Tendar the Black Prince

Prince of Vestland, Duke of Norrland, Godi of the mighty Thor.


Class Godi (Cleric in Northern Reaches – Thor)
Level 22
Age 34 Birthday Nytdain 5th of Sviftmont Gender Male Height 5’ 9" Weight 165lb Race Human Alignment Lawful
THAC0: 11
Full HP: 71. AC: -7 (Platemail +2, Shield +3,Dex,displacer cloak +2, ring +1)
Experience Points: +10%
Xp: 1326267
Xp needed 1520000
Scars: 1

Languages: Common (Thyatian), Common (Heldannic) and Alignment (Lawful)
Permanent tongue cast by Azimi.

STR: 16 INT: 13 WIS: 18 DEX: 12 CON: 14 CHR: 9
DeathRay/Poison: 5 Wands: 6*Paralysis/Stone:* 6 DragonBreath: 8 Rod/Staff/Spells: 7. All saves +3 wisdom +4 poison +2 wands/staff/wands/turn to stone

Immortal Patron (Thor, +1 STR, 1d8 Hit Points / Level), Rune Magic, Turning Undead

Hammer, War+3 (Master). THAC0: 1 or 3 vs monsters Damage: 1d8+10 vs H or 1d6+9 vs M ( __/10/20, M:-4AC/3)

Spells Memorized
8x 1st level. 7x 2nd level. 6x 3rd level. 4x 4th level. 4x 5th level. 4x 6th level. 3x 7th level.
CLW x 6 . Resist cold. Protection from evil
Bless. Hold person x2 Bless Rune. Silence 15’. Resist fire. Berserk.
Remove curse x2. Continual light. Cure disease x 2. Cure blindness.
Cure serious wounds. Neutralize poison x2. Create water
Create food. True sight. Cure critical wounds. Dispel evil
Cureall x4
Holy word. Travel. Raise dead fully

Weapon Proficiencies (7)
Hammer(War) – Master , Hammer (Thrown)

Non-Weapon Proficiencies (6)
Fighting Instinct(DEX), Intimidate(STR), Skald(INT), Honour Immortal – Thor(WIS). Read Runes(INT). Law and justice (WIS). Detect deception (WIS). Profession-Politics (INT). Leadership (CHR). Planar knowledge (INT)

Money Carried
PP GP . SP CP Gems

Items Carried
250 Platemail +2
25 Hammer, War+3, Returning (180’ range) (5000gp gem in pommel)
50 Medium Shield+3
- Ring of Protection+1
1 Holy Symbol
- Ring of holiness ( +1 to 1st/2nd/3rd level spells. + 1 to turning)
1 Wolf wristband (100 Gp)
Adventuring Gear
20 Back Pack, -Clothes, Boots,
Ring of regeneration.

Enc Total: 372 (Speed: 120 feet/turn, 40 feet/round)


Thorsgrim never knew his parents he spent much of his early years at Ruthin Monastery, which would explain his devotion to Thor. At 7 Thorsgrim was sent to receive further educatin with the Hennesdalir clan, who are all devout worshippers of Thor. Jarl Vandal the Strong sent Thorsgrim to aid Ravenholm to bring glory to the Hennesdalir clan and to Thor.

Arrival in Ravenholm has not been what Thorsgrim expected, far too quiet, he does not get on well with the Mayor of Ravenholm (Jarl Olaf Pin-Leg) who he thinks is far too weak to rule. The second surprise was a halfling named Skrogg Firmfist, who attached himself to Thorgrim weather he likes it or not (mostly not). Annoyingly Skrogg is one of the few in Ravenholm who is a devout follower of Thor.

The only work he could find was helping in the forge of Bron-ic Stonebrough, running errands. Thorgrim has become firm friends with Bron-ic’s nephew Kurin Stonebrough, they can often be found in each others company trying to drink the other under the table.

Since solving the mystery, The Curse of Xanerthon, and removing the curse from the Duke of Rhoona, Thorsgrim has been reunited with his teacher from the Ruthin Monastery, Brother Starkad. Brother Starkad has attached himself to Thorsgrim in a protective way and is often seen in the background.

At the end of the Crown of Ancient Glory it was revealed by the new High King that Thorsgrim was in fact one of the lost princes of Vestland and his real name is Tendar. Brother to the High King. As reward for helping return the Sorona to the High King of Vestland Thorsgrim was granted the titles of Tendar the Black Prince, Duke of Norrland with dominion over Norrland (formally Estine).

Thorsgrim’s Story

Tendar the Black Prince

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