Kurin Stonebrough

Nephew of Bronic


Class: Dwarf
Level:12 (Attack Rank G)
Age: 75 Gender: Male Height: 4’4" Weight: 165lbs Race: Dwarf
Alignment: Lawful THAC0: 9
Full HP: 71 AC: -6 (Plate Mail +4, Shield +2, Dex)
Experience Points: 1,852,165 + 10% (1,400,000)

Languages: Dwarvish, Gnomish, Goblin, Kobold, Common(Thyatian), Common(Heldannic), Alignment(Lawful)

STR: 16 INT: 10 WIS: 18 DEX: 13 CON: 16 CHA: 15
DeathRay/Poison: 0/-2 Wands:0 Paralysis/Stone: 1 DragonBreath: 1 Rod/Staff/Spells: 0/1/1

Bonuses: Poison+3, Paralysis/Stone+2, Spells+4, Wands+2, DragonBreath+2, Rods+2, Death Ray +1, Staff/Spells +1

Infravision 60’, Languages, Detect Stone Traps 2:6
Permanent Bless (+1 to Hit / Saves)
Fighter Combat Options, 2 Attacks/round.

Spells: 1st: 4(5) 2nd: 4(5) 3rd: 3(4) 4th: 2 5th: 2 6th: 1

Peacemaker – Battleaxe+2: THAC0: 4 Damage: P = 1d8+1d6+7 (Striking+1d6) Spells = 1d8+8 (+1d6) Throw -/5/10

Weapon Proficiencies

Expert in Warhammer. M: -3 AC/3
Master in Battleaxe: M: -3 AC/3 Delay and stun
Any (-3)

Non -Weapon Proficiencies
Craft – Weapon making (INT), Honor Immortal (WIS), Engineering(INT), Mining (INT), Riding (Dragon) (DEX), Leadership (CHA)

Money Carried
PP: 0 GP: 1657 SP: 6 CP: 6 Gems:

Spells Memorized
Level 1
Cure Light Wounds ×3, Protection from Evil x2
Level 2
Hold Person ×3, Know Alignment x2,
Level 3
Striking x2, Remove Curse x2, Continual Light ×1
Level 4
Cure Serious Wounds ×1, Dispel Magic ×2
Level 5
Cure Critical Wounds ×1, Dispel Evil ×1
Level 6
Word of Recall ×1

Items Carried
30 Peace Keeper
60 Hand Axex2
250 Plate Mail+4
50 Medium Shield+2
Helmet viking
Wristband with Wolf (100gp)
1 Holy Symbol
5-600 Bag of Holding
Ring of Clear Thought (Artefact) – immune to all mind affecting abilities except this that affect evil; 55 PP, generates 5 PP per turn. Attack (15 pp) sleep 240" range. 20 HP (5%). Defense (15pp) Reverse of ESP. 12 turns(5%). Find Traps (20pp) 60%; 6 turns.(10%)
Ring of Holiness
Ring of Fire Resistance
Scarab of Protection
Braces of AC 2 ( pyjamas)
Bear Claw necklace

Adventuring Gear
20 Back Pack
- Clothes, Boots, Cloak
5 Tinder box
5 Wineskin
10 Stakes and Mallet
50 Rope 50’
5 Sack Large
10 Plate, Knife, fork, Spoon, Pot
10 Golden Goblet (9000gp)
50 Tent

Enc Total: 671 (Speed: 90 feet/turn, 30 feet/round)

Spirit Totem: Badger


A member of the Buhrodar clan, comes from an influential family, his mother is an advisor to the dwarven chief, his uncle is a retired General (moved to Vestland).

Has recently moved to Ravenholm at the behest of his mother to take an apprenticeship with his uncle, Bronic Stonebrough. Like alll good dwarves, Kurin sends a portion of his earnings back to his family in Rockholme.
Potion of healing 1 draught left

As reward for helping return the Sorona to the High King of Vestland Kurin was granted the title of Jarl and dominion over Finhagen.

Killed a blue Dragon.

Permanent bless +1 to saves, to hit and damage

Star Sapphire – When in need say the name “Draco Illuminatus” and help will come. Your ‘gift’ will not be forgotten.

Kurin Stonebrough

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