Sir Ragnar Thorsblade

Knight of THOR


Class Paladin of THOR
Level 20
Age 38 Gender Male Height 6’5" Weight 195lb Race Human
THAC0: 7
Full HP: 97 AC: -8 (Plate Ac0, Shield, ring, Dex) -11 (with Weapon Mastery)
Scars: 7

XP – (Including 10%)

Languages: Common (Thyatan), Common (Heldannic), Alignment (Lawful)

STR: 18 INT: 9 WIS: 13 DEX: 14 CON: 16 CHR: 18
Death Ray/Poison: 4/1 Wands: 5 Paralysis/Stone: 5 Dragon Breath: 6 Rod/Staff/Spells: 6
(4 vs Poison Saves) (3 all saves)

Fighter combat abilities: Lance Attack manoeuvre and Set Spear vs. Charge manoeuvre. Smash, Disarm, Parry, Multiple Attack(2)

ESP once per week
Immune to effects of starvation
+4 to Poison Saves

Turning (CL 6),
Spells: Level 1: 2 Level 2: 2 Level 3 1


Pole Axe THAC0 -2/0 Damage: D10+8 Spec: (P=H, H:-2AC/1)
Heavy Crossbow THAC0: 6 Damage: 2d4 (80/160/240 (Fire every Round))



Weapon Proficiency: (10)
Expert in Pole Axe
Master in Normal Sword, (5)
Basic in Hand Axe, Heavy Crossbow

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: (7)
Fighting Instinct (DEX), Intimidate (STR), Boating (INT), Navigation (INT) Helmsman/Captain (INT), Honor Immortal(WIS), Military Tactics(INT) Leadership (Chr)

Items Carried:
Hafnd (sword +3+5 vs Undead)
- Ring plus 3 of protection
- Ring of Water Walking
- Ring of Spell Turning (3/day)
25 Faith (Shield+2)
250 Plate-mail +3
20 Horn of Blasting

Staff +2
Spear +3 (Thora)
Sword +2

Adventuring Gear:
20 Back Pack,
- Clothes, Boots, Cloak
5 Tinder box
5 Wineskin
10 Stakes and Mallet
50 Rope 50’
5 Sack Large
10 Plate, Knife, fork, Spoon, Pot
50 Tent

Enc Total: 490 (Speed: 90 feet/turn, 30 feet/round)


The Chronicles of Ragnar Ragnarsonson

Ragnar Ragnarsonson, Son of Ragnarson Ragnarson, Son of Ragnar Belarson now known as Ragnar Thorsblade. Taught the ways of the Sea before he could walk. Raised to honor to his father’s name and his ancestors, through service to THOR and through doing heroic deeds.

Ragnar returned from his trials a changed man. Twenty pounds lighter, less robust and reduced in energy. Grey and grizzled more than his years. He smiled rarely and laughed even less. He rejoiced in the successes, joys and riches of his comrades but could not help but feel ill used in comparison. He held to the idea that THOR had a destiny in mind for him but his faith in this was met with a blessing from THOR whilst enduring the horrors of Castle Ember. His grey and grizzled appearance melted away, His hair turning golden and his beard disappearing to reveal stern chiseled and glorious features beneath. His unconscious stoop straightened and he towered to his full height. Glorious now in the majesty of his faith in THOR.
After enduring a cold northern Winter and the death of a close friend, Ragnars appearance has become grim once again.

As a youth Ragnar earned his living aboard the longship “the Grey Mist”. Whilst primarily a fisherman Ragnar, it was customary for the crew of the Grey mist and other men from the village to go a-Viking during lean times in search of treasure and adventure.


Ragnar is married to Thora and they have two children, son (Egil) and daughter (Svala). Their house was near the docks in Ravenholm. He was good friends with Sven Silkbeard, whom he used to hunt and drink with and hide from his now departed wife.

As a reward for helping return the High King of Vestland Ragnar was given title Sir Ragnar, and the Dragonship Thors Holy Wrath. (The Thors Holy Wrath was burned at Sven Silkbeard’s Funeral.)


Sir Ragnar Thorsblade

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