Mystara and the Path to Immortality

Clear the castle

The baron was dead, Bargle lied murdered on the steps, the treasure chests were open, when one fireball had to be sucked away by Azimi staff. The Heroes decided to travel down the castle and neutralize any future attacks, find the spell books (Azimi’s only goal) and rescue any possible people from the dungeon.

Travelling downstairs to the room with the melted statue, a door was opened, but was empty, as the party emerged they were attacked by an Ethcangarian with a Hand axe who met Kurin and Skrogg and died almost instantaneously with horrible dwarven leg injuries. Azimi using her active ESP discovered the whereabouts of two more people waiting behind doors. Skrogg the halfling cannon ball was summoned, only to find a clerk who was evil and not nice (seen by Truesight spell) and then demonstrated opening the treasury of the baron (mostly full of promissory notes when he became the duke). He also revealed the true location of Bargle’s spell books (hidden under his bed). With her back turned the clerk quick as a flash drew out a weapon and attempted to back stabbing Azimi only lightly cutting her. Skrogg being outraged at this unprovoked attack, slew the cleric very quickly (a 10th level Thief) and then they opened a chest on his desk to find a gas trap and some monies.

Kurin waited outside the next room with an assailant waiting patiently. Using her persuasion skill Azimi offered not only to free the waiting Weapon trainer, but to take him into her service. This was accepted and he readily agreed to join Azimi. The only condition that Azimi was not to reveal his secret (much to the nervousness of the other heroes). He was from the Mithland guilds but was a cross dressing weapon trainer. Upto very recently he was amazingly deadly, but now just a 14th level fighter with a magical weapon and plate. He saw an oath to the Azimi and joined her service.

Bargle’s door was broken apart by the halfling cannon ball, only to see an enormous bedroom and 4 obsidian gargoyles who attacked. The swarmed him and injured Skrogg mightily. Azimi Ice stormed the room (apologies to the semi resistant halfling). Kurin and Thorsgrim burst into the room destroying two gargoyles posthaste. Skrogg ducked down and parried under his shield as the two remaining gargoyles flailed pitifully. Kuring and Thorsgrim destroyed the two remaining gargoyles (Azimi’s magical missiles bounced off harmlessly). Thorsgrim found the spell book under the bed and the party left to rescue everyone from the dungeon.

The first dungeon guard surrendered quickly and obeyed Azimi’s instructions to sit in the corner and think what he had done. Down in the horrible dungeon, Skrogg ran up and slew the nasty orge who was using a human leg as a club and then fed it to the chained up carrion crawler. Several elves and humans were freed.

The next task was to clear the courtyard. Azimi standing on the top battlements cast a fireball on the armoured trolls slaying one and injuring the others. Another fireball from the want slew another as the trolls ran from the certain death. However, some guards attacked along the battlements only to be driven off with cries of death and falling as Kurin, Skrogg and Thorsgrim drove them off.

The heroes led the way towards the gate where a group of guards and two armoured giants waited. The heroes were hasted. The guards were slain by a lightning bolt and put to sleep by Kurin (thanks to the ring), the rest ran away. Thorsgrim lightning bolted a giant rebounding it from the door. Skrogg jumped up all into the other giants Jammie. Kurin & Thorsgrim hacked as Azimi magically missiled the giant. Skrogg slew the other, before Kurin chopped the giant’s head off.

The Heroes left after completing their heroic action


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