Brother Starkad

Faithful servant and Bodyguard of Thorsgrim/Tendar


Class Mystic
Level 9
Gender Male Height 5’ 8" Weight 155lb Race Human
Age: 45
THAC0: 15
Full HP: 48 AC: -1 (Mystic, Dex)
Experience Points: 353,076 -10% (10% – 20%)

Languages: Common (Thyatian), Common (Heldannic) and Alignment (Lawful).

STR: 17 INT: 10 WIS: 13 DEX: 15 CON: 13 CHR: 10
DeathRay/Poison: 8 Wands: 9 Paralysis/Stone: 10 DragonBreath: 11 Rod/Staff/Spells: 12

MV: 200’
Attacks / Round: 3
Acrobatics: d% roll vs ([3x Dex] + [2xLvl]) = 67%
Awareness, Heal Self(9), Speak with Animals, Resistance

Thief Skills
FT: 50% RT: 46% CW: 95% MS: 55% HiS: 41%

Hand, THAC0: 13 Damage: 2d8+2
Dagger+2, THAC0: 9, Damage 1d6+4 Range: 15/25/35 (H:-1AC/1, Double Damage(20))
Rheddrian’s Staff, THAC0: 8, Damage 1d10+5 (A:-2AC/2)

Weapon Proficiencies (4)
Staff – Expert, Dagger – Skilled

Non-Weapon Proficiencies (5)
Read Runes(INT), Honor Immortal(WIS), Detect Deception(WIS), Domestic Crafts(DEX), Nature Lore(INT)

Money Carried

Items Carried
30 Rheddrian’s Staff
20 Dagger x2
10 Dagger+2

Adventuring Gear
20 Bag of Holding (carries 10000cn max, weighs 600cn max)
- Clothes, Boots, Cloak
- Ring of Protection +1 Which he carries but cannot use.
5 Wineskin
50 Rope 50’
10 Plate, Knife, fork, Spoon, Pot
10 Thieves Tools

Enc Total: 145 (Speed: 200 feet/turn, 66 feet/round)


Brother Starkad was one of the monks tied to protecting the traditions of Vestland. Under the Patriarch of Ruthin (Abort Annacks) guidance he has been working toward uncovering the location of Sorona the Great Circlet.

In his youth he was responsible for the tuition of Thorsgrim when Thorsgrim lived at Ruthin Monastery.

At the conclusion of the Crown of Ancient Glory it was revealed that he was the bodyguard for Thorsgrim and he grew up.

With the return of the Sorona Brother Starkad has remained loyal to Thorsfrim/Tendar and will accompany him whenever needed.

Brother Starkad

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