Mystara and the Path to Immortality

The Master Slain

Die accountants

As the brave heroes discussed the way into the masters compound the plan to simply magically change their disguises into elite guards and march up to the gate. Thanks to the ever, perfect disguise, passwords and tricks from the still working find the path the party entered the final compound of the master past a multitude of elite enemy troops.

A large ornate tent was in the middle of the compound and an airship was docked in the corner.

A tent was selected to enter, pacify and hide in before the final push. To aid this spells of silence and haste were plastered on the halfling Skrogg. Unfortunately, as he entered the tent expecting to see some mages, a tent full of accountants were surprised. Skrogg went into grim work cutting and slaying many before Fergus slew the last two. Azimi cast an illusion spell to hide the ghastly scene.

Plans to raid the masters tent were made and the heroes waited for a holy word from Thorsgrim before charging in and finding the Master, his chief mage advisor and two armoured fire giants. Azimi protected by an antimagic spell attempted to draw off the masters mage but watched as an ice storm battered her friends. The master struck her but his staff only glanced off her stoneskin. Fergus, Kurin began to butcher one stone giant as Skrogg and Thorsgrim attacked the other. Everyone in the entire tent was hasted.

Ragnar began to swing mighty blows into the body of the master who seemed to ignore him as Ragnar’s spell turning ring deflected a horrible spell. Azimi missed the mage only to watch as Skrogg casually slew the giant before bounding over and doing horrible damage to the mage who gasped with terror and retreated across the tent thinking he was safe. Fergus slew the remaining giant allowing Kurin time to chop the mages head off with his horrible axe, slaying him outright.

Thorsgrim cast a hold spell at the master only to see it rebound and thanks to his wise thinking refused to freeze. Azimi began looking for something that might act as the masters spiritual repository as physical and magical attacks seemed to do nothing. Soon she spotted beside the bed a red pulsating gem (next to the dead bodies of two women who died by Thor’s holy word). Signalling Kurin whose ears had just been ruptured by a holy word from the master. Azimi attempted to stop the masters haste spell, but unfortunately unhasted her friends (except for Thorsgrim and Azimi who were waiting by the tent flap.

Fergus attempted to communicate with Kurin who realized his chance and strode over with the dagger to strike the red pulsating gem. Unfortunately, due to massive electrical discharge (not a magical spell, but just electricity) Kurin dropped unconscious as the gem and dagger shattered.

The master exclaimed “oh bother” and began to slowly age as he continued to fight and cast a blade barrier that Fergus attempted to ignore and hack at the still invulnerable master. Fergus and Ragnar were forced to retreat, and absolutely refused to die at a word from the master.

Thorsgrim revived Skrogg (thanks to the silence spell being dispelled). Kurin being amazingly lucky dispelled the Masters blade barriers as the fighters continued to hack. However, as Skrogg fired an arrow (Azimi’s magical missiles from her wand seemed to go ping ping) the Master said something about “you promised me…” before turning to a pile of ash).

The heroes could now hear the confusion in the camp and the entire elite army began to realize that their leader was under attack and begin to investigate. Cutting a hole in the rear of the tent the heroes except for the looting Azimi, began to move to the airship, docked in the corner.

Seeing the slowness of Fergus, Azimi opened up a dimension door transporting the slow moving Fergus onto the boat. He began to calmly inform the crew that they were under new management. Azimi fled to join them on her broom (still looking like an elite guard).

The heroes had slain the master, stolen his airship and stopped the entire silly plot. They sailed over the tent city to where their army was encamped about to attack the nomad troops. Thanks to the despondency that gripped the enemy forces due to the death of the master the good guys won.

Adventure ends with the Heroes leading their victorious armies back to rewards and glory in Darokin.


The Airship was promptly renamed Vindavaldr (Windwolf) and claimed by Ragnar, because he likes messing about in boats more than anyone else.

The Master Slain
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