Sven Silkbeard [Deceased]

Jarl of Vander Piett and Darnen


Class Thief
Level 18
Gender Male Height 5’ 8" Weight 133lb Race Human
THAC0: 11
Full HP: 58 AC: -3 (Leather+3 of invisibility, Dex, Ring+2, Cloak of Displacement)
Experience Points: 1,300,000 (+10%)

Languages: Common (Thyatian), Common (Heldannic) and Alignment (Neutral), Lalor.

STR: 13 INT: 14 WIS: 10 DEX: 18 CON: 9 CHR: 17
DeathRay/Poison: 3 Wands: 4 Paralysis/Stone: 3/1 DragonBreath: 6 Rod/Staff/Spells: 3

Weretiger – 5HD

Thief Skills:
OL: 84% FT: 83% RT: 78% CW: 104% MS: 76% HiS: 64% PP: 105% HN: 94%
80% Read any normal writing, language, code or map.
90% Cast Spells from Scrolls

Normal Sword+2, THAC0: 4/6 Damage: 2d8+3 (P=H, H:-2AC/2, Disarm)
Normal Sword+2, THAC0: 10/11 Damage: 1d12+3 (P=H:-2AC/1, Disarm)
Heavy Crossbow+2, THAC0: 0/2, Damage 3d6+4/1d12+6 Range: 110/170/240 (P=H, M:-2AC/2, Stun(s/m))

Weapon Proficiencies: (7)
Normal Sword (Expert)(3), Heavy Crossbow (Master)(4)

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: (8)
Surprise(DEX), Evade(DEX), Hunting(DEX), Horsemanship(DEX), Acrobatics(DEX), Bargaining(CHR), Tracking (INT), Profession-Spycraft(INT)

Money Carried:
6 PP 3 GP 1EP 1 SP 5 CP Gems 2×500gp

Items Carried:
30 Normal Sword+2 (Charm Person 3/day)
30 Normal sword+2 Empathic, Detect Traps, Detect Magic, Detect Sloping Passages
100 Chameleon Leather+3 ( Invisibility 3/day)
80 Heavy Crossbow+2
10 – Quiver 13 Bolts
1 +2 Bolt
1 +2 Bolt of Disarming
1 +2 Bolt of Stunning
Cloak of Displacement
Boots of Elvenkind (MS 90%)
Ring of Fire Resistance
Ring of Protection +2
Ring of invisibility (Spell storing: 2 Charges)
Amulet Proof against ESP and Crystal balls
Potion of Polymorph Self
Dragon Tongue

Adventuring Gear:
20 Back Pack,
- Clothes, Boots, Cloak
5 Wineskin
50 Rope 50’
10 Thieves Tools

Enc Total: 501 (Speed: 90 feet/turn, 30 feet/round)


Sven has lived in Ravenholm his whole life, and is rather unhappily married to a rather matron like woman named Asgred.

Sven saved the Mayor (Olaf Pin-Leg) from a rather angry boar while hunting. In thanks Olaf awarded Sven with a new house and the hand in marriage to his niece. After marriage things went down hill, 5 five little children (Bjon (11), Finn (9), Gyda (7) and the twins Yrsa and Sokki (6)), and Asgred doubled in size. Sven hates his wife but loves his children. He spends as much time as he can hunting with Ragnarr or drinking with Thorsgrim and Kurin.

Things started looking up when a foreign beauty arrived in town, Azimi Bint Afaf Ibnnah Al Zarah. Sven finds her fascinating, not only is she an outsider but also supposed to have strange powers. Sven longs for escape and adventure.

During the quest to return the Sorona, Sven’s wife was killed and his twins captured. As reward for helping return the Sorona to the High King of Vestland Sven was granted the title of Jarl and dominion over Vander Piett and Darnen. He has also been asked to investigate any unusual events for the High King (as Spy Master).

Svens Story

Sven was cursed with lycanthropy (Weretiger) while escaping " Castle d’Amberville", 5th Vatermont 1005.

Sven was killed in battle with a Lich while defending his comrade Kurin Stonebrough 5th Flaumont 1005.

Sven Silkbeard [Deceased]

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