Mystara and the Path to Immortality

Slay the Baron

As the giants lay dead, the searching of the giants revealed only two scrolls and a potion. (Who knew literate giants). Azimi detect a magical ward of some kind on the outside door. Kurin attempted to dispell the magic but apparently the magic of the door rebounded and froze the two mighty warriors Ragnar and Fergus. Azimi and Kurin dragged their frozen forms into a nearby room and locked the door.

Meanwhile, Thorsgrim and Skrogg discovered a room. (Thanks to the Halfling cannonball approach) of a little girl. She sat in the middle of the floor rocking back and forth. As she turned around both were horrified to see the form of a ghost, but both resisted aging years. Thorsgrim attempted to turn the apparition, but it resisted retreated into a candle and came back. Skrogg shivering with fear stood infront (he said he wasn’t but complaints about undead kept being heard). Thorsgrim uttered a mighty dispel evil spell only to see the ghost retreat (thanks to his truesight spell). The ghost kept asking someone to play with her. Both retreated. Azimi cast a protection from evil spell and offered to play with the ghost. After kindly asking the ghost to stop staring at her she was able to play with the ghost dolls and discover that she was the baron’s sister who wanted to return a ring to the baron. Apparently the baron was mad and the ring would help him. The ghost hinted that an “accident” had occurred and the baron wanted her to become king. Once the ring was retrieved the ghost left as Azimi had resisted several magic jar attacks, and was protected from Ghostly attacks as she had made no aggressive moves and played nicely.

The next room opened by the halfling cannon ball contained the baron’s private study, that was promptly looted by Kurin. Azimi cast ESP to hear two thoughts behind the door to reveal two beautiful women looking very scared. Azimi cast a sleep spell to put them both asleep. Thorsgrim debated the viking role of plunder, but decided that Thor wouldn’t agree. Azimi listened to “voices” from behind the wall to hear the duke and his henchmen in planning. One “voice” heard the “voices” from the party.

The plan was hatched to scroll of passwall in and then attack. Unfortunately as the portal appeared so did a wall of fire. Skrogg, Kurin and Thorsgrim jumped in, though the fire to find themselves attacked by two very large fire giants, 4 elite guards, the baron, Bargle the Infamous (the wizard) and two Emissaries of the master. A confusion spell went off confusing Thorsgrim and the fireball was sucked into Azimi’s staff. As they fought the large giants, Azimi charged into the room and using the staff of Elements sent a Ice Storm onto the Wizards and the baron. Both Emissaries died but Bargle and the baron resisted and began to cast magical protections in return.

Thorgrim continued for the entire battle to remain confused and occasionally swing at Kurin , but rolled badly and missed everytime. Skrogg after taking a mighty wound slew his giant and then was engaged by the Baron and his elite guard. Kurin eventually slew his giant before heading towards the baron and Skrogg. Rather than hitting the baron with his sword Skrogg attempted to disarm him repeatedly, but failed everytime. After taking many wounds the brave little battler collapsed unconscious under the baron’s failing to witness Kurin smash the baron’s knee and then brain him with his axe. Thorsgrim just stumbled throughout the combat confused.

When all looked dangerous Bargle decided to run away and left. Azimi uttered a magical word and Dimension Door (ed) to the steps in front of Bargle. Both crashed into each other drew likewise poisoned daggers and rolled about the steps slowly stabbing each other. It must be noted that Mages even the most mighty don’t really train for this kind of activity and after almost a minute by pure luck Azimi was able to stab Bargle. However, as his corpse was about to be searched he burst to life again and wrestled Azimi’s own blade off her. Azimi was forced to use her spare dagger and slay him again. This time Bargles ring of regeneration was taken off him and he died permanently.

The elite guards at the death of the Baron surrendered and put their hands up. After two minutes the confusion left Thorsgrim. To see that Kurin had to heal the halfling with a cure critical wounds spell. Thanks to Thorsgrim’s Truesight spell he spotted the secret door to the treasury, and it was opened. Inside were 5 chests containing most of the dukes wealth. The last chest was trapped with a fireball, but was sucked into Azimi’s staff again. But where were Bargle’s spell books?

Found in the War room were…
Plate +2
Sword +2 with an ability
Braces AC 2
Ring of Regeneration (claimed by Azimi already)
Dagger +2, +3 vs spell casters (claimed by Azimi already)
Dagger +2
Dagger +2

Day ends


The fight went from too easy (if all the wolves were present) to challenging with three fighting for the wolves and Thorsgrim looking for daisy’s or swatting bugs (Kurin).

Highlight would be the mage rolling down the stairs with daggers.

Slay the Baron

Basic addition. Where fighters actually matter and you notice when they are absent!

Slay the Baron
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