Staff of Air and Water

Staff of the Elements


Acts as a +2 Quarterstaff, without using any charges, striking for ld6 + 2 points of damage.

Charges: 36 / 36

Staves of two elements gain all the powers of both staves.

Each staff contains the following powers when used on the Prime Plane:
• A +4 bonus to saving throws vs. attack forms based on that element.
• Complete immunity to attacks by any elemental of that type.
• The ability to summon one 8-Hit Dice elemental of that type per day (as the magic user spell), each summoning costing one charge.

Certain spell-like effects, each costing one charge per use. These created spell effects are treated as if cast by a 10th level spellcaster.

The effects are dependent on type of element as follows:
Air: lightning bolt, cloudkill
Water: ice (storm or wall)

When used on the elemental plane of the corresponding type, the powers are quite different. As long as one or more charges remain in the staff, the powers granted to the holder are not the powers given above, but are rather the following powers:
• Immunity to damage from the plane itself, with vision to 60’ range.
• Movement within the plane at the rate of 120 feet per turn (40’/round).
• Communication ability with any resident of that plane.
• A – 4 bonus to armor class if attacked by a resident of that plane.

Note that these staves do not provide the ability to breathe on the plane; some other device or spell must also be used. However, when a staff is used along with a matching ring of elemental adaptation or talisman of elemental travel, all effects given above are extended to a 10’ radius around the user.

Except for the staff of elemental power, each staff can be used to negate effects relating to the element to which it is opposed (see the Dominance-Opposition Table on page 264), at the cost of one charge if the effect was produced by the opposite staff or two charges if a normal spell was used. For example, a staff of air could be used to negate a wall of fire spell cast by any magic-user, at the cost of two charges.

A summoned elemental may be sent back to its home plane with the same cost of charges (one if produced by the opposite staff, two if conjured by spell), but the elemental must be touched by the staff (possibly requiring a normal attack roll).

If a staff is ever taken to the plane it is opposed to, it immediately explodes, inflicting 20 points of electrical damage plus Id8 points of damage per charge remaining in the staff. The explosion fills a sphere of 60’ radius; all creatures within the effect may make a saving throw vs. spells with a – 4 penalty to the roll to take half damage. The wielder of the staff, however, gets no saving throw.


Found in the Lair of the White Dragon, Embedded in a pillar of Ice. Retrieved by Kurin at great personal risk.

Death or Cake…

Cake it was!

Staff of Air and Water

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