Mystara and the Path to Immortality

Moon Raker part 3

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 50

Time to investigate the monsters. After ignoring the rest of the dragon areas the heroes lined up to open the monster doors only to see Kurin look up to the left.

Seeing a long corridor with many arches off it Azimi asked the heroes to wait and duly cast Arcane Eye causing a small invisible floating eye to fly off and look down each corridor. The side effect might be a splitting head ache but the price for knowledge is low over the price of life…

As the eye flew down the corridor Azimi reported what she saw. Room after room with Abjuration runes over cells with a variety of monsters behind each. They were too horrible and varied to notice to attempt to free from their cells. The room down the end had a mage sitting at a desk, with a chest in the corner. The Heroes approached and Azimi opened with negotiations saying that they were here to save him. Needless to say no one really wants to be saved and Thorsgrim uttered a hold spell freezing the mage fast. He was tied up, Blindfolded and gaged. The Chest in the room turned out to be a mimic. Skrogg and Azimi stood surprised as Ragnar used his sword as a chest opener. The Mimic made a life altering decision and attacked Valkania who immediately blasted it to bits with a hellish rebuke of epic proportions. Bits of chest splattered across the room. Skrogg and Azimi merely said “hey, urghhhh”. The mage was searched finding some braces of defense, and the key to the monster side.

A secret door was discovered and opened to reveal the mages bed chamber. The tied up mage with his bonds Arcane Locked by Azimi was left tied up on the bed. Azimi acquired his spell book. The heroes left top open the door to the main control chamber.

After the door was opened using the two keys and the necrotic time altering magic dissipated the heroes entered a huge chamber made with black obsidian 140 x70 feet. A Throne sat in the middle on a dias and some charred dead elves lay dead on the floor. The door closed with a bang and a Balor emerged and began to monologue. “Blah blah blah my evil plans, you puny mortals cannot stop me, blah blah blah”. He might have said more but the heroes moved to attack with Skrogg striding forward firing his magical bow. Thorsgrim attempted to Divine Word the Balor back, but failed. Azimi attempted to Hold Monster the beast but failed, crash landing in a anti magic zone near the throne. The Balor strode forth and with flaming sword hit Skrogg mightily, and miss Thorsgrim with it’s whip. Ragnar strode forth and smote the beast mightily, renting it’s very existance. Roaring with pain the beast attacked but was nurfed by a Ray of Enfeeblement cast by Azimi. The beast after feebly smoting Ragnar teleported behind Azimi whipping her and burning her.

As more arrows flew from Skrogg, Ragnar strode forth at waited for the opportunity. Azimi burning from Hellish fire polymorphed into a Tranosaurs Rex (is that some sort of cross dressing dinosaur?) that she had seen in the hollow world and broke out of the whip hold. The Balor charged forward, but forgot that Ragnar was playing cat and mouse and smote the Balor slaying it, in an enormous explosion, burning and knocking Skrogg out. Skrogg was roused with a healing spell from Thorsgrim. Tyrannosaurus Rex wanded off looking for it’s eggs only seeing one of it’s little children beckoning it over to the anti magic shell and transformed back to Azimi.

The Throne was investigated, with Azimi sitting on the Throne and resting any draining urges only to discover that the meteor was very damaged and couldn’t alter course or stop. A plan was hatched using gun powder invented by Kuring to blow the meteor up in the obvious cracks in the back wall. Chemicals were scavenged inside the dragon area (luckily) and a fuse was created. As the fuse was lit Thorsgrim cast word of recall saving the heroes from exploding. Reappearing in Thorsgrim’s church in Vestland the party rushed outside to watch the meteor burst apart and change course slightly heading for the east somewhere. After 10 minutes Azimi uttered her teleport circle spell carrying the heroes to Darokin to find out that the meteor had missed Darokin and landed somewhere north east.

Darokin was saved AGAIN. Day ends… time passes “The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again.” So writes Azimi


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