Mystara and the Path to Immortality

Unite the Clans

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 44

The heroes under the guidance of Azimi managed to speak to the council of Sharmans about getting to speak to all the tribes. However, before that each member was assigned a spirit animal who would guide and help protect them.
Skrogg – a Salamander
Azimi – a Rattlesnake
Thorsgrim – A Fish
Ragnar – a Lion
Fergus – a Hermit Crab
Kurin – a Badger

The sharmen used a fire to gate to the council of sharmen and then said that they all could travel to the tent city of all the tribes.

On the way the observant Skrogg and Throsgrim noticed as they rode their horses across the prairie four flying shapes heading their way. Fergus after being alerted flew into the clouds and saw that they were indeed dragons of the green variety. The others spotted that they were dragons, but didn’t see their colour until much later.

As the dragons flew to probably menace the group, Fergus flew high and true using his famous lance to strike the side of a winged beast. It roared with pain and flew after the pesky Griffon and its rider.

The remaining three dragons flew to attack the heroes who had spread out and cast a variety of preparation spells. One dragon suddenly froze in the air and crash landed near the dwarf. Two others breathed on the group of Azimi, Stargard and Ragnar. Azimi turned herself into a statue to save herself from save and die. Ragnar took the brunt and activated his flying component of his sword. Skrogg with his little bow shot one who now looked at Skrogg as a tasty meal.

The dragon chasing Fergus gave up, banked round and flew to attack Kurin who steadforthly spread his legs and hued the great beasts underbelly as it swooped to attack, slaying the beast.

Ragnar flew at the dragon hovering overhead and hacked mightily. As the Dragon flew over Skrogg breathing more terrible gas, Fergus’s lance again hit it in the side, but the bow of Skrogg shot the beast in the eye slaying it outright. Skrogg causally stepped out the way as the beast twitched at his feet. The Beast fighting the flying Ragnar suddenly seemed to be stunned as Ragnar hacked it’s head off with his magical sword.

Meanwhile the dwarf Kurin butchered the remaining frozen dragon. The heroes continued toward the meeting tent place. There Azimi again convinced the Tribes to unite against the Desert Nomads. However a challenge was laid down by the Tiger tribe who then watched Ragnar wielding two swords defeat their champion in 20 seconds. The Tribes agreed to unite and were informed the closest of the invaders were down the escarpment with lots of supply lines.

Drawing a circle of power, Azimi teleported the heroes to Norrvik and then to the Soderfjord Jarldoms. There the King welcomed Queens and Princes. But one Robed Nomad ambassador dismissed the claims of the Heroes. So enraged, Fergus challenged him to a dual. The wizard accepted only to see the following morning a flying Fergus ignoring a death spell and begin to hack at his mirror images. The wizard then attempted to use a illusion to escape and then invisibility. Using the ring of seeing, Fergus saw through these cowardly attempts to flew and flew after hacking at the wizard. The wizard though protected by a stoneskin spell was mightily wounded by a the striking spell that had been cast by Thorsgrim and soon perished. His companions claimed bitterly that the heroes had cheated, but the king only saw the attempts to flew and cowardness and had the nomads seized. The king agreed to send troops to the aid of Darokin his dreaded longboats.

Day ends


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