Sword of the Rock

Skrogg favorite weapon.

weapon (melee)

Short Sword+2 (Requires Attunement)
- Sentient, Lawful Good, Empathic
- 60’ “Vision”
- Crusader vs Evil, additional 1d6 vs “evil” (dragon, fiend, undead),
- Blade is Invisible in near-darkness (Advantage on Attack in Dim light or Darkness)


A Short Sword the Skrogg claimed in the Journey to the Rock after fighting off the evil Crone guardian.

During an encounter (while securing the Clan’s Blackflame) with an Undead Dragon ( Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 26) The Sword of the Rock was used as a conduit for the Blackflame leaving the blade a shimmering, ever shifting black hue.

Sword of the Rock

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