Mystara and the Path to Immortality

Unite the Clans

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 44

The heroes under the guidance of Azimi managed to speak to the council of Sharmans about getting to speak to all the tribes. However, before that each member was assigned a spirit animal who would guide and help protect them.
Skrogg – a Salamander
Azimi – a Rattlesnake
Thorsgrim – A Fish
Ragnar – a Lion
Fergus – a Hermit Crab
Kurin – a Badger

The sharmen used a fire to gate to the council of sharmen and then said that they all could travel to the tent city of all the tribes.

On the way the observant Skrogg and Throsgrim noticed as they rode their horses across the prairie four flying shapes heading their way. Fergus after being alerted flew into the clouds and saw that they were indeed dragons of the green variety. The others spotted that they were dragons, but didn’t see their colour until much later.

As the dragons flew to probably menace the group, Fergus flew high and true using his famous lance to strike the side of a winged beast. It roared with pain and flew after the pesky Griffon and its rider.

The remaining three dragons flew to attack the heroes who had spread out and cast a variety of preparation spells. One dragon suddenly froze in the air and crash landed near the dwarf. Two others breathed on the group of Azimi, Stargard and Ragnar. Azimi turned herself into a statue to save herself from save and die. Ragnar took the brunt and activated his flying component of his sword. Skrogg with his little bow shot one who now looked at Skrogg as a tasty meal.

The dragon chasing Fergus gave up, banked round and flew to attack Kurin who steadforthly spread his legs and hued the great beasts underbelly as it swooped to attack, slaying the beast.

Ragnar flew at the dragon hovering overhead and hacked mightily. As the Dragon flew over Skrogg breathing more terrible gas, Fergus’s lance again hit it in the side, but the bow of Skrogg shot the beast in the eye slaying it outright. Skrogg causally stepped out the way as the beast twitched at his feet. The Beast fighting the flying Ragnar suddenly seemed to be stunned as Ragnar hacked it’s head off with his magical sword.

Meanwhile the dwarf Kurin butchered the remaining frozen dragon. The heroes continued toward the meeting tent place. There Azimi again convinced the Tribes to unite against the Desert Nomads. However a challenge was laid down by the Tiger tribe who then watched Ragnar wielding two swords defeat their champion in 20 seconds. The Tribes agreed to unite and were informed the closest of the invaders were down the escarpment with lots of supply lines.

Drawing a circle of power, Azimi teleported the heroes to Norrvik and then to the Soderfjord Jarldoms. There the King welcomed Queens and Princes. But one Robed Nomad ambassador dismissed the claims of the Heroes. So enraged, Fergus challenged him to a dual. The wizard accepted only to see the following morning a flying Fergus ignoring a death spell and begin to hack at his mirror images. The wizard then attempted to use a illusion to escape and then invisibility. Using the ring of seeing, Fergus saw through these cowardly attempts to flew and flew after hacking at the wizard. The wizard though protected by a stoneskin spell was mightily wounded by a the striking spell that had been cast by Thorsgrim and soon perished. His companions claimed bitterly that the heroes had cheated, but the king only saw the attempts to flew and cowardness and had the nomads seized. The king agreed to send troops to the aid of Darokin his dreaded longboats.

Day ends

Crystal Thingie gained

As yet another halfing feast continued Skrogg was summoned off to receive vast information on how to become a halfling immortal. The PCs prepared to travel to Darokin to ambush and attempt to capture the remaining crystal piece.

Azimi using the power of the crystal ball discovered the whereabouts and then scoped a DZ in the now ruined city of Akesoli. The party teleported in (just) and then hid in a ruined house while Azimi attempted to locate to precise location of the cyrstal and its holders. It revealed that the crystal was being carried by a cleric (plate and mace giveaway) in charge of an elite guard of calvary. A plan was hatched to fly in a might, kill, slay and steal.

Meanwhile a herd of camels went past.

The heroes flew off toward the enemy encampment, with Fergus the griffin, Ragnar being made invisible. Throsgrim turned into gas and snuck under the tent to see the enemy commander at his desk with the dagger piece nearby. Fergus flew up and down but appeared visible as he burst through the doors, and immediately attacked the cleric with his lance stabbing downwards. Ragnar joined in, past the surprised guards. Skrogg crashed outside as Kurin engaged two elite guards outside. Azimi attempted to freeze the tent with the two black robed wizards.

Fergus again stabbed the cleric stopping the immediate attempted “oh shit spell”, but was hit by the staff of withering aging him and Ragnar. Ragnar struck his sword inside the chest of the cleric and waited for the life to expire from his eyes. Fergus was forced to stab the two no longer surprised guards who had rushed into the tent.

Kurin hacked the two guards outside as, skrogg picked himself from the ground rushed a magic user hacking off his leg, stabbing him in the chest with his sword and then finishing it with a shield spike to the head. The remaining mage cast a confusion spell that didn’t work on anyone before attempting to flee, but had firey holes blasted in him from Azimi. Throsgrim picked up the crystal dagger piece as immediate looting took place. The party then flew off in quick order before the rest of the elite guards could figure what was happening.

The party then head toward the extremely close Atruaghin clans. And began to act as ambassadors once again. Azimi somehow had remember all the etiquette involved and met with some clansmen, before being invited to the bear tribes meeting place.

There, Azimi was herded off to the women folk as Skrogg passed out from strong grog. Sir Fergus accepted a challenge from a warrior from the bear tribe and went to work shopping. Neither man attempted any kind of defense, they just stayed and hacked at each other until the champion of the Bear Tribe surrendered and the tribe agreed to join with Darokin. The ambassadors soon realised that they will have to visit each tribe and have a one-to-one with each tribe champion to get that tribe to join. Only Ragnar and Fergus look forward to that. Azimi has begun to suspect that she will see many lovely amount of stitching over the coming week.

The party left to get the next tribe

Wraith time

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 43

As the heroes used the scroll of portals to see inside the temple they could immediately see some 42 flying wraiths buzzing happily, waiting to drain the life of all and sundry.

Protection from Evil 10’ was definitely cast, after the constant screaming in terror from Skrogg (who has a not irrational fear of level draining undead)

Another problem was spotted. A huge pentagram dedicated to Loki was protecting the temple from other immortal interference. A plan was hatched to remove the marking from the stone floor of the temple. Azimi as an elementalist drew an elaborate circle on the ground and summoned a water elemental from a nearby puddle. Thorsgrim blessed the water elemental turning it to a instrument of holy wrath. The scroll of portals was used to open the back wall behind the altar as Azimi cast a dissolve rock to mud spell. The elemental rushed in and began removing the markings on the floor in an attempt to disrupt the circle.

Seeing his chance Skrogg fired his shortbox and with his dead-eye shot, knocked the golden evil cup off the altar. Thorsgrim attempted to turn several of the nearby wraiths and resulted in 1 turning to ash, but the other two could now attack. Luckily, Ragnar and Fergus splatted those two wraiths without effort.

Thorsgrim summoned the power of THOR to Dispel Evil, as many spectres now waited outside the protective barrier of the Protection from Evil, looking to feed on the heroes life force. Thor’s mighty power destroyed many of the undead and Thorsgrim then concentrated to keep those who survived away.

The elemental began to be attacked by a load of Spectres, but thanks to a slow spell from Azimi more of the undead began to fly and attack a lot slower. The elemental under the command of Azimi continued to turn the mud pool into a very wet mud pool eventually removing the symbol on the ground.

Skrogg began to shoot with his bow at the Spectres (rather ineffectually it has to be said). Suddenly with a flash and bang, the symbol protecting the temple exploded, causing the holy elemental to spread itself across the temple covering many of the spectres in holy water. All the heroes covered their ears as the roar from Loki could be heard.

Ragnar began to protect himself from evil and then fly with the help of the magical sword. Kurin likewise protected himself with a protection from evil spell and then strolled into the spectre lair attracting many who attempted to slay him, but couldn’t touch him.

Azimi using the power of a mass of magical missiles began to snipe off individual Spectres after casting fly on Fergus so he could move. The tide of the battle truly turned with Kurin after attracting a mass of spectres to himself then casting a Dispel Evil, destroying many.

The remaining spectres were slain as Ragnar was able to fly up to splat any one in one round and Thorsgrim could look and turn to ash one each round.

After every spectre was slain, Thorsgrim cast a truesight as an investigation of the three chests was made. They were all locked. Azimi using her wand determined that there were no traps, but could only knock two of the chests open with her magic. Skrogg using the power of hardball ripped the final chest apart to find a pile of coins, gems and magic. The typical ironic treasure was found the protection from undead scroll, and sword vs undead, a wand of detecting stuff and bag of holding. The final was a mirror of life trapping that Azimi refused to sucked into and only the close work of Skrogg helped her avoid the rather fatal effects.

Plus most importantly a crystal hilt for the crystal dagger was found behind the secret door that Thorsgrim immediately spotted.

Travelling back to the halflings they immediately offered a feast, promised military aid generally got drunk and hairy. Into the midst of the party in a puff of semi silly smoke the secretary to Galantri Laren appeared and said the final part of the crystal has been found and the PC’s should move with all haste towards the spot as time was close and the loyal armies were being pushed back.

Day ends…

Munchkins Ahoy

As the party arrived back with their dragon horde from dead Elven Kings tomb, Azimi using her crystal ball scried out Kurin nursing his wounds and about to be attacked by a dark figure. Leaping to his defense he found that the mysterious poisoner completely failed to slay Kurin who was slight bemused at Azimi’s arrival, unannounced. Apparently he had just won a major battle with the giants and was in no mood to move, come back in the morning thank you very much. And yes, next time the stinky witch can bloody well knock!

The next day Kurin was transported back to the dragon slaying heroes who compared battle stories, but charging into a force of 150 direwolves all by yourself and slaying them all, apparently won over the stunning victory of Balefire the puny dragon. After a reveal of a note about some crystal dagger it was decided to travel down to the Shire and rescue all the fat little toesy woesies.

A burning farmstead was seen where some 20 soldiers were in the process of turning the farming family to victims of extreme violence. Fergus on the griffon flew up scaring the soldiers to attempt to hold the farming family hostage. Fergus entered dialogue distracting the nomad soldiers long enough for the remaining heroes to arrive. With a pinch of sand some 14 farmers and soldiers fell asleep as 6 more were held by hold spells. The remaining soldier attempted to flee but died as two of Skrogg’s arrows pierced his brain and emerged out his eye sockets. The family were unimpressed, even being offered a herd of camels and horses as slight payment. The heads of all the nomad soldiers were placed onto spikes as a reminder of the nastyness of the northmen.

Travelling though a mountain pass a bunch of trolls suddenly emerged from the ground and attacked the party on all sides. The Trolls immediately refused to freeze at Azimi’s command and then began to hack and Tear at the party for several rounds before Ragnar got out his flaming Axe and chopped the twitching trolls on the ground. Skrogg had bashed one troll down and then poured burning oil onto it’s head as it ran away with it’s head on fire. Azimi had taken several major wounds and blasted her troll with her firery fingers spell until it dropped dead. It has to be mentioned that these troll’s seemed to be the perfect specimen and be as strong as a troll could. Thorsgrim luckly didn’t say his holy word and slay all the horses in the party.

Arriving at the capital city of the Five Shires it was found that the halflings, bless their little feet had a major problem with flying level draining undead. Strogg just swore when he heard the news of his most feared adversary. After the customary feast, cries could be heard from the town as the Heroes rushed out they saw fast flying Spectres, zooming over at feasting on the fat little halflings. After watching one zoom down from the sky and devour horribly a little halfling who immediately turned into a Spectre itself, Azimi let a fireball down destroying both, but attracting a whole lot more.

12 Spectres surrounded the party and began to do fly by attacks attempting to drain. Luckily Azimi had managed to raise a Protection from Evil 10’ radius spell (a far better one than the clerical one it was discovered), the Spectres bounced off. Ragnar, Fergus and Skrogg stood at the edge of the shield and as a spectre flew close by destroyed them with their magical swords. Seeing the might of the heroes the Spectres flew off. Thorsgrim turned into a cloud of gas and safely followed the Spectres to their lair, before returning some 20 minutes latter (flying at 49 miles per hour / 78 kph). Rather than attack the Spectres in their lair at night it was decided to wait to day.

As ambassador’s to Darokin they were all offered individual rooms in a large Inn. As they went to sleep dark shadows snuck into each of their rooms and attacked.

  • Azimi sleeping in statue form was woken my a magical dagger hitting her, she woke and uttered a stun word before blasting the staggering Assassin to death with a blast of magical missiles. Thunder crashed loudly, as Thor’s wrath could be heard. Azimi had to cover her ears from the noise.
  • Thorsgrim was also woken by a dagger attack, grabbing his shield he attempted to deflect another poisoned dagger attack only to call upon Thor’s wrath to any and all nearby. The resulting clap of thunder was so loud it stunned all the assassins in the inn, slew every rat, spider, horse and beg bug in the Inn. His Assassin was tied up.
  • Skrogg was woken by the dagger, rolling out of bed he grabbed his sword and struck several blows slaying the Assassin quickly as the Assassin attempted to turn to flee. His girdle was still on stopping his stomach from rolling out over the bed edge. Thunder crashed loudly, as Thor’s wrath could be heard.
  • Kurin was cruelly was not woken by the cruel dagger as an Efreeti was guarding his room. The Assassin was taken by surprise and then doubly as Kurin brained him with his Axe. Thunder crashed loudly, as Thor’s wrath could be heard.
  • Fergus was woken by the Dagger, grabbed his sword and split the Assassin in Twain with the huge sword. Parts of the Assassin dribbled onto the flour.Thunder crashed loudly, as Thor’s wrath could be heard.
  • Stargard was woken by the dagger, woke up and immediately went judo chop hitting the silly assassin three times dropping him dead in 10 seconds flat. Thunder crashed loudly, as Thor’s wrath could be heard, but Brother Stargard liked the sound.
  • Ragnar slept soundly as the dagger descended, but refused to wake up. The Assassin tried again only for the now slightly grumpy Ragnar to wake up calmly behead the Assassin and climb back to bed. Thunder crashed loudly, as Thor’s wrath could be heard like music to Ragnar’s ears.

The dazed, tied and stunned assassin was put to the question, revealing that the nomad master really really wanted the Darokin Ambassadors dead and had assassin’s in every town waiting to pounce. Plus he really wanted the dagger as well. The Assassins were all armed with magical daggers and braces of protection that now acted as pajamas for the heroes of Ravenholm.

The heroes left towards the cretian temple in the gnarly woods, finding the doors closed, with a magical trap on the door. The side approach of the passwall scroll was going to be used. More magical protections were cast. Everyone was blessed, hasted, and protected from evil. The wall vanished to reveal a 100 x100 foot temple room with some 42 flying spectres who began to fly towards the party.

Day ends…

Dragon Slayers
Into the tomb

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 42

Kurin with his military entourage was busy trooping through the mountains the remains.

Outside the Elven King tomb the PCs entered after casting all sorts of enchantments on themselves, Just in Case. Unfortunately, the mage Azimi failed to understand the wardings around the tomb doors to discover that those who entered who had all of their enchantments dispelled. Continual lights were re ignited and temporary protections were put into place.

It was decided to explore the tomb and remove any times that someone had carelessly left behind. The first room had a sarcophagus of an elven princess who seemed to be un touched except for Skrogg attempting to break into lid and resisting a curse.

The next room (as all doors were opened by the hard ball playing Skrogg) contained another sarcophagus, but the detect evil by Ragnar detected a presence floating in the corner of the room. Thorsgrim cast a True sight to see a gaseous form of a vampire waiting there. Before he could attempt to destroy it, the vampire fled leaving the party to rob the sarcophagus of items of interest including a scroll, a Girdle of Giant strength (analyzed by Azimi), a helm of understanding languages and reading magic, a wand and potion, plus lots of cash. A actual treasure horde.

The next two rooms around the outside were searched but found nothing except for normally dead elves. However, the third room contained an alter and three wraiths that attacked. The first was slain by Skrogg the Strong, unfortunately one reached out and grabbed him draining his life essence. Thorsgrim luckily destroyed both with a word from Thor. Puff puff!

Further down the corridor another room was searched, but the secret door was discovered by Throsgrim, under the influence of truesight. However, the Vampire returned to drain the life of poor brother Stargard standing guard in the hallway. The vampire was slowed by Azimi before turning to a pile of gently floating ash by Thorgrim. Poor brother Stargard feeling weak and drained was turned inivisible by Azimi to protect him. The heroes continued through the secret door to find a possible golem guarded warded door.

Using ESP Azimi hear the dream thoughts of a large dragon behind the doors. A plan was hatched. The ever useful scroll of portals opened a hole in the wall where Ragnar and Skrogg rushed in. Skrogg shot the beast with an arrow as Ragnar flounded on the large pile of coins. Fergus was Dimensioned Doored behind the beast with his mighty sword, hitting the beast as it hovered and attacked with tail, wings, claw and bite. Thorsgrim threw his hammer striking the dragon. It the next round Azimi cast a Power Word Stun, dropping the beast onto the waiting mighty sword of Fergus, slaying it outright.

Soon the Immensity of the treasure was discovered including the +5 sword and +5 plate of the elven king (to be returned to the king of elves) and even a staff of power and potion of poison. Skrogg the Strong received a ring granting the powers of Dancing in the dark while protected from Evil.

The elves in the floating light boat above loaded the massive horde on board and returned to the Elven King who agreed for Elves to join the war.

Day ends.

Dance on Skrogg!!!

Red Arrow Black Shield
Army building

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 41

As the heroes walked through the town of Akorros, town criers were announcing the attack of Akesoli by the dessert nomads. As the party traveled through the town they met a solider who agreed to escort them to the town hall where the leader of the forces was encamped. They were admitted past multiple guards to the General Winter and Laran (aid to Prince Jherek of Glantri) who asked if they would aid Darokin in helping gather support from neighboring countries. With barely a pause the entire party said yes and were rewarded with a very large gem each (a Tristal 50,000gp value) and titles something to do with Ambassadors for Darokin and allowed to construct treaties.

GM: Ambassador Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary of the Republic and rank of Colonel in the Army of the Republic.

  • A unit of Darokin troops (480 mounted Pike infantry) were now at the disposal of the Heroes.

Deciding that the nearest country was Glantri, they using the power of Azimi teleported holis bolis to Glantri city and headed to the council rooms where they were admitted to the Glantri council of princes. After negotiation lead by the mage Azimi, several of the votes could indeed be influenced. Prince Jherek, Prince Jagger (who already agreed) and Princess Carlotina. Prince Jherek after a private meeting agreed to change his vote once Kurin surrendered the dragon hammer to him (very surprisingly) as it contained the soul of a good dragon, so it could be released. Princess Carlotina wanted a gem and message delivered to the shadow elves.

They agreed, but decided on the guide of Silanda from Ravenholm to help escort them there. Teleporting to Ravenholm they arrived in time for new years. Kurin decided to pack for Rockhome as he hates the pointy eared gits.

Being New years, Thorsgrim, Stargard and Azimi teleported to Norrvik the capital where in very short order Azimi as Thorella convinced the king to join with Darokin in stopping the nomads. It was probably the briefest negotiation, by required strenuous activity by Thorella whose work in private (and not to be mentioned here) convinced the king. The group returned to Ravenholm.

  • King Harold immediately assigned a unit to the PC’s 2 dragon ships and 120 elite berserkers.

Using the crystal ball and Silanda guidance Azimi teleported the group to the entrance to the Shadow realm. Disguised by the Azimi’s art and having infravision. Entering they encountered 4 rust monsters. 2 were frozen by a spell, the others were chopped up by Ragnar, Skrogg and Thorsgrim. No treasure was discovered as they continued to the meeting place deep inside the shadow realm. The met the elf who claimed he expected them and then acted like a complete Richard Cranium. The gem message was delivered and they left to return to Glantri city to get Carlotina’s vote. Glantri agreed to gather the forces of Glantri army.

  • Another unit was added to the PC’s growing troops. 120 Light Cavalry (Mages all).

The next country to visit was Alfheim. Traveling up the main road with full pendant’s flying they were stopped by the boarder to Canolbarth forest by an elven patrol who agreed to allow the Ambassador’s to the central city Canikbarth. They were greeted by King Doriath of Alfheim who was loath to have his countrymen endanger their lives unless the PC’s did first. He would acquiesce their request for aid if a problematic Large Dragon could be slain as it was currently desecrating the tomb of their old King Alevar.

The heroes left to see what they could do guided by local elves (being transported by the fabled eleven Lightships).

Siege of Akesoli

As breakfast was finished the signs of an invasion could be heard. Fergus rushed up stairs and began putting on his armour. Kurin rushed out into the streets to find out what was happening. Azimi rushed to the table to break out the crystal ball to scry what was happening. Skrogg finished his third breakfast. Thorsgrim and Ragnar put their boots up on the table and waited.

A troop of Bugbears was encounted by Kurin who were in the process of hacking, slaying and raiding. Kurin immediately ran up and fell over much to the amusement of the bugbears. However, it was all a ploy by kurin who began to hack about himself with much vim and vigour. Soon 7 of the ten bugbears were slain and the remaining three ran off.

Fergus continued to put on his armour. Azimi continued to scry.

Kurin continued down the street to encounted a bunch of calvary who shot some arrows at him, only to have the dwarf cast a hold person spell freezing three of them, run under a horse gutting the beast and slaying the rider. Covered in gore he began to hack not at the riders but in a professional dwarf way hack at the horses. The remaining riders ran off.

Fergus continued to put on his armour. Azimi summoned in the middle of the inn two air elementals and sent them above the magical sand storm to attack the air boats above.

Kurin next encountered a force of dire wolf riding goblins and two trolls. Being sensible he ran around the corner throwing off the trolls, only to emerge into the midst of the goblin riders. Again the axe flew chopping down 3 wolves causing the rest to flee. Kurin began to return to the inn.

Fergus continued to put on his armour. The air elementals acting a very large vacuum cleaners began to suck warriors off the top of the airships (STORY TRUMPS RULES), the vortexes of air lifted the almost helpless archers the cast them overboard with ease. The air boats (confirmed as 30 HD monsters – i guess for HP) were helpless in the attack of the elementals. (It almost seemed that a fighter had penetrated a world war two bomber screed and flew by at will). A captain on an Air boat was smashed into a pulp (each elemental doing 4d8 damage with each swing) and a boat was destroyed. However, two other boats nearby flew close allow mages on board to attempt to cast dispel magic spells. One elemental was banished, but the other flew other and slew a mage only to have itself banished by another mage.

Fergus finished putting on his armour, and the heroes of Ravenholm departed the Inn now in the company of gore covered kurin and began heading toward the docks. A raiding group of bugbears was encounted near a population of Akesoli who had formed a barricade. Apparently no singing was allowed on pain of lightning bolt. The bug bears were destroyed in 20 seconds from being poisoned, lanced, chopped, thrown hammered, staffed, and feathered. The heroes continued round the corner to encounter a juggernaut of wood.

Azimi released her most powerful fireball, as the 30 foot wide beast moved impossibly fast and attempted to crush members of the party. Many Smashes, hacks and hammer throws bounced off the wood, causing many splinters. Skrogg landed his Pegasus on the top and prepared to hack. Thorsgrim received a mighty crush as other landed telling blows. Many more lances, hacking and hewing occurred. Azimi was bashed by the hammer from the beast but just bounced off the wall nearby almost magically unharmed. After much hacking the beast was destroyed, and a huge pile of treasure was found inside by Skrogg.

The party finally made it to the dock to see a substantial force of enemy calvary attempting to light any boats on fire. Each hero attacked a squad.

  • Azimi using the precision of magical missile soon shot 7 troopers with her first magical flying broom pass before slaying the final three with more magical missiles.
  • Thorsgrim used the hold person spell several times to freeze his opposition before hammering the rest to death.
  • Kuring jumped in and started hacking, one each round.
  • Skrogg, Fergus and Ragnar professional multiple attack their groups soon slaying all.
  • Stargard seemed to fly jumping on the top of the horses attack each trooper with his heavy staff, slaying them outright, 3 at a time.
    In short time 70 enemy troopers were slain, without fuss. But according to the dwarf each only counted as one and he was still winning the enemy count.

With the docks clear, only the poor townsfolk remained, huddling together for comfort. Fergus using his leadership and tactical knowledge gathered together a force of town guardsman to fight for Akesoli thus allowing the populace to escape. A small force of 140 verses possibly thousands, what hope would there be, glorious death.

A plan was laid forth, using Sir Fergus’s tactics, trapping forces of the Nomads in town, removing the command structure and finally slaying them piecemeal. Soon the forces and command forces outside the were committed into a battle they didn’t expect.

The heroes effectively took command of the defense and managed to slay the command of the enemy with amazing effect, causing a victory for the forces of Akesoli over the invaders.

Highlights include:
Seeing two further juggernauts rumble toward the Akesoli lines only to suddenly get stuck into mud. The juggernauts, then attempted to rumble their way out only to be suddenly stuck in rock and completely trapped.

With the threat from the Nomad Airships removed (thanks to Azimi’s air elementals) the heroes were able to control the air. Ragnar flew into the command tent aided by pegasus flying Skrogg and Griffon riding Fegus and with much slaying slew the commander of the enemy forces and his lieutenants who were trying to comprehend the destruction of their forces.

Thorsgrim in a form of gas floated towards a force of goblin wolf riders only to suddenly appear floating above them and utter a holy word slaying all within a 60’ circle. The goblins ran from the field. Chased by a flying Kurin mounted on a dragon breathing fire slaying many more.

As the Akesoli line began to battle with a sizeable force of Bugbears, a large number of hill giants attempted to breach the lines of the force only to see the Heroes, suddenly become incredibly quick and begin to wade into the giant lines, slaying some 20 giants slain in 30 seconds, breaking the giant force who fled the combat. At the front the hasted, Skrogg, Ragnar, Fergus, Kurin, Thorsgrim and Stargard efficiently and brutally. (some 24 attack each round) The rout of the giants caused the bugbear force to crumble and flee in the renewed on sort of the Akesoli guardmen.

The force of riders attempting to flank the main combat encountered a chemical warfare gas attack created by Azimi, slaying any who dared to approach. The remaining outriders retreated to the planes to the east, chased by the drifting patch of poisonous clouds, blown by air elementals.

At the end of the battle, thanks to the heroes (and Thorsgrim’s staff of healing) almost no guardsmen were slain and some 40% of the nomad force was slain/disabled, and the rest routed. A victory against all odds. The staff of healing from Thorsgrim was much in demand removing many wounds from the Akesoli forces.

After the battle with the rout of the nomad troops, the mayor of Akesoli declared that the Heroes of Ranehom were now also the Heroes of Akesoli as well. The bloody day ended with the Heros joining the population in the trip across the lake to Akeross.

Six months and a burning boat

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 40

The heroes woke find the corpses of Sven and Stargard still sitting there. However as the morning sun filled the valley and the first light of the morning struck the ground winged beasts and beautiful ladies flew down from the sky and picked up the shimmering insubstantial body of Sven putting him on the back of a Pegasus and flying off to Valhalla. Tears welled in the eyes of his former comrades as they witnessed the norse miracle taking place.

While the other commented about the beauty of the Valkyries, especially the star struck slighty fat halfling, Azimi couldn’t help but notice that their chins were a bit too square, and they had far too much muscle on their upper arms. Brother Stargard awoke from the dead with a word from Thor saying that he still had to protect Thorsgrim.

The procession was then taken back to the Galantri camp carrying the body of Sven “how he would have wanted it” in a bag of holding. The Galantri camp was amazed that the non committed assistance (that they didn’t need, and was only doing as a favour) of closing a gate was completed. They did make suitable sad noises about the loss of Sven. The entire party was then teleported back to Vestland.

With the sad news of Sven’s passing and his being witnessed going into the halls of Valhalla a full state funeral was organized with a stately procession of many nobles from the Vestland, the King and Queen and many other ambassadors from other lands. At the previous home of Van Der Piet the body of Sven was burned on a ship, with a young woman from the household sacrificing herself standing on the prow of the ship saying “Lo there do I see my father; Lo there do I see my mother, my sisters and my brothers; Lo there do I see the line of my people, back to the beginning. Lo, they do call me, they bid me take my place among them, in the halls of Valhalla, where the brave may live forever.” She was taken inside where carnal knowledge was had and her throat was cut.

The ship was sent alight by an enormous north warrior, Sir Fergus den Griffon who had stopped by to pay his respects. After a personal speech from the King, a great feast was had. Thora, wife of Ragnar was appointed Jarl of Van Der Piet until the sons of Sven came of age, whereas they would continue on Sven’s fine work. Thora, Ragnar, the King and Azimi (as the queen was overcome with grief and had retired to her quarters) promised to do much harm to any that would harm a hair on the head of any of Sven’s children.

The next six months was a chore with the heroes returning to their estates, weapon training extensively, and also magical researching. With the combination of dwarven arts, the power of Thor with Thorsgrim, and magical arts of Azimi, a great blade was created from the blade of Sven, called Hefnd. Azimi also created from the bones and scales of the blue dragon a Spiked shield for Skrogg called Mjǫtuðr Rǫnd or the “Despenser of Fate Shield”.

Six months later after the winter had begun to leave the land, a messenger arrived to where the Heroes of Ravenholm met, in the province of Azimi, that seemed to have a calm winter. This messenger updated the heroes of the state of the nation and a request to visit the Darokin town of Akesoli. Azimi saying that travel would be too slow by air and stated that this inspired her to practice her art, and she left immediately to work on a solution. The rest of the heroes and griffon rider Fergus shrugged their shoulders as they had encountered her strange fascination with libraries and research before. Who weeks later she returned with the solution, by her arts alone she could transport the entire party and mounts to the town on the outskirts of the lake Akorros, as they had previously travelled through there. Before leaving she uttered some more arcane arts to ensure that each member of the party could now speak and understand any language spoken.

Packing their gear, and mounts (or controlling them more like), Azimi drew power about herself, surrounding the entire party to suddenly in a flash of light as a sphere of white energy enclosed the party and suddenly they were transported to Akorros.

During the town there were required to retrieve permits, before flying off over the lake islands via broom, dragon, griffon, gas and general magical flight. They arrived at the port in the city of Akesoli and walked towards the nearest inn as Skrogg said he was hungry and night was closing in. In the morning after a substantial breakfast was eaten, the inn keeper dashed into the main room and said…

Lich nasty stuff
We don't like the undead

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 39

As the party surveyed below them they could see the glowing circle of the summoners dissolve into a nasty undead mess as the recognizable lich began to summon more troops and Death Demons onto a nearby hill.

Jumping on his broom Skrogg and Kurin holding onto the bottom of the broom flew off in search of the lich. Azimi cast a wall of fire to prevent any more wights from entering into the world. Sven turned into a cat as he ran forward, Ragnar joining him in pursuit of the enemy.
The lich with a contemptuous glance raised his staff and pointed at the wall of fire dispelling it with ease. Thorsgrim cast a silence 15’ radius at the undead mage, only to see several magical counter measures immediately get into effect. The mage vanished into “no time” and began to cast heinous and horrible spells on Skrogg and Kurin mostly bouncing off their natures. Kurin resisted a Power word kill to lie stunned and twitching on the ground.

As the lich rose into the air powered by a continual fly spell Skrogg chased him, wounding the creature with his sword. However, Sven was forced to bound up and attempt to protect Kurin from the horde of Wights. Some 12 death demons flew toward Azimi who managed to raise her protection from evil 10’ radius spell deflecting not just the 8 death demons but also some 8 wights who had just been hasted.

It was then that the clever plan of Azimi and Thorsgrim kicked off with all the nearby summoned and undead creatures being attacked by a Dispel Evil spell from Thorsgrim. Some 6 death demons and 8 Wights were destroyed with the remaining 2 wights and 2 death demons forced to flee.

Ragnar had encountered more wights and 4 more demons, and managed to utter a protection from evil spell protecting him. Sven continued to guard Kurin as a giant cat. Where as Skrogg’s plan to slay the lich failed as his broom was dispelled causing him to fall unceremoniously down to his probable temporary death. Azimi rushed up to the summoning circle and began to examine it as Ragnar using the power of Unseen the run vanished from sight, from all. Thorsgrim kept banishing the demons and wights further away, and then cast a travel spell allowing him to fly.

The lich released an explosive cloud at Azimi and the surrounding area causing lots of damage and making Azimi flee on her broom quickly, but using her amazing dexterity managed to stay on her broom to haste Thorsgrim.

Thorsgrim rose into the air and cast his hammer hitting the lich and attracting the attention of more death demons. Ragnar left to attempt to heal and help Sven and Kurin. Ragnar after casting a simple cure light wounds removed the stun effect on Kurin only for them to battle the undead horde of wights fighting them. The undead inside the circle materialized as banshee and screamed slaying Sven the Cat, and Brother Stargard.

For the rest of the battle the heroes seeing the banshee blocked their ears and avoided her pitiful screams. Azimi returned to the circle and continued to attempt to remove part of the summoning circles. With each circle dispelled an undead beast was destroyed. A vampire was destroyed first.

The lich seeing his power diminished cast an ice storm upon Azimi, freezing her completely as she slumped over unconscious.

Thorsgrim likewise casting a protection from evil spell ignored the Death demons and flew straight and true at the lich. Unfortunately, the monster uttered a lighting bolt at Thorsgrim hitting him truly. However being of stern stuff he stayed true and attempted to hit the lich in return before the death demons returned.

Below Kurin turned his Rod into a dragon and flew into the air below the lich hacking at its legs as he flew underneath. But Thorsgrim’s hammer flew true destroying the undead beast with a mighty hit. Mortally wounded the death demons almost slew him, only for a well timed Cureall spell returned his vigor. Thorsgrim flew over to the still effecting protective sphere around Azimi and used a Curall spell to revive her.

As Ragnar and Kurin continued to battle the death demons, Thorsgrim flew round the outside of the summoning circles and uttered a holy word, stunning all but one of the remaining death demons and destroying all the remaining Wights. The remaining death demon was quickly slain as the stunned ones were put down quickly. Azimi continued to solve the riddle of the summoning circle and quickly removed all but the central summoning circle before announcing that she did not have a powerful item to banish the circle.

Ragnar the brave and surprisingly noble Paladin offered his very powerful mage slaying sword, throwing into the central circle hitting the Banshee in the chest destroying the beast outright, as Azimi fought to control the lethal magics.

Skrogg was revived, but Sven and Brother Stargard lay dead at the end of the encounter. Waiting for the full day to observe the rituals of the north, it could be seen that indeed Sven was raised upon the back of Valkyries to the glory of Valhalla. With tears in their eyes the companions decided to journey home to burn the earthly body of their friend as his soul was now in Valhalla. Brother Stargard refused to offer of immortality and returned from the dead to continue to protect his liege lord, brother and friend, Thorsgrim.

Wilderness survival
Wizards won't work together

Scrogg’s Journal – Chapter 38

Left on a hillock overlooking the Galantrian province the Prince De Amberville “invited” the party to accompany him towards the Galantrian war camp. As they arrived the encountered not so much a war camp but a scattering of tents organised into factions. While not being the ruler of Galantri all the Prince’s ideas somehow sounded like commands, as the party were invited into the central tent where a debate was being held.

Long story short after the debate started only Thorsgrim and Azimi stayed to debate whether outsiders were to be invited to help save the Galantri from the wandering summoned monsters. After only three days the party were indeed allowed to investigate.

Traipsing off to the the wilderness on foot the party disguised as a wandering forest (thanks to silly massmorph spell from Azimi). Left to enter the mountainous region of Galantri to search for monsters and who summoned them.

After many days of pleasant weather, the wandering bushes discovered a force of 4 trolls and fire giant and the largest hell hound they had ever seen. Without thought, planning or much strategy the heroes attacked. Immediately immobilizing the trolls with a dissolve spell turning the rocky ground they walked under into mud and somehow trapping a sneaky Sven. As the surprised trolls reacted to this the ground hardened into rock trapping 3 of them, leaving the last to attack Sven. Brother Stargard and the broom flying Skrogg rushed to his aid. Ragnar rushed the giant in a berserk rush chopping madly, hewing the giants armoured legs mightily. Kurin rushed the hell hound and hit it on the snout only making it mad and breathe fire at Azimi, Thorsgrim (both semi protected from fire) and Kurin with it’s hell fire breath. The troll was effortlessly put down by Sven and Stargard, as Ragnar finished off the giant by hacking it’s knee and then hewing it’s neck in a fountain of blood. Kurin deflected a dog’s bite with his Battleaxe as Thorsgrim joined the frey. Magical missiles flew and struck the hell hound, as Skrogg and Ragnar joined the hacking and hitting. The hell hound receiving such injuries turned to run receiving more wounds in its rear. As it rushed away and lightning bolt flew from Azimi striking it in the testicles dropping the beast dead.

The remaining trolls were slain quickly as Sven began to track where the beasts came from but then Inexplicably lost the tracks in the mountains.

The next month was taken wandering around slaying many small and silly monsters.

Highlights include a pack of Orcs that made the mistake of attempting to ambush the party only to be shot, fireballed, lightning bolted and thrown hammer to death.

Skrogg personally fought a Stone giant alone. Using the giant’s legs as pin cushions from his shield and shortsword, before chopping its neck with his sword causing fountains of giant blood as the giants life force drained away.

A wandering ogre was slain with a single throw from the hammer of Thorsgrim.

A white dragon flew by but was chased off thanks to massed lightning bolts from (Ragnar, Thorsgrim and Azimi), An arrow from Skrogg and crossbow bolt from Sven. The poor beast flew off in search of easier prey, dropping dragon blood in clumps on the ground.

A force of 12 frost giants were spotted. Two were slain quickly by a well cast fireball as some rushed up with their mighty swords and 4 stayed back throwing rocks at many and only hitting Stargard. 3 were cut down in the first round, leaving the remaining to flee. Two stopped moving and collapsed under a Hold Monster spell. Leaving 7 dead giants in 30 seconds. The remainder ran for their lives.

Sven again tracked location of the giants to discover in the mountains three days later a hill overlooking a magical users summoning circles on the ground. 4 giant circles each with a brown robed mage interlinked with a middle circle with a black robed magician. Sven not waiting for the very simplest instruction raised his crossbow and fired hitting a circle and turning all to custard. The screaming of the brown robed mages transformed them into gates of darkness. With such magical discharge a “demon” or Entropy immortal appeared turning the circles into underworld conjuring gates summoning a mass of Skeletons, Zombies, Wrights and Etheral undeadness and a very probable Lich in the middle of the black circle.

Azimi gasped as she probably recognized the lich as what had previously made her flee Galantri city.

Oh pants full of brown liquid.


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