Mystara and the Path to Immortality

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Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 45

After the defeat of the Armies of the baron, the heroes travelled to Specularum, where they were given a heroes welome, but witnessed an Alphatian flying ship parked off the docs.

They met the Duke who welcomed the heroes. At the great feast it was announced that the Duke in return for (promotion to King) was to ally himself with Alphatia with the Daughter of the Empress of Alphatia as the official envoy. Suddenly a clap the Galantri mage turned up and thanks to Azimi’s persuasion skill prevented mage blood fight.

Laren said he had important information to pass on, but just as he began to reveal the important fact, a pillar of light appeared and he vanished with a puff of disintegration. With a shock the party now new where the master was but not how to slay him. A plan was proposed to attack the masters plan while the heroes were to travel to the city of the master to attempt to slay him.

Travelling with the armies, the heroes disguised everyone using her magical art. They travelled through the huge tent city of the nomads, but only encountered some trolls who were put to sleep, slain or vanished. Some giant scorpions where slain after surprising the heroes. However, the huge city was navigated by the power of Thor from Thorsgrim.

As they approached the masters personal compound a figure beckoned the heroes into his tent saying that they were going to help the party. not surprisingly they turned out to be a vampire and his lesser vampire mistresses. Thanks to Kurin’s Dispell Evil spell, two were destroyed while the head vampire was forced to flee. Azimi cast a protection from Evil 10’ radius allowing the party to loot the treasure laid coffins. The Vampires returned, only to returned to dust thanks to Thorsgrim. The lesser vampire turned to gas and then was destroyed.

The heroes now wonder how to attack the master’s compound…


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