Queen Thorhella the Quiet

Beautiful Queen to King Harald Gudmundson


Queen Thorhella is the quietly spoken Queen to King Harald Gudmundson, mother of the twins Prince Askr and Princess Bera (born 10th Sviftmont 1002)

Queen Thorhella was crown queen on the 1st of Nuvmont 1002 after the marriage to King Harald.

Thorhella seems always to wear a beautiful golden circlet on her brow. Often carries a staff, and has a dagger in a belt at her waist.

Strangely Thorhella shares the same birthday as Azimi.


Thorhella is deeply in love with King Harald, and as such as a personal favour to him has agreed to act as the personal envoy, travelling with the heroes of Raveholm as they have left on a quest.

Queen Thorhella the Quiet

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