Ex Valkyrie dedicated to eradicating Entropy


Class: Warlock 13 Celestial Patron (A Titan in Odin’s service)
Race: Aasimir (part Valkyrie)
Alignment: Chaotic Good (driven mad by 200 hundred years imprisonment)


Str 19 (Gauntlets of Ogre Power) Save +4 Athletics +9
Dex 19 Save +4 Acrobatics +4 Slight of Hand +4 Stealth +4
Con 13 Save +1
Int 10 Save 0 Arcana +0 Religion +0 History +0 Investigation +5 Nature, +0
Wis 13 Save +6 Animal Handling +1 Insight +1 Medicine +1 Perception +6 Survival +1
Cha 20 Save +10 Deception +5 Intimidation +10 Performance +5 Persausion +5

Armour : Mage armour AC 17 Hit Points Max: 81

Resistant Necrotic and Radiant

Pact of the Blade.
As a longword +10 to hit 1d8 or 1d10 +5 +5 necrotic
As a Spear +10 to hit 1d6 or 1d8 +5 +5 necrotic

Pact Magic 3 slots at 5th level Spell Attack +12 Spell save DC 20 (includes modifiers for Rod of the Pact keeper)
Cantrips Sacred Flame, Light, Chill Touch, Eldritch Blast, Frost Bite, Poison Spray.
1st Burning Hands, Armour of Agathys, Hellish Rebuke
2nd Flaming sphere, Crown of Madness, Misty step, Spider Climb
3rd Counterspell, Hunger of Hadar, Vanpiric Touch
4th Wall of Fire
5th Hold Monster
6th True Seeing
7th Forcecage


Armour of Shadows (Mage Armour at will, no spell slot)
Thirsting Blade (2 attacks with Pact weapon)
Lifedrinker (Pact weapon deals necrotic damage = Cha bonus(+5))
Grasp of Hadar (1 creature hit with Eldritch Blast can be dragged 10’ closer to you)
Improved Pact weapon (Pact weapon is a +1 weapon)
Kiss of Mephistophles (when you hit with eldritch Blast use a bonus action to cast Fireball using a spell slot)


Spells (4 Cantrips, 12 Spells, 3 Spell Slots, 5th Level)
Invocations (6)
Pact Boon (Pact of the Blade)
Mystic Arcanum (6th, 7th level spell)
The Celestial
- Expanded Spell List,
- Bonus Cantrips (Sacred Flame, Light)
- Healing Light (14d6, Bonus Action to use, recharge after long rest)
- Radiant Soul (CHR to Fire or Radiant damage)
- Celestial Resilience (After Short Rest Warlock Level + CHR modifier as temporary HP (18), up to five others temporary HP (11)).


Rod of the Pact Keeper+2 – + 2 Attack rolls and Spell DC, Regain Warlock spell once per long rest.
Gauntlets of Ogre Power – 19 STR
Eyes of Minute Seeing – Advantage on Investigation checks within 1 foot.


A woman of unearthly beauty, who wears a silver hued robe and soft gray leather gloves, her blonde hair is long and flowing and adorned by a golden tiara with a large Ruby as its center stone. In her hand she has what looks like a rune encrusted bone from some enormous humanoid creature.

Valkania once a valkyrie of Odin was trapped on a meteor while investigating the operations of Atzanteotl, Lord of Chaos, an Immortal of Entropy (year 800). The Immortal, syphoned her energy to power his immortal plans. The wolves of Ravenholm were able to free her. Seeing the parties needs she used much of her last Celestial energy to kill the fiends assailing the party then heal them.

She has joined the party in their hour of need, much to Skroggs delight.


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