 2200miles away) where something was up.

It was agreed that in three days hence they would meet to travel together in THORS HOLY WRATH (Ragnars Dragonship) towards the island. Azimi, known publicly as Thorhella, promised to sit with her legs crossed in a meditative state controlling the winds allowing for smooth passage towards the far off land land….

The King is Returned
We Won

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 25

As Skrogg the foolish ran down toward the obvious ambush, suddenly the invisibility spell protecting the remaining members vanished as the crown took command of the king and announced clearly that it would no longer live in darkness and let there be light. Ragnar also moved with all haste towards the ambushes as Kurin using his Hold person spell froze two of the robes figures waiting near the cart. Thorsgrim cast a Bless spell blessing those not in combat as Azimi moved forward to cast Haste on everyone except for Sven who was too far ahead and had just backstabbed a crossbowman silently. The crossbowmen from either side of the building let fly into the combat hitting Skrogg and Ragnar but also hitting their friends. Several bolts were fired at the king where Thorsgrim and Kurin bravely put themselves in harms way. Azimi then cast a protection from Normal missiles causing several missiles latter to miss the future king.

Sven chopped down his crossbowman he was fighting to then watch as Ragnar butchered a fellow with his long axe. Skrogg noodled his, as Kurin attacked the platemail wearing fellow off to the side. Thorsgrim cast hold person into the middle of the combat again. Azimi moved towards the side of the building and put a Fireball into the building killing two outright and setting one on fire.

Sven moved down the line striking another crossbowman before he could act as Skrogg hacked the burning crossbowman to death efficiently. Ragnar as happy as a pig in mud butchered another fellow near the wagon. Thorsgrim sprinting round the side of the plate mail wearing fellow to bash him in the head slaying him outright. Kurin ran between the two ruined buildings hiding the crossbowmen screaming dwarf profanities. The two remaining crossbowmen seeing that Skrogg was near shot at him, hitting once before having another slain.

Ragnar left the cart and ran round the building slaying the crossbowman fighting Sven as he ran past, to stand below the building where two crossbowmen were bravely sending bolts at Azimi who was now taunting them. Sven climbed up the building beside the archers to attempt to get a shot at them himself. As Skrogg prepared to slay the final crossbowman, Thorsgrim with beard flying rushed up to “steal the kill again” and finished the crossbowman. Ragnar attempted to set the building below the Crossbowmen on fire as the reloaded. Sven fired his crossbow but missed. Ragnar gave up and cut the building supports down and dived out the way as the building came crashing down. With barely an action he the beheaded on unfortunate crossbowman as the other was soon butchered.

On a whim the party then began whether to search the stone burial ground, but eventual watched as Kurin using a dragon, two wheels and a beam from the Ragnar destroyed building created a pully system to open up the heavy slab all by himself. As this occurred the final of the held guards were slain, by the ever mean Sven and somewhat controlled Skrogg. Inside the tomb thanks to the Detect spell from Azimi a magical ring, hammer and shield were found.

The heroes continued towards the Ruthin monastery, a huge array of troops could be seen and as they had the heir, the crown and evidence of Duke Cullin’s guilt they were let through and the Count was declared guilty and a warrant for his death was signed, by the royal council. The Heroes immediately agreed to track the fellow down. With Azimi’s telling them where he was heading (thanks to the crystal ball) and borrowed horses they began the race towards the Dancing Damsel Inn. Stargard, Ragnar, Skrogg and Thorsgrim went in the main doors as Kurin and Sven waited by the other. Azimi waited outside the kitchen door.

Skrogg burst in immediately spotting the Duke and saying that he was a dead man, blah blah etc. The Duke and his two cronies stood up and backed themselves into the corner and prepared to be attacked. Ragnar strode up and parried badly only to be wounded in return. Brother Stargard lept onto the table as Skrogg and Thorsgrim approached. Stargard received a wound but struck out in return, Skrogg strode under the table to attack as Thorsgrim from the side. Unfortunately, Sven burst into the room hearing of the fight and fired at the Duke, missing and hitting his friend Ragnar first and stunning him. More wounds were received by brother Stargard. Azimi finally burst into the room and began to utter a spell, with much of a surprise a hold person spell froze both of the duke’s retainers and the duke himself who all fell over. Anti climatic! As debate raged about tying the duke up for justice later, Sven took his head ending the debate. The duke’s body and equipment were taken as they began the ride back to Ruthin Monastery for the crowning in the morning.

In the morning in the centre room, all the nobles of the realm were arranged as the crown was placed on the head of Gegorian the monk and named him Tenitar, king of Vestland. The heroes were asked to come forward to receive titles unheard of for lowly adventurers.

  • Jarl Sven, dominion of Vander Piett and Darnen.
  • Jarl Kurin, named the Brave and True, dominion for his people in Finhagen.
  • Jarl Skrogg, named the The Mighty, dominion for his people in Krenholm.
  • Jarl Azimi, named Magist of Vestland Court, dominion of Brinsforth.
  • Lord Ragnar, named Holy Warrior of Thor, Dragonship: “THOR’S Holy Wrath”

Finally Thorsgrim, was in fact the brother of Tenitar the king and now has his noble name of Prince Tendar, The Black Prince, Duke of Norrland (previously Estine), Lord of Seaforth Tower and also the Pious. Other rewards were given, but Azimi forgot as she was named as Baroness of Brinforth and given royal warrant to be Magist of the Vestland court, council member of the school of magic. Brother Stargard was also revealed to be the bodyguard of Prince Tendar (Thorsgrim).

Much celebrations occurred.

All hail the king, All hail the king!!!!!

Heir Tripping

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 24

As the party climbed the spiral staircase they discovered a large circular chamber with many pillars surrounding a glowing globe. Expecting an Ala the Sea Hag attack they immediately fanned out. Ala, lurking behind a pillar was finally spotted by Brother Starkad (hereby known as “speed”). Brother Starkad ran up vaulting over the large wolf protecting the Witch and struck her with a blow. In return a lightning bolt was fired from her wand, ricochetting off the wall and striking him again. As luck would have it he was mystically protected from attacks and only suffered minor injuries. Before long, both Kurin and Ragnar ran up to join the fray. Sven had slipped along the wall and fired one of his few remaining amazing crossbow bolts to hit the Witch as attempted to become invisible. Skrogg started running forward as Thorsgrim with his Truesight saw that the witch was invisible and not teleported away rushed in to swing and miss. The large wolf turned out to be a Hell hound and breathed fire on the lot of everyone. Brother Starkad’s mystic abilities saved him as he backwards flipped over the hound to hit it twice in the but. Kurin seeing that Thorsgrim had hit something swung and hit with amazing accuracy, dropping the witch dead. Ragnar moved to miss the hell hound as Brother Stargard again struck it from behind as Kurin finished it off from the front with his hammer.

With the truesight Thorsgrim was able to identify that the glowing crystal ball was in fact just a glass ball and several labelled potions were not what they were labelled. The door to the witches room was picked by Sven who revealed a sleeping Gregorian on a pellet. Thorsgrim guided by wisdom beyond his stupid appearance, immediately placed the Sorona crown on Gregorian who shock and woke to have his mind clear and the witch who had apparently Magic Jarred his mind cast out with a cry. It was decided to leave the silly place after stealing some more gems and money and leaving towards their boat.

Ragnar agreed to captain the Black something boat and both were sailed off from the Island. After sometime away a figure suddenly appeared and flew down to the boat. The returning Azimi with news of the rescue of some of Sven’s children. Thorsgrim using the truesight confirmed that Gregorian was what he said he was and Azimi continued to act as navigator supreme and guided both vessels towards Norrvik bay. A Ghost ship was seen, but everyone, except for Azimi, just stared to watch. Azimi hid under a shield. As their boats approached the dock in Norrvik fjord, a vessel was spotted coming out of the mist. A plan was hatched and Kurin mounted his dragon as Azimi cast protection from Normal missiles on it. Kurin rode the beast towards the ship and banking several times breathed its fire, soon destroying and sinking the boat. It was not so much a battle but an execution. Kurin was grazed by several missiles. As the boat became a funeral pyre in the water they landed at the docks and met a man who had brought their horses down from seaforth bay. As it was near night they decided to camp. To protect Gregorian, Azimi cast Invisibility on him and everyone went to sleep. Ragnar, being alert during his watch, spotted someone attempting to execute Azimi during her sleep, stood over her and parried the mighty attack. Thus giving time for Skrogg, Thorsgrim, Stargard and Sven to attack (or backstab) the unfortunate sea captain of the sunk vessel. He was dispatched with much vigor as Azimi crawled away.

The next morning, Azimi under the cunnning guidance of Kurin and Skrogg made the entire party invisible and they crept off towards the monastery. On the way they encountered a group of monks who were blocking the path with a broken cart. Looking like an obvious trap Sven and Skrogg crept off to see the trap with crossbowmen waiting to trap the party. It was decided that they would leave the ambush and walk around it. Unfortunately, Skrogg decided to attack and launch the ambush on the Ambushers…

Azimi still feels that Skrogg’s death is an acceptable loss and avoid the whole incident, but obviously others are more noble. Surely mere Monks are no match for Skrogg, fearless Hin warrior!!

The Witches Lair

As the heroes emerged from the Den of the lizard men, the corridor continued to a cross shaped junction. Immediately the cries of Trap could be heard as the two stalwart clerics hidden under shields carefully advanced. With no real surprise 6 trolls attempted to jump out and surprise the heroes who coward under the protection of the shields. The beasts flailed futilely against the shields and Warhammers only to be splattered by the flaming Axe that flew over the head of Kurin and split the troll a twain. Other taunts were made by the remaining few hiding behind the shield wall. During the next round a troll grabbed Thorsgirm and pulled him away from the shield wall and broke the wall dynamic. Kurin hacked his, Thorsgrim bashed his as Brother Stargard kicked and hit the nearest troll. As Thorsgrim was taken down by the troll, Brother Stargard flipped over the heads of the trolls to land several lusty blows allowing, Kurin slid through the legs of another to hit it in the groin with his hammer. Ragnar merrily chopped another down. Suddenly up the stairs rushed Skrogg who viciously hack a troll in the right flank. Brother Stargard leaped onto a head of a troll and began to saw at its neck as Kurin crunched it’s side and Thorsgrim the other side. The beast dropped still. Ragnar split another in twain again. As the process of hack the regenerating trolls began. As each troll attempted to stand it was hacked down before Ragnar and the essential axe hacked it still. All Six trolls were down before the heroes began to search the level to find nothing but a troll chambers before climbing the stair upwards.
The first room upstairs, was unlocked by Sven who discovered several lockers and a well equipped dormitory. As Sven, Skrogg and Ragnar searched the room, Brother Stargard, Kurin were not surprised by some Plate mail wearing fighter clanked up the corridor to attack. Thorsgrim stood in moot surprise. A fighter armed with a broadsword waded into Brother Stargard striking lightly as Kurin blocked the remaining two and received mighty wounds. Surprisingly Brother Stargard did completely ignore sense and effectively grapple the fighter, grabbing him. Without thought the fighter attempted hacked brother most effectively before being taken down. Thorsgrim froze the two remaining fighters with a word, before Ragnar and Skrogg rushed up to hack at the fighter now being forced to grapple Brother Stargard. Sven healed Kurin with a magical missile before joining the fray as an executioner with his sword at the frozen two fighters. The fighter wrestling Brother Stargard was forced to discard his sword and wrestle instead heaving him up, but the chopping of Ragnar and Skrogg continued. Next round Brother Stargard managed to take him down again as the Chopping from Skrogg finally finished the encounter. Sven demonstrated how to execute the remaining held fighters. Their room was searched.
Down the corridor the next room was unlocked as it appeared to be the entranceway of a throne room. Thorsgrim uttered his true sight spell and looked around. The others went through an entranceway to see a 60’ foot snake. Soon all were engaged, by a poisonous gas attack and either jumped at the creature (brother Stargard) or hacked like Ragnar and Skrogg. Sven was too afraid to go in, but could still see the snake. As the fight continued all remained except for Sven saying that Thorsgrim had been slain by the snake and all was lost. Everytime he attempted to reload his crossbow the bolt was removed from the socket. Eventually he was subdued by Thorsgrim who revealed that it was all a mighty illusion, but instead a bed. No one was dead and everyone was ok. Ragnar had smashed one of the bed posts with his Axe and Stargard was sitting on the top of the four poster bed. The room was examined showing a Throne, Bed and golden harp. Under the guidance of the true sight Thorsgrim revealed that the Harp and Throne were very powerful, but extremely chaotic. Sense prevailed and no one touched either. An attempt was made to smash the harp, but it completely defeated such a mundane way.

Day ends.

Azimi to the rescue.
Story depicting the rescue attempt made for Sven's children.

The following is one sided account of the rescue attempt made by Azimi for Sven Silkbeard’s children.

Azimi’s Journal9

This account is real and verifiable from very reliable sources
28th Klarmont 1001

In search of the Sea Witch
In which the heroes try to find a witch

The Chronicles of Ragnar Part Sixteen

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 23

After defeating the Guards the Heroes entered The Wail Tavern to find themselves a crew. With the help of Captain Thurman (and a fair amount of Guldan), ten men were found to sail the Red Raven. Just about ready to depart, the Heroes wondered what to do about their horses. Thor must have been listening as they were approached by a man named Colgrim who offered to transport their horses to Ruathin (for some more Guldan of course…) and offered some advice. He said that Thurman was a good man and trustworthy and his ship the best around. He also said that Ala the Sea Witch had been here in her pitch black boat not a few days before. The black sail displayed a red coiled serpent and she had an inhuman crew, maybe some scaly skinned trolls. He also mentioned that her island home, Narvendul, moves around so may be tricky to find. The heroes thanked old Colgrim and set sail to find Ala the Sea Witch of Narvendul. Using the Sorona, Thorsgrim pointed to the east and said in his Sorona inspired voice “Go East 14 and North 2”. Looking at the map, the Heroes plotted a course. The journey was hazardous to say the least. The first day had strong winds and large waves making both Sven and Skrogg quite ill. A lightning storm in the distance gave the crew a light show to watch but also a scare as a black sailed Ghost ship came sailing out of it! Thanks be to Thor, it sailed right on by and left the Red Raven in peace. The next day was worse with a full blown storm hitting the Red Raven, but with skilful captaincy and much bailing the ship pulled through undamaged. However, the storm had caused the heroes to veer from their course and it took much of the day to get back in the right direction. With the weather much more calm, the Red Raven came across a Thyatian Galley floating on the sea with sails tattered and looking quite abandoned. Thinking it a wreck from the storm the Heroes boarded it to search for survivors or salvage. There was no-one on board, but signs indicated a hasty departure with unfinished meals on tables and little damage. Clearly this was more than a storm wreck. Finding the Captains cabin and his log the mystery deepened. The ship had taken a cargo of a single box, odd in itself, but during the voyage then crew began to get unwell and eventually die. The Captain, too, eventually succumbing to the illness. Where were the bodies? The heroes went to the cargo hold to discover the gruesome remains of the crew. Bodies littered the floor and in the middle of the carnage stood the box. Stealing themselves against the smell and sight of the rotting crew, the heroes moved to investigate the box. Thorsgrim with his holy symbol and Kurin with his protection from energy drain approached the box. As they neared it a voice was heard behind Sven, who quickly ran down the stairs into the cargo hold. The voice belonged to an accursed Vampire who had clearly killed the crew. The unnatural beast wanted the heroes to transport him to his destination. Naturally the heroes declined to help. The bodies on the floor started to get up, apparently the Vampire had some Ghoul-Friends. Thorsgrim showed the Vampire the power of THOR and he fled in a gaseous cloud, but not before Sven attempted to shoot the fiend. With much gusto the heroes got stuck into the ghouls. Ragnar with his axe, Kurin with his Dragon-Hammer, Skrogg with sword and shield, Sven with sword and Thorsgrim with his holy symbol. Soon the foul undead lay more dead. The box was investigated and found to contain dirt, obviously the coffin and resting place of the vampire. The heroes tipped the dirt out to find some coins and proceeded to prep the ship for a burning. Thorsgrim’s Holy Symbol and the power of Thor kept the vampire away from the heroes and on the burning boat. The curses of the beast could be heard as the ship burnt and sank. One more servant of Darkness defeated and sent to the netherworld where it belongs.
The heroes continued their voyage in search of the wandering Island and soon, as predicted by the Sorona, a small island with a castle on top of it was spied in the distance. No way in could be seen, except for the front door, which would involve a tricky swim and climb. As the heroes pondered this, a secret entrance in the rock was revealed to them. Either Thor or the Sorona had dispelled the illusion covering a sea cave under the castle. Not needing a second invitation, the heroes sailed the Red Raven into the cave and discovered a harbour of sorts. Moored to a wooden dock was a pitch black ship with a black sail displaying a coiled red serpent. This was indeed the Sea Witch’s ship. Unfortunately the area was crawling with green scaled lizard men (maybe the inhuman crew talked about back on the mainland?), so naturally a battle ensued. The lizard men were no match for the Wolves of Ravenholm and soon the cave lay quiet except for the lapping of the sea against the dock.
Where to from here? What other guardians will the Sea Witch have? Stayed tuned for next episode when you’ll hear Kurin say “I never thought I could be healed by an arrow…”

The Fake Duke

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 22

As the heroes emerged from the spiral staircase, they immediately noticed a guard wearing plate mail armour waiting by a door. The Guard typically responded with a “hey, wot use do’in”. Skrogg, Kurin and Ragnar bounded forward to engage. Amazingly Skrogg kept missing as the guard was wounded by Kurin who was splatted in return. Azimi and Sven moved to cover the corridor in case of emergency. Thorsgirm stayed on the stairs with Brother Stargard. With no surprise three heavily armoured guards emerged around the corner only to be shot by Azimi’s lightning bolt which bounced off the walls hitting the guards three times. Azimi, unfortunately, was also hit by the deadly electricity and collapsed sideways with her limbs twitching with shock. The bolt of lighting and accompanying “womp, crack” blew the first guard into pieces and seriously wounded the second. The third guard was unharmed. Sven’s crossbow bolt hit the wounded guards leg as he hobbled up the corridor. The unharmed guard charged down to join the melee at the end. More wounds were given to the mighty Kurin as Ragnar turned to face this new threat. All looked grim until Sven cut down the seriously wounded guard and brother Stargard, proving that you can’t parry a punch, began to beat the crap out of the guard fighting Ragnar. Brother Stargard had distracted the guard enough for Ragnar to butcher him as Kurin and Scrogg finally dispatched the door guard. Azimi got up from her “resting” position and announced that she had an ouchie. Kurin looked mightily wounded as well. Many cold compresses and magical healings were used.

The ex guarded door was picked by Sven revealing a trophy room with a glass cabinet with a sign saying do not touch, the cabinet seemed to protect a beautiful heavy crossbow. Despite Sven not finding any traps and the magical wand seeming to point to a magical trap the glass was broken and the crossbow was retrieved. All was fine until the coughing began as a 4 highly hidden and suspected magical crossbow bolts were hidden. As the heroes decided to evacuate the room, Sven dropped dead from the poison gas. Kurin breathing normally casually dragged him out. Thorsgrim proved his magical worth declaring that he was only mostly dead and got Sven back to his feat with a hearty slap and prayer to Thor.

Going around the corner Azimi had cast her ESP listening spell to hear three people thinking behind one door. The corridor contained nothing but a magical spear. A plan was hatched to burst open the door and freeze the people inside. The door was open to reveal a Duke of Estine figure who began to monologue but stopped very quickly as a bolt from Sven hit him, but didn’t kill him (even with the special sauce Azimi had applied to the bolt beforehand). Skrogg rushed into the room only to be surprised by two platemail wearing dagger and shortsword experts who cut Skrogg a new hole. Both these two individuals froze and collapsed under the power of Thor. The “Duke” resisted being a goldfish as he said “I surrender”, before attempting to turn invisible. Azimi realizing the danger pressed her wand button to display the flaming fool attempting to rush past everyone. He was even more surprised by Thorsgrim tackling him. Kurin attempted to neutralize him with his hammer as Skrogg and Ragnar subdued him. Azimi just sent bolts of fire into him. As the unconscious “duke” was tied up and searched, the heroes left to search more opening the dukes personal quarters and discovering that indeed the keys by the “duke” didn’t actually fit the dukes locks. Several secrete cupboards and hidey holes were found with a variety of magical treasures detected. A magical Lance was discovered and magical Splint mail and shields.

The Duke was revived to discover that he was just the impostor and bodyguard “Barak”. With the crown on his head Thorsgrim revealed some more secrets saying that we had to travel to an Island with “Nav something” to hunt for the Sea Witch Alda who had kidnapped the heir and the heroes needed to get the boat of the Sailor who was accompanying them. Luckily all this was solved by the party beforehand.

The Heroes rested in the castle identifying items and receiving healing. The impostor Barak was locked in chains and stored in the cells awaiting transport to “Rolf” the royal guardsman for official disposal as Azimi’s plan to drop him several thousand feet into the air above Ravenholm was frowned upon by the lawful types.

Leaving the castle, The heroes traveled down the warn path to where the crew of the Red Raven were being held as “guests” in a Tavern, guarded by some tough looking dudes. Before the fight, the Heroes were hasted and several hold spells were cast paralyzing 4 of the guards and the one remaining was butchered. The Paralyzed fools were kicked off the pier into the water to drown.

Day ends with the heroes about to enter the tavern to attempt to gain the crew for the Red Raven.


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