Mystara and the Path to Immortality

Storm the Castle

The heroes devised a plan to land on the top of the roof of the central tower far above and avoiding a constant attack from defenders. Azimi was tasked withflying over on her broomstick while invisible to scout out the possible landing zones of a pegasus and Griffin. The central keep and it’s tower was chosen. In the dead of night the heroes flew by magical or beast power to land on a tower. Immediately the tower was silenced by Thorsgrim as Azimi put another tower to sleep. Ragnar and Fergus began chopping the initial tower into small pieces.

Kurin was beginning to get grumpy with the halfling desire to attack in a logical and coherent manner and jumped off early only to see the halfling fly on and attack two guardsmen. Kurin stomped up and got out his infamous book of grudges saying “That’s going straight in the book”, “Penalty”. Meanwhile another guardsman was put to sleep as Thorsgrim froze two the remaining two with a hold spell. All the guardsmen were dispatched. Some were executed by Azimi (with her special knife), back lit by a fire.

Azimi seeing that the very walls of the castle were designed to resist magic used a pentagram and a Dispel Magic spell, before a Passwall spell to drop a hole into the roof of the mages tower. A green light hovered under the now smashed table as Kurin landed on it. A search revealed some evil plans and research books. The Heroes continued down the stairs bypassing a wizard locked door. Azimi refused to be cursed by a magical tome.

An alchemist laboratory was discovered, only for the zombie sitting on a slab to be destroyed by Thorsgrim before it even moved. It’s spirit left the body as Thorsgrim approached it. The next door’s room was opened by Skrogg only to be surprised by two apprentice mages. One attempted to put him to sleep only to fail, the other lightning bolted him twice with a rebound only to make him mad. Skrogg and the still flying Fergus slew the mages in 10 seconds flat. Apparently apprentice mages are easy fodder for a flying full plate wearing warrior with a two handed sword. Fergus simply hit the poor mage on the head twice before he dropped dead. Skrogg used his short sword with giant like violence. No one else moved.

The next room contained a huge statue of the Black Baron posing looking all noble and righteous. Being vindictive Azimi turned it into a pile of mud with a magical word. Two stair cases led out of the room. Using a wizard eye spell Azimi sent her invisible eyeball to spot three grey chain mail wearing stone giants standing guard in a large corridor. The plan of rush and hack was decided upon.

Immediately the fighter types (Skrogg, Fergus & Ragnar) rushed out the corridor to attack two giants at the far end. Azimi entered the corridor only to see the remaining giant stride up. Kurin leaped to her defense, hacking at the giants legs. Thorsgrim threw his hammer. The giant then bashed Azimi who hadn’t done a thing, but his club bounded off the magical protection. Suddenly more guards burst through the doors carrying bastard swords, plate and shield. One frozen with a hold spell, but the giants resisted.

Fergus and Skrogg hacked their giant down as Ragnar continued to fight. Kurin hit the giant again with his might axe as Thorsgrim missed. Ragnar used the power of the smash attack to wound his giant greatly. The plate wearing guards failed to hit even with the heroes backs turned. The giant fighting Azimi clutched his chest and died as Azimi using her fire fingers spell slew him and wounded a guard. Thorsgrim using the power of Thor (apparently very mighty indeed) froze four guards with his holy power. The remaining giant was slain by Ragnar with a nasty chop before the last guard was slain by the thrown hammer of Thor. Kurin used his Axe to make sure the guards didn’t get up.

Day ends…


enluki DaveLane

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