Mystara and the Path to Immortality

Crystal Thingie gained

As yet another halfing feast continued Skrogg was summoned off to receive vast information on how to become a halfling immortal. The PCs prepared to travel to Darokin to ambush and attempt to capture the remaining crystal piece.

Azimi using the power of the crystal ball discovered the whereabouts and then scoped a DZ in the now ruined city of Akesoli. The party teleported in (just) and then hid in a ruined house while Azimi attempted to locate to precise location of the cyrstal and its holders. It revealed that the crystal was being carried by a cleric (plate and mace giveaway) in charge of an elite guard of calvary. A plan was hatched to fly in a might, kill, slay and steal.

Meanwhile a herd of camels went past.

The heroes flew off toward the enemy encampment, with Fergus the griffin, Ragnar being made invisible. Throsgrim turned into gas and snuck under the tent to see the enemy commander at his desk with the dagger piece nearby. Fergus flew up and down but appeared visible as he burst through the doors, and immediately attacked the cleric with his lance stabbing downwards. Ragnar joined in, past the surprised guards. Skrogg crashed outside as Kurin engaged two elite guards outside. Azimi attempted to freeze the tent with the two black robed wizards.

Fergus again stabbed the cleric stopping the immediate attempted “oh shit spell”, but was hit by the staff of withering aging him and Ragnar. Ragnar struck his sword inside the chest of the cleric and waited for the life to expire from his eyes. Fergus was forced to stab the two no longer surprised guards who had rushed into the tent.

Kurin hacked the two guards outside as, skrogg picked himself from the ground rushed a magic user hacking off his leg, stabbing him in the chest with his sword and then finishing it with a shield spike to the head. The remaining mage cast a confusion spell that didn’t work on anyone before attempting to flee, but had firey holes blasted in him from Azimi. Throsgrim picked up the crystal dagger piece as immediate looting took place. The party then flew off in quick order before the rest of the elite guards could figure what was happening.

The party then head toward the extremely close Atruaghin clans. And began to act as ambassadors once again. Azimi somehow had remember all the etiquette involved and met with some clansmen, before being invited to the bear tribes meeting place.

There, Azimi was herded off to the women folk as Skrogg passed out from strong grog. Sir Fergus accepted a challenge from a warrior from the bear tribe and went to work shopping. Neither man attempted any kind of defense, they just stayed and hacked at each other until the champion of the Bear Tribe surrendered and the tribe agreed to join with Darokin. The ambassadors soon realised that they will have to visit each tribe and have a one-to-one with each tribe champion to get that tribe to join. Only Ragnar and Fergus look forward to that. Azimi has begun to suspect that she will see many lovely amount of stitching over the coming week.

The party left to get the next tribe


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