Mystara and the Path to Immortality

Battle for the Black Barony

Heroes of Ravenholm

Black Eagle barony stands perched high on the cliffs over looking white water bay below. A gloomy place that even the the sun has difficulty lifting the gloom. Made from black bassist stone, this where the Black Eagle Barony gets its name and some of its reputation.

Fort Doom.

Arrayed at the front of the keep, nestled into the hills and forests surrounding the keep, stood the 13th Regulars of Baron Ludwig “Black Eagle” von Hendriks and two entire armies of the “Master”, desert nomads. Monstrous forces that the Barony planned to use to become the Grand Duke of Karameikos. With the Elvenguard (the Dukes personal elite troops) yet to be mobilized it was left to the Heroes of Ravenholm to save the Grand Duchy.

Unnoticed by the the Baron or his evil court wizard, Bargle the Infamous, a massive fleet of Northmen dragon-ships (approximately 6000 Northmen) were now fast approaching the coast. Let by the Wolves of Ravenholm, the fleet had sailed under the cover of darkness, blessed by Thor with favorable winds, were within striking distance of the coast. Combined with a force of Karameikos regulars and Northmen arriving overland . The heroes had decided attack at daybreak. Thus giving the heroes time to pull off some “heroics”, Northmen on a Viking.

The words of Azimi follow:
Storm the Castle
Slay the Baron
Clear the castle

With the successful sojourn into the heart of the “Black Eagle” barony….. the Wolves made their exit from Fort Doom. Having infiltrated the main keep, killed the Baron (Kurin putting his head into a bag), Bargle and the Emissaries of the Master. Also collected were detailed battle plans of the Black Baron.

With this information a battle plan was formulated where Sir Ragnar Thorsblade would lead the Northmen fleet and Sir Fergus den Griffon leading the Northmen/Karameikos forces. The remaining heroes were to provide overview, dissuade any notion of reinforcements, disrupt communications and coordinate the attacks.

Lightning crashed as the first rays of dawn arrived. Thor, god of battle, was pleased. Sir Fergus’s force providing the anvil and Sir Ragnar’s Northmen forming the hammer. Baiting the Black barons forces out of position and allowing the Northmen to press the line. Again and again the forces clashed.

Songs of bravery, heroics and sacrifice will be sung of the day. Two figures stood out, great warriors both. Sir Fergus den Griffon a massive armored warrior who would swoop down on a giant griffon whenever the line looked like breaking. Sir Ragnar Thorsblade, paladin of Thor, leading the charge against giant living siege engines of stone and wood. As the light faded, the fighting was fierce, but inch by inch the forces of Northmen/Karameikos were forcing the monstrous troops back.

Striding into the midst strode a two small figures, a short stocky figure and a smaller one. The stocky one, his voice booming like thunder. Held forth a head.

“You wanted a blood, you wanted glory……. you will find none here but your deaths”!

“Just like your Baron”


A concussion wave of light and sound exploded outward. Knocking many off their feet. Some crying in pain clutching their ears, others twitching slowly on the ground. As the magic dissipated all that could be herd were drums, drums beating slowing….

“Doom, Doom, Doom ………. Doom”

A wave of panic rippled through the Barons forces….. their lines buckled and then broke like that of a dam.

As the field cleared. A small voice could be heard exclaiming:

“Wow, I wander what would happen if I got a band together. Rock on.”

The stocky figure was heard replying:

" Skrogg, you git, my ears are ringing, I’m adding your name to the “book”."

With the Barons forces broken, the field cleared. All that could be heard were the soft moans of the injured and dying. Stories tell of Thor himself walking the field visiting the injured, touching them with a staff, holding his hammer willing them to fight and prove themselves worthy to reach Valhalla.

Few will forget the Heroes that day, Wolves of Ravenholm. Heroes of Fort Doom.


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