Mystara and the Path to Immortality

On the Road again

Azimis ramblings and a hunting trip

This missive was jotted down by Azimi flying on her magical broom.

The Wolves of Ravenholm arrived at Darokin as the true heroes in the fight against the master and all things bad in the world. Azimi’s hair was magnificent and her face shone like a queen…

They were greeted and given accommodation as befitting their station. Honours and speeches were made by all. It is pleasing to note the urchins and lesser peasant folk cheering us on as we continued to the adequate accommodation. But wait, what is that? Yes a bath!

A messenger arrived telling that a huge banquet would be held in their honour in weeks time. The heroes separated briefly. Azimi to the library, Kurin got drunk. Thorsgrim got drunk. Sir Fergus got drunk with the army & Strogg probably got drunk playing “hard ball” with the Darokin youth.

A week later the heroes were announced at the banquet. It has to say that Thorsgrim really didn’t look that well, with bags under his eyes and still slurring his words. We the true heroes were given speeches in our honour, a title and estates in Darokin (worth 10,000 per year). After much talking, listening and general partying the Heroes discovered:

  • That our army needs to go home, but have to walk.
  • Teleporting circles (sigils have been shut down)
  • There is trouble with the trees in Alfheim, their army is being urgently recalled
  • Alphatiata & Thyatis still don’t like each other. Trade is being disrupted.
  • We were invited to a bug hunt with a giant.
  • The space man previously rescued spoke of coming danger to Darokin
  • The large meteor in the sky is getting bigger

We the heroes decided to go join the bug hunt, walk our army past Alfheim, solve their problems and generally do good. Plus we might have to take command of some army units to inspire discipline.

Bored of the pomp the party decide to follow the leads from General Dalan Estali, heading East from Darokin City towards Hendry. Slipping out of Darokin without too many people crowding the streets. The ground has been torn up by the recent events, every now and then the party passes smoking hamlets and farms. But the party is greeted by smiling villages, who come out of the ruins to wave and clap the party. Towards mid afternoon (some 30 miles from Darokin).

We the heroes decided to go join the bug hunt, walk our army past Alfheim, solve their problems and generally do good. Plus we might have to take command of some army units to inspire discipline.

Arriving at the Hamlet a small child ran out of the bushes, suddenly chased by two scorpion men things. Skrogg reacted first running up to attempt to block the bug people. Skrogg looked on with annoyance as it moved past him and stung he child paralyzing the child with it’s massive stinger. Azimi froze it with her magical staff. The other scorpion man was attacked by everyone else before running off. Sir Fergus charging on the flying Griffon skewered the beast in the back with his lance. The frozen Scorpion man was hacked to pieces very quickly by Skrogg, Kurin & Thorsgrim.

Sir Fergus volunteered to scout out the village from the air and reported that more scorpion bug men were inside the village central square and had apparently captured the villagers, who were being held in the cave. Sir Fergus noted that the entrances to the village were guarded. A fire giant and hell hounds were also expected. A plan was hatched with Sir Fergus drawing the attention to the outside with a large booming lance while everyone else crept up from anther direction. Sir Fergus did his part releasing a boom so loud that everyone within 300 feet could hear it. Unfortunately the creeping plan was ruined by Skrogg who stood out in the open looking silly.

Que the battle music.

Sir Fergus ducked and dived attacking the two scorpion men again, deflecting all attacks with his shield. Using his lance with great effect. The scorpion man seeing the might Skrogg ran off to tell it’s buddies. Everyone advanced to get closer except for Azimi who flew on her broom firing a firebolt at a scorpion man.

The fire giant emerged from the large (probable Inn) with two large Kegs. One was thrown at Azimi whose magical shield spell deflected it. the next missed Kurin. Two hell hounds also ran out. The Scorpion men rushed to attack the attackers, except for two who began attempting to open the cage to get the prisoners. Azimi with a powerful hold spell froze the giant and scorpion men attempting to get into the cage. The hell hounds disappeared in a smell of Ozone as an extremely powerful and localized lightning storm stuck, vapourizing both hell hounds. Thorsgrim had called the wrath of Thor onto them. Skrogg and Sir Fergus released the inner fury of fighters and hacked with abandon slaying two of the Scorpion men. Kurin Began to hack the legs of the scorpion nearest to him methodically and examining the swing after each hack.

The Giant began to move again, as did a scorpion man bursting from the hold spell, only to be held again as Azimi’s voice began to squeek. More lightning rained down from Thor onto the scorpion men, who were duel hacked by Sir Fergus and Skrogg. Kurin just hacked.

Azimi flew down and lightning bolted two scorpion men as the unfrozen one attempted to get into the cage. Grievous wounds were done to Sir Fergus by the stinger in the tail of a scorpion man. Kurin slew a Scorpion man, breathing hard now. Hearing Azimi’s cry about saving the prisoners, Skrogg ran behind the hut firing his bow at the Scorpion man attempting to slay the prisoners. Another mighty lightning bolt from Azimi slew a Scorpion man, and promptly ran behind the Inn so the giant couldn’t see her. Thorsgrim ran towards the scorpion man attempting to get into the cage and threw his magical hammer slamming into the creatures head pulverizing the creatures head. Kuring and Sir Fergus continued to hack another two scorpion men.

The giant burst from the magical hold, and stepped closer to Thorsgrim attempting to splat him dead. Flying up behind the Inn three tiny bolts of magical missile were barely noticed. As the giant finally got closer to Thorsgrim, Thorsgrim called down Thor’s wrath with a clap of thunder another mighty lighting bolt zapped the fire giant grievously. As the griant then hit Thorsgrim with it’s might sword a rebuttal lightning strike struck the giant. As it convulsed with electricity, Sir Fergus buried his mighty two handed sword in it’s skull slaying the beast. Unfortunately, leaving him self open to attack from the remaining scorpion man’s stinger knocking him out.

The last remaining scorpion man was dispatched post haste in the feted gore of chitin exploding in righteous rage. Kuring stabilized Sir Fergus with a word.

The day ends with all the big horrible monsters dead. An investigation into the village will begin.


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