King Harald Gudmundson

High King of Vestland


Class Fighter Level 15
Age 32 Gender Male Height 5’ 11" Weight 165lb Race Human
Eyes: Light Blue Hair: Blond/White (heavy beard)
Alignment: Lawful THAC0: 11
Full HP: AC: 4 (Scale+Shield)
Experience Points: 1,000,000+

Languages: Common(Heldannic), Common(Thyatian), Common(Alphatian), Alignment(Lawful), Dwarven

STR: 13(18) INT: 17 WIS: 15(18) DEX: 10 CON: 11 CHR: 13(18)
DeathRay/Poison: 5 Wands: 6 Paralysis/Stone: 6 DragonBreath: 7 Rod/Staff/Spells: 8

Fighter combat abilities: Lance Attack manoeuvre and Set Spear vs. Charge manoeuvre. Smash, Disarm, Parry, Multiple Attack(2)
ESP, Stat increase.

Weapon Proficiencies
Grandmaster Normal Sword
Normal Sword+1 THAC0 -1/1 Damage: 2D6+12/2D4+12 Spec: (P=H, H:-4AC/3, Disarm)

Items of Note
Normal Sword+1


One of triplets of the late High King of Vestland, King Maramet. Thendel, Tenitar and Tendar. Tenitar and Tendar were separated from their brothers at the request of Patriarch Annacks for safety. Tenitar came into the care of Kaden, keeper of the Stones of Sky, . Thendel took over as High King after the death of Maramet but while questing for the Sorona in the Heldannic Freeholds was killed. Without knowledge about the surviving brothers the stewardship of Vestland passed to “the council of regents in Norrvik”. Some 25 years later Tenitar still had no knowledge of his royal inheritance and was known as Gregorian, keeper of the Stones of Sky.

During the “Crown of Ancient Glory” Tenitar was rescued by the heroes of Ravenholm and crowned High King of Vestland (8th Felmont 1001). Upon crowning Sorona revealed he was the middle brother and in fact Thorsgrim, Gondi of Thor and hero of Ravensholm, was in fact his younger brother Tendar.

On the 1st of Nuvmont 1002 Tenitar married Azimi (Jarl of Brinsforth, hero of Ravenholm) taking the name King Harald Gudmundson. Azimi was crowned Queen Thorhella the Quiet thus allowing her to keep adventurous ways. Almost nine months to the day (10th Sviftmont 1002) Queen Thorhella and King Harald Gudmundson welcomed the twins, Prince Askr and Princess Bera.

King Harald Gudmundson

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