Mystara and the Path to Immortality

Summer 1006

A party and a hunting trip

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 47

With the battle against The Master over, much of Darokin and the known world is still aflame. The mood is buoyant however, things are going to get better. The armies of the supporting nations, Alfheim, the five Shires, Karamekious and the Vikings from Vestland are camped around the outside of Darokin City.

The ruling council of Darokin, led by Chancellor Corwyn Mauntea, has declared a public holiday, parties flow into the streets. The merchant houses even opened the taps , letting the wine flow. As the party make their way through the streets, even the dust is not annoying, their moods have lightened. Most Darokin citizens smile and wave as the PC’s pass, almost every stall holder no matter their stock want to give gifts to the “Wolves of Ravenholm” ….. many whispered conversation can be herd as they pass …. "that’s them the Norse heroes …. " "are they all so big ….. giggles "

Event 1:

As the PC’s make their way through the street market the PC’s pass a stand where a struggling artist sells quick charcoal portraits and tries to drum up business for full-colour portrait work.
Several of her sketches and paintings are up on small frames on her stand,so that passersby can gauge her skill, which is considerable. One of the full-colour pieces is of a dark and somber face, somewhat familiar.

Azimi recognises the face … Its Kelter Zerben. The face of the priest who buried the party in the Hollow World, and their adventure in Aeogos.

Kelters expression is dark and somber; his face is lined, hid eyes shadowed by pain. His clothes are all black, head to toe. Most importantly, he’s noticeably older on this painting than when the PC’s knew him.

The artist is a young woman called Akatrina. The PC talk nicely, especially Sir Fergus The artist was originally from the Grand Duchy of Karameikos, for the past few years she has been travelling all over the Known world, paying her way by painting portraits of local dominion rulers and wealthy merchants. She information about the subject of the man she painted (as the PCs get a charcoal drawing done. Basically she was employed in the gladiator pits of Thyatis when a stranger appeared, a good warrior but one driven to try and kill an Immortal, something about the lies told. He went by the name of Fornell (though when drunk he didn’t respond to the name.

Event 2:

As they make the way through the streets , suddenly the sound of marching feet is heard. An officer from the First Legion, and phalanx of troops approach. They snap to attention and salute. A messenger bearing the emblem with an Anchor and Star below, steps forth.

He struggles to find the correct titles for the "seniors and senior-eta " After this he bows, bows and bows again. Stammering he thrusts a scroll into Skroggs hand.

The note is written in Haldannic.
My Lords, Lady and Royal Highness
It is my greatest pleasure to host war heroes of your stature in our City. I we are forever in your debt. I speak for all the great merchant houses would like the opportunity to thank you as properly. We would like to hold a special ceremony in your honor, on Klarmont the 3rd.
We await your answer and have our servant at your disposal.
Chancellor Corwyn Mauntea

As Skrogg finishes reading the brief message, the messenger coughs. “My Lords I have been tasked to see that your every wish is seen too. I can take you to our finest establishments, for accommodation, food, baths and clothing.”

Basically whatever they want. They spend a whole week carousing and enjoying themselves, escorted wherever they go, given anything they want (within reason due to the war setting). They uncover a number of rumors during the week.

  • Wandering remnants of Masters Army are causing trouble but the combined forces are taking care of it.
  • Magical travel has become limited, most nations have closed down active teleport circles.
  • Disturbing reports that there is something amiss in Alfheim. Details are third hand, something about trees. The Alfheim elves seem concerned about it. With clan meetings taking place, it is more widespread than thought. Such that the Elves are preparing to depart to their homes.
  • The Five Shire halflings are having trouble leaving. The parties are too much fun.
  • Glantri army vanishes overnight. Being recalled to consolidate.
  • Tensions have risen between Thyatis and Alphatia


The day of the big ceremony arrives with the whole city breaking out flags, the tops ranking brass from each military are invited (Glantri are missing), along with the Masters from all major Guild houses in Darokin, including governors from all major settlements. All the merchant houses are involved in the planning demanding the PCs time. Heroes of their renown are much in demand as each merchant house strives to increase their status.

The main ceremony is to be held at the Merchant Guild Hall, a massive Five stories of stone and mortar building with gargoyles leering down at the corners. The evening party is probably the grandest party the PCs have ever seen. Minstrels, jugglers, dancing, food.

Toward the end of the evening the assembled dignatories and heroes are ushered int the main council chamber. Each Master makes a speech (Darokin, so lots of hand waving, which amuses Skrogg no end). Every House is represented, Corun, Halloncia, Umbarth, Toney, Pennydown, Al-Azard, Linton and Frabuch. The final speech is by Chancellor Corwyn Mauntea (from the Mauntea Trading House) where she switches to Haldannic.

“For services above and beyond, these Heroes from far off lands have come to the aid of our fair Darokin (translates into Darokin ….. cheering) The sacrifices they have made have been great. We would offer land and titles if they so wish it.”
Each PC is presented with a Scroll with a wax seal (Title Master, and deed to small dominions held in their name within Darokin (income of about 10,000gp/year).

Conversation Encounters:

1) Master Lucius Linton, does a lot of sea trade, and is very impressed with a the stories and power of the Northman ships. Thyatis has increased patrols and have blockaded most trade routs. So he is had to change the direction of his fleet from North and East to south.
He dealt a lot with Alphatia, but that has dried up with Thyatis escalating blockades. He has started dealing with the Pirate Guilds of Minrothad and the black market.

2) Master Bertram Hallonica, Very polite, talks about the beauty of southern Darokin, where the caborath forest meets the rolling hills of Dolos. Thyatis has increased patrols and have blockaded most trade routs. He suggests the safest rout would be around Alfheim through the city of Dolos, then his home City of Selenica through Rockhome then Vestland. He invites the He asks if the party would like to go on a hunting trip with him.

3) Chancellor Corwyn Mauntea approaches the party, makes polite conversation about how the war is terrible and what the parties plans are. She looks worried, she would like closer military ties with allies. The military of Darokin has suffered and is looking for leaders to fill the void. She holds a strange side conversation with Sir Ferus.

4) General Dalan Estali, of the second legion has been given the job of clearing up stragglers from the war with the Master. He is off on patrol tomorrow. Reports of strange Scorpion like creatures with a giant leading, half a day to the east, between Darokin City and Hendry. If the PCs would like to have some fun he would happily point them in the right direction.

5) Kurin spots a familar face in the crowd. Rheddrain wants to catch up. “Asks if the party have been star gazing recently.” Kurin convinces him to reveal the need, a meteor has changed direction, then he says seek him out at the Golden Goat tavern after your hunting trip to discuss plans." He is also excited about the information from the street artist Akatrina. He had been having trouble locating Kelter magically and this is the first lead he has.

Much other polite conversation, but nothing of interest….. except drinking.


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