Mystara and the Path to Immortality

Wraith time

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 43

As the heroes used the scroll of portals to see inside the temple they could immediately see some 42 flying wraiths buzzing happily in the temple waiting to drain the life of all and sundry.

Protection from Evil 10’ was definitely cast, after the constant screaming in terror from Skrogg.

Another problem could be seen, was a huge pentagram dedicated to Loki protecting the temple from possible other immortal interference. A plan was hatched to remove the marking from the stone floor of the temple. Azimi as an elementalist drew an elaborate circle on the ground and summoned a water elemental from a nearby puddle. Thorsgrim blessed the water elemental turning it to a instrument of holy wrath. The scroll of portals was used to open the back wall behind the alter as Azimi cast a dissolve rock to mud spell. The elemental rushed in and began removing the marking on the floors in an attempt to disrupt the circle.

Seeing his chance Skrogg shot off the golden evil cup off the alter with a shot from his bow. Thorsgrim attempted to turn several of the nearby wraiths and resulted in 1 turning to ash, but the other two could now attack. Luckily, Ragnar and Fergus splatted those two wraiths without effort.

Thorsgrim suddenly as many spectres now waited outside the protective barrier cast a dispel evil destroying many of the undead and then concentrated to keep those who survived away.

The elemental began to be attacked by a load of Spectres, but thanks to a slow spell from Azimi more of the undead began to fly and attack a lot slower. The elemental under the command of Azimi continued to turn the mud pool into a very wet mud pool eventually removing the symbol on the ground.

Skrogg began to shoot with his bow and arrow several of the Spectres. Suddenly in a flash and bag the symbol protecting the temple exploaded causing the holy elemental to spread itself across the temple covering many of the spectres in holy water. All the heroes covered their ears as the roar from Loki could be heard.

Ragnar began to protect himself from evil and then fly with the help of the magical sword. Kurin likewise protected himself with a protection from evil spell and then strolled into the spectre lair attracting many who attempted to slay him, but couldn’t touch.

Azimi using the power of a mass of magical missiles began to snipe off individual Spectres after casting fly on Fergus so he could move. The tide of the battle truly turned with Kurin after attracting a mass of spectres to himself then cast a Dispel Evil destroying many.

The remaining spectres were slain as Ragnar was able to fly up to splat any one in one round and Thorsgrim could look and turn to ash one each round.

After every spectre was slain, Thorsgrim cast a truesight as an investigation of the three chests was made they were all locked. Azimi using her wand determined that there were no traps, but could only knock two of the chest open with her magic. Skrogg using the power of hardball ripped the final chest apart to find a pile of coins, gems and magic. The typical ironic treasure was found the protection from undead scroll, and sword vs undead, a wand of detecting stuff and bag of holding. The final was a mirror of life trapping that Azimi refused to sucked into and only the close work of Skrogg helped her avoid the rather fatal effects.

Plus most importantly a crystal hilt for the crystal dagger was found behind the secret door that Thorsgrim immediately spotted.

Travelling back to the halflings they immediately offered a feast, promised military aid generally got drunk and hairy. Into the midst of the party in a puff of semi silly smoke the secretary to Galantri Laren appeared and said the final part of the crystal has been found and the PC’s should move with all haste towards the spot as time was close and the loyal armies were being pushed back.

Day ends…


We should smash the mirror and release all of the Victims. OR better Idea release all of the current victims and then suck two thousand Soldiers into the mirror, head to the enemy headquarters and smash the Mirror. Unleashing a horde into their midst

Wraith time
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