Hammer of the Wyrm

This Rod acts like a Warhammer

weapon (melee)

THAC0 + 5
Damage: 1d8+5

Once per day, die rod may be turned into a small dragon of the appropriate type. The created dragon has 30 hit points and can only be affected by magic (weapons, spells, etc.). It will understand and faithfully serve the user of the rod to the best of its ability; for example, it can act as messenger, steed, or guard. It will fight to the death unless commanded otherwise.
The dragon knows no spells. It will return to rod form on command; if slain in dragon form, however, it cannot return to rod form and is forever destroyed. Spells and other magical forms of healing can be used to heal the creature, if desired, but not after it is killed.
If a dragon is created by a user of a different alignment, the dragon will attack the user immediately, fighting to the death. When this occurs, it cannot be commanded to return to rod form.

Dragon Stats:
AC: -2 HD: 11 Hp: 30 Move: 90’(30’) Fly: 240’(80’)
Breath: Fire(Cone) or Gas(Cloud)
Attacks: 2 Claws/1 Bite THAC0: 10 Damage: 2d4, 2d4, 6d6
See Basic D&D Cyclopedia Pg 171 for more information.

Aerial Travel:
Carry (Cn Wt) 11000cn
Speed Due to the magical nature of the dragon when used as a mount characters can move 120 miles per day.


Discovered in the lair of a Small White dragon in the mountains bordering Ethergar Kharnate and northern Vestland.

Upon finding out how the item worked (slowly destroying the soul of good dragon) Kurin become increasing agitated. During negotiations with Prince Jagger of Glantri it was revealed that many “friends” were looking for it. Kurin presented the Rod to Prince Jagger thus securing his vote and gaining Glantri’s support in the war against the Master.

In return Kurin was presented with a Star gem.

Hammer of the Wyrm

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